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  1. I expect them to do this at some point too. Maybe they actually are waiting for a slightly stronger tegra revision before doing so.
  2. I feel it’s really easy to tell who it’s for. The millions of 3DS owners out there that don’t need the extra functionality of the standard Switch. If we’re saying that no one plays Mario Kart and Smash handheld, then how do we explain that people continued to play Mario Kart 7 and Smash for 3DS instead of buying a Wii U? It will especially appeal to Japanese audiences.
  3. They just copied the stats from the original then. Which makes me wonder why they made the bars inaccurate when they were in the original.
  4. Snaking is worthless in Mario Kart, past DS, anyway. What I MEAN by skill based drifting is taking the proper lines to maximize your mini-turbo while cutting corners. Someone who has at least some cursory knowledge of the track and their racer are going to lap someone who has auto-turn on no doubt.
  5. The entire FF XIV Shadowbringers soundtrack is goddamn amazing.

  6. They are. Especially the break turn. It honestly just doesn’t FEEL as good as Sumo’s Sonic Racing games or modern Mario Kart. Like I said, it was inspired almost entirely by Diddy Kong Racing. Warts and all.
  7. Oh yes, because one firsthand experience of you supposedly not having to try means anything. If we're using personal experience, literally anyone who raced in the Mario Kart 8 SSMB tournament could tell you the exact opposite. Now, for my 2 cents on this game being "hardcore". Lol, Naughty Dog said its biggest influence was DIDDY KONG RACING. It's no more intended to be the Melee of Kart Racers than Melee was intended to be the, well, Melee of Smash Bros. It was, by far, Naughty Dog's most easy game developed because it was intended to be a party game just like its contemporaries.
  8. It’s the return of “snaking”. I’d say expect broken shoulder buttons as opposed to control sticks this time though. Also hands if you play obsessively.
  9. After like 2 hours of playing I’m still only about halfway to Tawna. Jesus Christ this game is such a slog. I honestly believe anyone that thinks you can win Mario Kart by not properly drifting has never played it. Item luck only applies when players are of similar skill levels.
  10. I still don’t understand why they decided they knew better than Naughty Dog for the Tropy and Oxide times in Nitro Fueled. It’s especially silly because one of the nitro challenges is to beat Tropy’s original Crash Cove time, not his refueled one.

  11. Has it happened on any versions other than the PS4 version? If not, what the HELL did they do?
  12. Jesus Christ, how hard is it to fix that when they seemingly know the issue? It's PS4 only and it's due to them somehow failing to realize they didn't properly code the ghost data, so it gets too big with Retro Stadium involved.
  13. I have to admit it’s making me NOT want to continue playing it. I like playing on my own damn time, not having deadlines. Especially when it’s a demanding game like this, with the boost meta.
  14. Compare it to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe even, where the car parts AREN'T cosmetic, and it costs like 50 coins per part unlock. Save for the gold parts which are for bragging rights, I guess. Edit: Shit, TSR has a better form even if it IS gacha. At least you get a crap load of tokens and it only costs 10 to unlock a part, paint, or decal!
  15. Not gonna lie, the estimates of just how many Wumpa Coins it will take the unlock the new characters makes me still think Activision is going to bring their beloved microtransactions into it. Honestly disgusting for this type of game especially.
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