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  1. If you want to get really specific too, the Hospitals end up paying as well. At least in major cities where you can't turn people down for emergency care. My brother works for the billing office of Mass General and he and his coworkers know full well that a lot of those bills are never getting paid. Not just that either, insurance companies can still weasel their way out of paying things for the patients without "Cadillac" plans, though not to the extent before. Regression is the best plan they have right now? So really, can any people tell us again WHY idiotic plans like TrumpCare actually benefit anyone but the ultra rich? They certainly don't benefit the Hospitals, and they certainly don't benefit the poor. Edit: Also going to get personal. Yeah those poor people sure don't get deathly ill, they don't need any safety nets. My uncle has lung cancer, he's mentally ill and doesn't have a dollar to his name. If it weren't for Mass Health (which Obamacare is in part based off of) he'd already be long dead.
  2. If that's the case, then yeah they should at least have ones at the start of the plastic stoppers too.
  3. As it stands they probably could add rubber/foam stoppers to the part meant to hold the console in place at no real extra cost. That's the best option.
  4. I think what he means is that there actually are defective docks causing this. If so, I do wonder when it will be addressed like these improperly manufactured Joycons.
  5. For the record, is accepting orders for Switch Pro Controllers that will ship by next Friday

  6. The scratching problem isn't as widespread as this. I really do think it's people mishandling it, though there are instances of SOME warped docks.
  7. You know, people still go on about how the far left is just as crazy as the far left. And for the most part that's true, but none of them actually end up in office unlike the fucking far right. So yeah, the far right is worse.

    1. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      How does getting elected make them worse?

      I'm not saying you're wrong, because honestly Neo-Nazis are definitely worse than a bunch of lonely nerds flaming each other online and pretending it's activism, but I just don't see the through line of how getting into office makes one party worse than the other.

    2. Conando


      Because they actually get the opportunity to enact their idiocy. It's hard for me NOT to think they're worse.

    3. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      I guess that makes sense.

      Again I was never saying you were wrong I just didn't quite get it.

  8. They meant in the next shipment of controllers and consoles. Which could have been the one rolling out this week, or the next one in early April.
  9. Nintendo already said all future shipments have a new manufacturing process to prevent this. As to how they fix people's defective joycons right now? A little square of conductive foam.
  10. Well clearly Jon wants to get into white heaven. I guess I can KIND of understand self loathing when my race predominantly voted for Trump, then again if it were 1900 I'd be inside out black. NOT LETTING THAT ONE GO, JON. Anyway, back to the actual point here. I think the biggest thing about this whole "apology" that bothers me is that people are acting like it actually was one. We're getting entirely too polarized these days if you can interpret trying to poorly backpedal and then shilling your channel as an apology.
  11. Oh right, I believe that's called Shadow Breaker. It's on the R & R Seal link board, and I think it's also in a chest somewhere in one of the worlds. Funny thing was you had it right from the start with the 3DS version, now you have to earn it.
  12. I think dark barrier is connected to the Majik Lapin and Me Me Bunny Dream Eaters, but I'm not entirely sure anymore. It's the best guard in the game for sure, because it acts like Aqua's barrier from BBS. As for spells, Balloonga for smaller bosses and groups of enemies, standard balloon for giant bosses (it seriously tears the Super boss apart for instance). For physical attacks, most of them are kind of eh save for Sonic Blade and Dark Splicer.
  13. I almost want to immediately replay BoTW, but I know I shouldn't do that. Gotta spam my downloaded games and Bomberman until next week, then I'll have 1.5+2.5 and P5 to hold me over until MK 8 Deluxe and Puyo Puyo Tetris.

  14. Specific materials also only go on sale in Moogle Shops on sale days (check the forecast when dropping), I can't remember which ones exactly but they're not exactly easy to farm.
  15. Pretty pissed that I probably won't have a Switch Pro Controller by Mario Kart 8 deluxe. I am not paying scalpers for a fucking controller.

    1. Strickerx5


      They're scarce where you are? Odd, several stores in my area had them on the shelves. I thought that was the one thing Nintendo was actually doing well with.

    2. Conando


      Bostob, Massachusetts. None online and none within a hundred mile radius in stores.