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  1. This is a terrible joke, you're all welcome to shit on me for it. Isn't Link performing an abortion on Ganon in BoTW?

    1. Rusty Spy
    2. Chris Knopps

      Chris Knopps

      What... The...?


      There's a thought stuck in my mind now...


    3. KHCast


      Wait what?

  2. I might get Sonic Forces just based on the fact that it's releasing during the holidays. No whether it's for myself or someone else, I don't know. 

  3. Why do I keep hearing Mario Odyssey is running on Unreal 4? Where did that information even come from? I mean cool if it does, but Nintendo tends to make and use their OWN engines.

    1. Gabe


      The Switch Yoshi game by Good-Feel has been confirmed to be running in UE4 in the trailer. Dunno why people are saying that about Odyssey though.

  4. YAY, SPODERMAN. (2018 release date) AW GODDAMNIT.

  5. Though not a ton of games caught my attention, I can get behind the rapid fire structure the Sony conference had.

  6. God of War's looking better than it did last year. Still not a fan of that camera, though.

    1. Strickerx5


      Yeah, I'm not a big fan of it myself. Still looks neat though.

  7. Monster Hunter World is making me nervous. Wasn't seeing much of what made me like Monster Hunter in that trailer. I know I always have XX, but still.

    1. Remy


      Well the trailer looked like a very basic hunt, although without the mid screen transitions... and with a grapple hook as a get out of jail option. tbh, the rumors about the game leave me more worried than the trailer did

    2. Conando


      It might just be that fire fly breadcrumbs esque shit that was bothering me. Though the design of that new Wyvern was a little too realistic for my tastes.

    3. Remy


      Yeah true. It's a long cry from doing stuff like waving to the blimp to get the monster location/just learning monster habits

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      The thing I'm most worried about is them making the game too realistic visually. If it wasn't for the greatsword on the player's back I wouldn't have guessed that was supposed to be Monster Hunter

    5. Remy


      Lol yeah for real. That and Rath showing up for a sec there

      Someone pointed out that the only melee combat they showed was mounting. Yikes. 

  8. Oh my fucking God. I just remembered "HI I'M DAISY!". Why did you do that, Nintendo? Why was that a thing?

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I always thought that was ALL she could say XD

  9. Does the 7 Remake use Unreal 4? If so, it's definitely possible, but the pessimist in me says Square wouldn't want to do any extra legwork (though Epic did make a full toolset for Switch already).
  10. I really do like how Sonic looks so happy at the cover art portion of the Mania trailer.

  11. So from what I'm understanding they've done away with the 30 day rental of classic games and just rolled it into a service that you can use as long as you're subscribed? Good, it was stupid before.
  12. Finally saw Get Out. Now that was something. Excellent movie. As an aside commentary, I find it rather unsurprising that the only negative review I could find of it was from a white wing magazine.

    1. Conando


      Slip of the fingers so bad that I said white instead of Right. Also, I'm glad they went with the new ending even if the original was very powerful (it's good it was included as an extra still). It would have been sadly too predictable.



      Hahaha i'm totally calling them the white wing forever now

    3. Klinsy


      It was the best movie I seen this year, totally lived up to the hype, though I suppose it wasn't hard to be the best scary movie when you have movies with the titles like "The Bye-Bye Man" this year

  13. Despite hanging out on Sonic Forums, mostly from them being the games I played most a child...I side with Mario these days. Mario Odyssey is a no brainer for me, while I'm pretty ambivalent toward Forces right now.
  14. ARMS is a ton of fun. Liked Spring Man and Ninjara the best. Wasn't a fan of Min-Min, but her default arms might just suck.

    1. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Yeah, I think it's her Arms choice. If I could give her Ribbon Girl's Arms, I'd probably play as her more. I don't like the heavy arms and the Dragon was a bit hard to use.

    2. YoshiUnity


      With Min-Min, I used the Ramram and the Megawatt, played defensively. Got a few wins, but I felt very comfortable with Mechanica. Her hovering was much more useful than I expected and took hits well being a big character.

      I also used Helix.,, He's going to need a longer training session.

  15. Stephen Lynch? He doesn't support it? What's the issue here? I swear Boston's politicans can be just as regressive as they are progressive in other ways. Going to have to get his number, the poor of Boston already have enough issues as it is. I should know, I've been essentially homeless for 4 years. Thank god I have a family to fall back on. I should disclose that I'm on MassHealth, but only because I'm disabled. If I were not, I'd have to pay for some bullshit called Cobra which costs 800 dollars a month out of pocket.