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  1. Damnit. I don’t know if I want to play more TSR or start soldiering through the grindy endgame of FF XII. I really like XII, but having to do all this stuff for endgame gear or massively over-leveling is kind of a drag.

  2. What’s with the handling complaints for TSR? It feels alright to me.

    1. Polkadi~♪


      Found the Technique player.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Weird shit happens when you crash into a wall,and you end up driving backwards or on the side of your car. 

    3. Conando



      I’ve actually used Sonic and Knuckles the most. I just don’t use them for the trash ass Daredevil challenges, those are clearly for technique racers

      @Blue Blood I remember that being an issue in Transformed too, though it was WAY more noticeable online.

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      People don't want to try all the characters. Some of them are very underrated. Go ahead, try Eggman out. The Chao are pretty fun too

      Point being that every character has a different characteristic, you just have to find which ones right for you. I'm still finding mine

  3. Daredevil Challenges can fuck off. Also, WHY is Traffic Attack back?!

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Be careful with Traffic Attack, there's a bug where if you run into a score robot, then restart, the score robot will freeze in place and not despawn, and act as a hazard, meaning it can literally block the middle of the road if you hit it in the wrong place.

  4. So wait. Is Team Sonic Racing still not available digitally? The fuck?

    1. Bobnik


      It is available on Steam, not sure about other platforms.

  5. I was skeptical at first, because mini consoles haven't necessarily had great line ups, save for the SNES Classic (but no Chrono Trigger is a goddamn crime), but Wily Wars, Phantasy Star IV, Contra Hard Corps, and BOTH the Illusion games? Jesus Christ, SEGA, you REALLY want my money!
  6. Crazy ol’ me is getting TSR and CTR: NT in both Xbox One X and Switch. Figure it gives me better options for friend matching.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I've got XB1. Could probably use a teammate or two

  7. Sometimes a man just wants to play Phantasy Star Online again. Thank the lord for the Ephinea private server.

  8. Wait, did they change the stats in Nitro Fueled? According the animated infographics on the Twitter, Crash and Cortex are faster than Coco and N. Gin? Weren’t Coco and N. Gin faster in the original? 

    1. TCB


      Coco and N.Gin had fastest acceleration, average turning and lowest speed stats if I remember right. Tiny and Dingodile had the fastest top speed, decent acceleration but poorest handling. 

    2. Conando


      Pura and Polar had the worst speed, and also actually only average acceleration. According to the internet all over N. Gin and Coco had 4/6 speed, with Crash and Cortex having 3 (some say 2 but that’s bs).

  9. Yeah, I certainly didn’t say he was a good stand in. Corona has probably the most narrative issues next to Arendelle.
  10. Her eyes? The purple thing? Her eyes are just purple. Though it could be a hint of the darkness inside her.
  11. He’s just a stand in for the Stabbington Brothers. But instead of her using him, he’s using her.
  12. Do you deal more damage in Critical (like in 2FM)? It feels like you do.

  13. I’m watching Behind the Curve. Everything these people are saying is making my brain die a little. It’s funny, but also very very sad.

  14. Yeah, they had a few Beenox staff there watching everyone play and asking for their feedback after our time was up. Didn’t encounter any glitches in the demo, but it did seem item hits disabled you just a tad longer than the original. People had already brought that up to the guy I talked to, and he said they were going to be working on balance still.
  15. It feels great. Forgot how to mini-turbo for quite a bit, but that’s my own fault. It honestly feels like they nearly perfectly lifted the original CTR’s gameplay and gave it an absolutely gorgeous paint job. It convinced me I’m gonna get it at launch for my Xbox One X rather than wait. I’ll maybe even get the PC or Switch version later down the line too.
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