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  1. Sonic Forces is SUPPOSED to be about an epic struggle in a dark war torn word, with sonic captured, and a desperate attempt to try and find a solution to take the world back. By running through colorful levels and cities that don't look war torn at all...? This is where Sonic Forces fails the most to the point it also effects how the game is made. The story. Let's go through some bullet points: A. We get almost zero backstory in game about eggman hiring mercenaries. B. Sonic's capture and the implications surrounding it are quickly rendered pointless. All stakes are thrown out the window after a couple levels as Sonic is not only fine but escapes shortly after he's freed. C. This "war" mostly happens off screen. At one point Knuckles leads an ambush which causes the resistance to lose 80% of their men. Somewhere. D. Most of the stages don't look like you're running in a battle field, but the generic Sonic levels instead. These would be good as alternative levels after taking land back, but as the default levels you play in a game where "egg man won" is just pointless. E. There's no interaction with the "army" in game, outside one cutscene. Nor do we really get more detail on what happened before the avatar is spared. F. We see zero indication that Eggman took over any areas on screen, outside some of his giant robots appearing in a few levels. G. If the illusions are just as strong as the real thing, why wouldn't egg man use the Ruby to create a shadow Sonic that you have to use your wits to beat? Why some old enemies? The game is designed like your playing lost world or colors again and the level design is not taking any of the "plot" into account. It doesn't feel like we have a army that's going to fight evil enemy forces, it feels like generic Sonic level design and colorful backgrounds with zero stakes. To me it's the biggest flaw of the game.
  2. The game is constantly praised for it's gameplay by fans and critics from various outlets, and constantly cited as the best Sonic game it the best Genesis Sonic game, or both. Sonic CD rereleases constantly outdur rereleases of the other 4 games. Also often placed in top Genesis games in general.
  3. So I was at my local soul food restaurant a week ago, one of the guys there knows a lot of languages, don't know how he does it, and he's not exactly a fan of Sonic(he's not a fan of Mario either so it's cool) Anyway he did buy forces and told me that in the Japanese version Sonic was never tortured, Tails didn't "lose it" and Egg man didn't say "boom the end" during that cutscene when the sun was going to crash down. I later verified this with others. In the line where it is said Sonic had been tortured, the jp version say he was imprisoned In the line where it is said Tails "lost it", in the jp version they just said they don't know where he is. During the sun falling down, in the jp version an escape pod was mentioned by someone before Eggmans second to last line and the "boom the end" wasn't even a thing. All three if these don't even translate to anything the other versions added. Now THE QUESTION IS why did Sega of America make those changes...
  4. Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Advance 3. These are the more explorative story-driven games in the Sonic series. Most of the time Sonic is light on content and is very restrictive, however, these games do the opposite. Now my question to you is: Which did it best? Also as a bonus which did it worst.(that's why I didn't include 06, that would have made it easy.) Imo, this was close for me choosing between Unleashed and Adventure 2, however I must give it to Adventure 2. Levels in Adventure 2 are more open in general and have better incentives for exploration than even Adventure 1, whose main explorative claim is mostly attributed to it's hub world and not most of its levels. Adventure 2 gives you a better sense of the world your in and the stages themselves. They are a lot more open, add depth story wise, and give you tons of extra missions or hidden content to really bring it home. Of course the plot is much more connected as well adding to the immersion. Despite a lack of hub, Sonic Adventure 2 feels much more like an Adventure game where the first game seems to have it's "adventure" element mostly restricted to the hub world with some few exceptions.
  5. The mistake was playing Sonic 3 and S&K together when you only should play the S&K part. Mania's biggest issues is it looked at Sonic CD for it's level design and Sonic 3 for bonuses imo.
  6. Hello everyone my name is captain q- err.. Steve, and I have a question for the Sonic fans out there, 3D Sonic has been controversial for awhile now and I am wondering what everyones opinion is in regards to not only which 3D Sonic game was the best attempt at Sonic in 3D, but also the one that would benefit the series if it was improved upon the most. In My opinion, and I actually think may cause quite a stir, is that Sonic Heroes was the best implementation of Sonic in a 3D Space. I understand what you're thinking: "But Steve, do you remember Shadow The Hedgehog?" Yes i do. Keep in mind Shadow had stages that were not designed for the Sonic Heroes movement controls and physics, but Sonic Heroes itself was. I would even go as far as to say that you should actively try to get rid of 2 of your 3 characters and look at how well just one character alone controls in that game. Sonic Heroes was a game designed with those physics from the ground up, and I think a single player version of that game would work really well. the only major change I would make is to make the speed only a bit faster than the power player excluding boosts. This would allow you to create more open adventure-like stages, but keep Sonic Heroes' incredible precise movement inputs with the analog stick. Also maybe cut down the ice skating just a tad, though it's not as bad in Heroes as it is in Shadow. What do you think? Which Sonic game do you think did the best job at transitioning the hedgehog to 3D and would be a benefit if improved upon?
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