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  1. After actually getting quite good at the platforming in SRB2 2.2, I can now say the actually horseshit part of the game is the Metal Sonic Race.

    1. Conando


      After not losing a SINGLE life, as AMY, I have lost a collective of 30 on Metal Sonic (2 Continues included).

    2. Conando


      I know they're amateur devs, but come the hell on. The final count was 32. You can't tell me they didn't know the race was bad. They HAD play testers. When one mistake means you lose, that's bad game design. When playing PERFECTLY (which I did on my last run), means just barely surviving at the 2 on the countdown? That's bad game design.

    3. Sean


      I'm sure they're aware of how hard that race is but their response would mostly be a resounding "git gud" because either they're not aware or they don't care that most Sonic fans aren't as hardcore at SRB2 as its veterans are.

    4. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      I didn't have a tough time with the race, it took me maybe six tries, and getting a game over doesn't matter since black core is it's own zone. The boss fight took me way longer.

      But also none of the endgame content got reworked in 2.2, like everything before Egg Rock did. Between the changes to 2.2, the addition of a tutorial, and just generally lowering the difficulty overall (along with their actual statements) they've made it clear they want the game to be more accessible. Whether you think they're doing an okay job is obviously subjective, but I think it would be unfair to chalk it up to the devs not caring.

    5. Conando


      Making it so Black Core is its own zone is the bare minimum for making it tolerable, it still needs work. Like, Meat Circus still sucks in Psychonauts despite having infinite lives now.

    6. Conando


      This isn’t to say the rest of the game isn’t pretty well put together. It is, but Egg Rock and Black Core are a huge blemish.

    7. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Well, like I said, none of the endgame content got the complete overhaul the rest of the game did, just minor changes.

    8. Conando


      That’s pretty dumb, though. Why fix the rest of the game’s issues but then dump the player into the crappy final zones?

    9. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      because the remake isn't done yet.

    10. Conando


      The whole point of this is to introduce new players to it though, right? Or perhaps those who haven’t played since it was tank controls (me). You can TOTALLY sour someone’s opinion of something by the game suddenly becoming a frustrating mess. They couldn’t WAIT until they made the last 2 Zones not a pain in the ass before release? For that matter, why not make it a demo if it HAD to be out now, locking out the ugly bits.

    11. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      The whole point of the additions was to have that as a thing that's part of the game in general, the update itself did a whole lot of stuff and was never purported to be the final one. I mean, can't I just turn that statement around on you and say "don't play the game until they make it clear it's not getting another update"? Calm down.

    12. Sean


      I'm rather forgiving of SRB2's faults due to playing the game since the early 2000s but honestly yeah these are fair complaints. Each new major update they put out is representative of the game as it currently is, not what it will be in the future, and it's not Conando's fault that he has issue with ERZ and BCZ being unfair, incredibly dated zones compared to the newer content. ERZ is already over an entire decade old at this point and has seen minimal updates, and people still give it shit for being too damn hard.

    13. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      You can certainly critique the dev's priorities. I would agree with you. I'm not saying I don't wish Egg Rock was updated, even though I find it way easier in 2.2 (I could never beat it before). 

      My issue is that there isn't much of a good balance between frequent updates and substantial ones, especially when your save data is reset every patch.

      Assuming this won't change, we have 2 more acts of Red Volcano to implement, then three acts of Dark City and Grand Eggship, plus revamping the five final stages, and reworking most of the multiplayer stages to fit 2.2's style. Version 2.1 took five years to come out and that didn't have nearly the amount of bells and whistles this one did, which took almost six.

      There's being patient, and then there's considering whether splitting your content drops up a little might be a good idea. No reason to cut the game off for several extra years if it's not going to be reworked in the right order anyway, right?

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