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  1. You know, even IF the majority of those that still support Trump are doing it because they pushed back against overzealous Social Justice...how is that any better? Well I mean, it's marginally better but, that's cutting off the nose to spite the face. You look like a racist idiot even if you weren't one, and you fucked up the country hard just because your feelings were hurt.

    1. McGroose


      The country was fucked regardless. How retarded can a nation be to have limited their choices to the Ompa Lompa and the the Clinton snake? Trust me, and don't fucking delude yourself about it, both options are awful. There is no "one is worse than the other" nonsense here. One set of problems would have been replaced with different problems. Out of every candidate we've had, every single Republican was shit and the democrats were just limp-wristed idiots. Bernie may have been better than the alternatives, but if his instant support of Clinton, someone with vastly different objectives, was any indicator of his longterm goals, than all the candidates sucked.

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