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    Behold, the power of the Chaos Emerald!
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    - Fast paced videogames featuring blue hedgehogs and their technicolor friends
    - Writing (from poems over short stories up to novel length stuff... I hope of somewhat decent quality ;-))
    - Drawing/painting, as of about a year and a half digitally. Like with writing, I don't aim for perfection but see art as a fun hobby and a way to express myself.
    - Airplanes. They're awesome.
    - Nature. I'm the kind of guy that prefers a lonesome forest over a crowded city and I feel I can find peace and inspiration in nature.
    - Running. I'm fairly good at it, but I do it just for fun and exhilaration. I like long walks and hiking, too.
    - Rock and Metal music, especially if featuring long guitar parts. For relaxing and chilling out, I tend to enjoy Alternative and Electronic Instrumentals, too.
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    bouncing around on a cloud in Sky Sanctuary

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    http://Do my FFN and dA pages count as that?

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