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  1. You know, it’s really weird that Nintendo didn’t just put out Yoshi no Panepon for Western Switch Online. You can’t switch all the menu text to English, but there’s an option that turns all the dialog to English, including Yoshi on the right explaining the menu options.

    1. Thigolf



    2. Sean


      It would have been nice for them to give us the Tetris Attack version as well. They just need change the title to Yoshi's Puzzle League or something

    3. Conando


      Yeah, I guess it’s too hard to change the title graphics to Yoshi’s Puzzle League. 😕

  2. The online for Pirate Warriors 4 is a trash fire, people kick you based on character choice in a DYNASTY WARRIORS GAME. What if I happen to actually like Luffy and Ace and it’s not because I want to rush the stage?

  3. I'm a weirdo who actually liked Color Splash (but not Sticker Star, screw that game), so consider me intrigued.
  4. Game’s great, felt it since I first played it at PAX. The one issue I have is the insane amount of shit you throw at you sometimes, but that’s mostly having to do with the room entirely full of Halberd holding Galsias. Hope that Xbox patch rolls out soon, they submitted the pre-release build by accident, so I can play it in 4K. Switch version is perfect, though. Also, Floyd is actually pretty busted with the grab special working on all bosses as long as they’re not flashing, and maybe Y Tower’s boss.
  5. I'm pretty sure it still does that in 3 as well. I'm not gonna fault them for that, but it's pretty dumb to miss putting a Y button in the menus or reaction command jpegs.
  6. Playing the open beta myself, I can confirm the gold mission pass can be bought with SG. 200 to be exact.
  7. Anyone else play the Trials of Mana demo? Little rough around the edges on Switch, but fun.

    1. Teoskaven


      Planning to give a try to the PS4 version. So glad Square is pushing a lot the marketing on this one despite the FFVII Remake being close to it.

    2. Conando


      The demo is available on all 3 platforms. I may try the PC one too. I’m getting the Switch version first because I like the portability, though.

  8. I got to play Streets of Rage 4 again. Same stage as last year but longer. 4 player mode is kind of tough, we got a game over.

  9. Not getting to play the 7R demo. You had to show up before the con even opened and get a TICKET to the line. What is this, Disney World?

  10. FML. I was supposed to go to PAX East but I’m starting to get sick. I wanted to play the 7R demo.

    1. Adamabba


      you gotta go unless it'll kill you

  11. KH 2.8 was a ripoff from the start, but the Xbox price is embarrassing.

    1. Soniman


      How is it a ripoff?

    2. Conando


      60 dollars for 3D (one of the weaker titles) and a 2 hour Ground Zeroes type of thing. The previous collections were 40 for 2 full games, and on PS4 50 for 4 games.

  12. 60 dollars for 2.8? Wow, fuck that. I got 1.5+2.5 though, because that’s 2 great games, one good game, and one OK game. Seems like a good conversion so far, it obviously runs at 4K60 on One X, at least for 1FM and 2FM as far as I know. I don’t remember if they bothered to convert BBS and Re:CoM to 60 fps to begin with.
  13. So was Sony’s plan to make the PAX organizers look like jackasses and cause a bit of a panic? Because they did.

  14. And thus American Democracy marches closer to death thanks to an old white man.

    1. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      What happened this time

    2. Conando


      Alexander voted no on allowing witnesses then said Trump did it but it doesn’t matter.

  15. That’s the thing. Before BbS, bosses rarely if ever had iframes, especially in 2. They’re egregious in the Yozora fight.
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