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  1. Another Sonic Unleashed daystages-like game. A Sonic Heroes 2. A game with thoughtful story, insightful dialogue and multi-dimensional characters that meaningfully interact with one another. Also, since we're speaking unrealistic dreams here... Sonic novels that delve into all the background stuff.
  2. He can (I think?) read the stuff in the episode where he'd made temporary mayor. So either he was joking, or he pretended to know what the paperwork said for an entire episode. And since I kind of really like Knuckles to not be an idiot (loved the times where he was the one who could read Ancient Babylonian in Zero Gravity), I'll roll with "I can't read" being a joke. Hardly anything anyone ever says in this cartoon seems to be meant seriously, anyway.
  3. Been forever since I posted anything here... In the unlikely case anyone was looking at this for updates, I am sorry. Also, hi, I'm not dead. While I shamefully neglected this topic (and forum), I didn't stop drawing, and I think it's time this topic was up-to-date again (so I can disappear for another year?). Knuckles diving for an Emerald shard. From... 2014? Damn. :-/ Experiment with different approaches to shading, and an attempt at drawing a fierce guardian. A tree. From 2015, too! Stage background artwork for a fangame project. Christmas gift, drawn for an art gift exchange last Christmas. Team Sonic having a fun day in the snow. Also, art from 2016. I have that, too. Another Knuckles with Emerald shard picture. I didn't notice those were starting to become a theme...
  4. Happy birthday!

    1. Speedy


      ... I have no been online here since before my birthday. Oh my. :blush:

      I'm sorry I saw this so late. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. ^_^

