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  1. Speaking of non-Disney Worlds. It's pretty likely mainstays like Radiant Garden will return, and Twilight Town is in trailers, so I wouldn't be surprised if they do take up a larger piece of the pie this time.
  2. Remember it's entirely possible that the worlds are split again like they were in 2. It's possible that the second half, when you return, takes place after the events of the movie. This is just me trying to get around the inconsistency of Mike being surprised other monsters aren't afraid of kids, though.
  3. Think Twice sounds better than Oath.

    1. KHCast


      This....I can agree with, though Oath sounds great too. 

  4. Honestly the only issue I have with it, right now, is Sulley's fur. Reminds me of those mistakes in hair tech they've put on Pixar and Dreamworks Blu Rays.
  5. wfoVRqI.jpg

    This is Bagel. He would very much like for you to die in a massive explosion.

  6. TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    If you take that big of an issue with the amount of melanin in her skin, I would think you'd be just as shocked over how they change everything about her except for the red hair in every new incarnation of the tv series. I would think the most pressing matter is how the turtles are a bunch of different species now, which doesn't make sense considering they are and always have been brothers. And no, April was indeed of ambiguous race in the earliest issues of the mirage comics. Hell, she got her name from Eastman's girlfriend, who was a black woman.
  7. TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    I suppose that's not surprising since the art designer worked on Samurai Jack. Shit, when I saw Splinter I was thinking Clone Wars Yoda. They could have just gone with him being a brown rat like he always has been.
  8. TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    In colored art she was pretty light skinned, yeah. Though it's fairly obvious she wasn't the redhead she is in newer media. Her characterization was never all that consistent in the cartoons either, with the 2003 version being closest at least at first.
  9. TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    If it's about the skin thing, April O'Neil actually was an African American in the Mirage Comics.
  10. Goddamnit, Remix, stop making me laugh at stupid shit. 


  11. *Notices a change in my Steam library* The hell is a Sonic & All-Stars Racing Collection?

    1. Bobnik


      Were Metal and Ryo Hazuki free before the game became a "Collection"?

      If not and you haven't bought the game yet, good news!

      If the were, then I dunno

    2. Sean


      Oh thank god, they didn't add the Yogscast DLC to my library. I don't want that DLC in my game at all

    3. NikoS


      No they were not, and it's not showing on my game, so i think we can't buy the standalone DLC's anymore

  12. God, I love Nature Documentaries. An American TV channel better pick up BBC's Big Cats, because I'm all over that shit. Can't watch it online in America.

  13. I'm not going to be surprised if people say I'm being offended on others' behalf, but this Ugandan Knuckles meme seems pretty racist to me.

    1. Maxtiis


      Isn't everything considered racist these days?

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Oh, its blatantly racist. The interesting twist however is it's based on a scene from a Ugandan film, the filmmakers of which are retweeting the meme and seem to love it. So... they don't seem to be offended. 

      I don't know anymore.

    3. Bobnik


      On one hand, yes, it can definitely be considered racist.

      On the other hand, the filmmakers of Who Killed Captain Alex - the actual Ugandans (I think) are retweeting the memes themselves, so they're not offended by that.

      Also some variations can be funny/creative (the Russian Knuckles clip, that can also be considered racist, but as someone who has friends in Russia and speaking Russian as my main language, we just found this funny, so w/e; Knockles in a suit, anime girl Knockles, etc.).

      I myself think it just became annoying and stale and not specifically racist. Hell, you can't even go to VRchat without hearing a 12-year-old scream "DO U NO DE WAE" and cringing a bit.

    4. JezMM


      I just don't get why it's supposed to be funny lol

    5. Sean


      This is pretty much another "pool's closed" and I don't get what people saw in that meme years ago either

    6. Cayenne


      Personally, I don't see what is racist about this meme. It's just a silly drawing of Knuckles repeating lines from a Ugandan movie (Who Killed Captain Alex?)...

    7. JosepHenry


      Pretty much everything is racist if you think long enough. I thought the same thing at first, before realizing that I was thinking too much into it.

      I like this meme cuz I think the characters are cute. Period. I don't wanna offend anyone with that meme, and I bet 90% of the people who like this meme don't want that either.

      Might have got annoying, specially today, but early this year it was pretty funny. Not the "do you know the way" line, but the Ugandan Knuckles characters.

  14. The quest to upgrade Mercenary Rank to 3 in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 can fuck off. I did it, but who has fun fighting Drivers that just spam their Supers?

  15. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    I have to agree, for the most part. They could announce some middle line titles that are meant to release in the next 6 months, though I expect most of the focus to be on the likes of Yoshi, Kirby, and Octopath Traveller.

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