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  1. Borderlands 3 is good, but definitely rushed. Hopefully I can get people to play with at some point. Xbox One X version because fuck Epic Games, my info was stolen thanks to them.

  2. As with before, it's probably because Activision is cheap as fuck. They didn't want to compress the game and print it on a dual layer BD for Xbox One and PS4, so no way in hell are they going to pay for a 64 GB Switch Card, since compression is too difficult apparently.
  3. I forgot that fucking “Straight Pride” Parade even existed. Glad that counter protestors dwarfed the thinly veiled Free Speech Rally 2.0. 

    1. Polkadi~☆


      That actually happened?

      I'm not big into LGBT culture, despite being LGBT, but come on; they have their parade for a reason, to be able to feel proud of something that was once socially unacceptable. Heterosexuality has always been accepted, so there’s zero reason to pay mind to it.

    2. Conando


      Unsurprisingly it was really a Trump Rally without Trump.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Of course it was...

  4. Think I’m done with Three Houses for now. Only ran one path, but Jesus it took like 3 weeks.

    1. Sonictrainer


      Which Route did you do?

      I started with Blue Lions, did a Black Eagles, and am now doing the Golden Deer

    2. Perkilator


      I started Golden Deer and I'm nearly at the end. I'm gonna make sure to do EVERY. SINGLE. PATH.

    3. Conando


      Blue Lions. I’m not keen on doing the exact same 11 chapters before getting to the good stuff.

  5. Presumably shareholders. It’s not about making some of the money now, it’s about making all the money.
  6. It makes me angry because I’m from the era where grind was saved for RPGs, not every goddamn multiplayer game just so they can shove MTXs into them. I’m also mad because, as someone who HAS mental health problems, and did fall for this shit for a time, I fully know how disgusting and manipulative MTXs are. They can literally ruin people’s lives.
  7. Oh hey, look who made a video on this horseshit.
  8. Leave it to Activision to miss on what should have been a slam dunk, right?

    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Where's my surprised face? I've forgotten it for the last forty fucking times we've dealt with Acti's shit.

  9. It really just another bad side effect of the microtransaction market. Targeting mentally vulnerable adults is bad enough, the suckering kids thing is just a lovely bonus for AAA publishers. As an aside and for the record, Nintendo apparently refunded that Dad, not EA.
  10. So you didn’t get to the point that this shit SHOULDN’T BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE? Do you understand how goddamn insane it sounds to say “Well tricking children into stealing their parents credit cards is a standard of the industry now”? Let alone that “parental” responsibility excuse does nothing for preying on adults with real mental health problems?
  11. Just going to leave this here, then. Stop excusing these sniveling greedy shitbags.
  12. Why are you not skeptical that it’s not purchase with money only? The setup they have is MORE predatory. The entire point is to make the grinding experience so annoying that you’re badgered into using your own money. THAT is how they take advantage of kids and people with addiction problems. It’d be less horseshit if they actually were just season pass cosmetics and characters for 20-30 bucks.
  13. Oh, so it IS getting Microtransactions? What a surprise that is. Edit: Seriously, though. How does Activision manage to piss away ALL the goodwill they accrued with this revival? It’d be more comical if it weren’t so disappointingly predictable.
  14. I expect them to do this at some point too. Maybe they actually are waiting for a slightly stronger tegra revision before doing so.
  15. I feel it’s really easy to tell who it’s for. The millions of 3DS owners out there that don’t need the extra functionality of the standard Switch. If we’re saying that no one plays Mario Kart and Smash handheld, then how do we explain that people continued to play Mario Kart 7 and Smash for 3DS instead of buying a Wii U? It will especially appeal to Japanese audiences.
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