  5. It's awfully hard to make a decision.... When I first saw the topic, I immediately thought Adabat from Sonic Unleashed. But the more I think about it, the more other amazing stages I find. What makes Jungle Joyride one of my forever favorites is its picturesque design. All stages in Unleashed were a graphic marvel, full of amazing little effects and brilliant details, but to me Adabat just topped all of the other zones. It starts with this dynamic part where you're running straight ahead on wooden planks, and at that part you can only guess the eye candy that lies ahead. Then when you reach the end of the first section and get the first camera sweep that captures the ocean, you begin to realize what more there is to come. From lush green jungles, mysterious ancient ruins, over turquoise water with fish and reefs barely hidden by transparent waves the stage is just allover beautiful. It's one of those places you wish you could visit on a vacation. Another favorite of mine is Lost World from Sonic Adventure. It has this mystical old ruin atmosphere, complete with traps, flaming arrows, an Indiana Jones reminder in form of a giant ball of rock chasing you, it has magical switches, glowing gravity-defying panels in the wall, and a mural at the end that's apparently thousands of years old, but depicts things that haven't happened yet. Awesome. I also love Eggmanland, also for its atmosphere. It's maybe the stage that reflects Eggman's character better than any other. It's full of evil traps, but it also has a lot of little quirks, like the laughing moving walls, the mad rollercoasters of death, or the Eggman-shaped water towers. There's mad scientist bad guy written all over this stage, and it's probably the stage that made me anticipate the actual confrontation with our all favorite villain more than any other stage before and after it. Oh, and Sonic Heroes. THERE'S BINGO ON THE TABLE! No, seriously, I love the casino stages is Heroes. They are really fun, and you can play them for a really long time just for fun, collecting rings on the game tables until you have over a thousand of those shiny rouns.
  6. This topic still lives. It really still lives. Maybe that's something that also needs to be said about the Sonic fandom/community. It lives. Serveral times, they said Sonic would suck now, and yet, we're all still here. The community happily produces artwork, fanfiction, fan-made games, videos, music and articles even if no new input from Sega comes for a while. Yes, we bicker, we all have our quirks and character, but the Sonic community is still around either way, happily enjoying blue hedgehog stuff. Or arguing about blue hedgehog stuff. But arguing with dedication, and that's what counts. Right?
  7. It's been quite a while since I posted anything at all here at SSMB. Does anybody look at this topic expecting me to post stuff? If so, sorry about the inactivity. But hey, I was somewhat active elsewhere. Speedpaint of Tails and his trusty biplane. Tried going for something quick and dynamic with this image. And the latest full picture. Obviously, that's Super Sonic in space. 'Cuz space is awesome. Tried out some new methods with this pic. Right now I'm quite satisfied with it, too. What do you think? :-)
  8. I like a lot of things about SA2's story; a lot of those things have already been said. So, I'll just add one more thing. Amy's character. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Amy. Usually I find her pretty annoying in the games (and Sonic X, too). Quite often, focus in her portrayal is put entirely on her crush on Sonic. In a lot of situtations, she runs after Sonic, hits people in tempter tantrums and tries to demostrate her never-dying affaction for her hero by treathening to flatten said hero with a giant hammer. The moments when I like Amy are usually those when Sonic is nowhere to be seen. Her care for the Flicky family in SA1 was full of great character moments for example. SA2 has another one of those moments. Amy's talk to Shadow is, to me at least, one of the moments where her character really shines, where we get to see the real Amy, the compassionate and dedicated girl with a positive outlook on life, with the belief that you can get anything right if you try, and she's a girl capable of getting her view of the world across, without any drama (or hammers) involved. Even to a narrowminded, sorrow and hatred filled Shadow.
  9. Drew this to print out and stick to the door of my room. Had lots of fun with it. I love drawing skies, especially with sunset lighting, and at some point I sat back, looked at what I had painted so far, and said "Wow, the freaking sky is ablaze." Other than that, I tried a couple of new things with this picture. Don't know if it shows. For example, I used a lot more different colors for highlighting, like purple hues on Sonic's blue fur and quills, or about six different shades of orange and yellow up to white on the letters. Before, I usually stuck with one main highlighting color plus white (and black for shadows). Do the letters look like bubbles? 'Cause they're supposed to. But after you spend weeks (with lots of pauses, of course) on a picture, you aren't always so sure anymore.
  10. Good luck with it! Been forever since I last posted something on SSMB. Been busy, writing and drawing and playing Sonic Lost World on my new 2DS. Anyway, time to crawl out of my hole again. I'm here to talk about Sonic Boom. A lot of people talk about it right now, so I won't really make that big a difference, but still. When I first heard they were gonna make a new Sonic cartoon, I was curious on what it would be like. Then the first teaser pics showed up, and I, as much as everyone else probably, made some fun of the characters' new shapes. Then it got quiet for a while and I kind of forgot about Sonic Boom. And then Sonic Stadium posted the announcement for the game and show, along with first screenshots. I had barely looked at the screens, and I already felt a little bit hyped from this game, in spite of knowing nothing about it really. The graphics look nice. Yes, we've all come to expect shiny looks from a new Sonic title, but it's still nothing I take for granted. When you actually look at the screen shots, you can try and guess a few things about gameplay from them. It's jumping to conclusions, but every now and then, this is fun, too. So, I jumped. You can see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, all one one picture, running around and fighting robots. The camera seems to look at the quartett from a much more dynamic angle than in previous titles like Generations or even than Lost World. And then the part of me that's still deeply in love with Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes was smiling, because something about the screen shots we've been shown from Sonic Boom so far really look a little bit like those games. Maybe we can expect to play as Sonic's friends again. As much as I like Sonic, I've missed playing as Knuckles and Tails, for example. From what it looks and what little interviews revealed so far, Sonic Boom will have more exploring again, puzzles and platforming and looking around the stage for collectibles. To me, that sounds like a concept I'll like. So yeah, right now I'm looking forward to see what becomes of Sonic Boom.
  11. Pretty damn cool drawings. Love your running Sonic, and the Iron Man picture. Ganondorf is really epic, too. I can really imagine him holding a flaming ball of evil doom energy in his hand. And maybe it stuck out to me 'cause I suck at it... but you're really good at drawing hands. I have so much trouble with those... Either way, good job on all of those!
  12. A line in Pink Floyd's 'Us and Them': Black~ And Blue~ And who knows which is which And who is who I know the song longer than I know Sonic. My father used to listen to it already when I was really small. But after playing SA2 for the first time... It's ridiculous, but the line always reminds me of how everyone in that game confused Sonic and Shadow. 'Cause black and blue are so freaking hard to tell apart. And way back in 1969 when the song was written, Pink Floyd could already tell this would happen. This is true genius.
  13. When you use the ring sound effect as your SMS notification sound. Yes, I do that. It's awesome. It gives me the chance to say 'You got a ring!' randomly, and it's really a sound you hear very well even over noise.
  14. A lot of things remind me of Sonic... Once the family was on a holiday in Spain, we climbed some tower on a city tour and ended up overlooking the roofs. I said 'Hey this looks like Spagonia!'. It really did. My sister gave me one of those looks and said 'No, you're not gonna run over the roofs'. I listen to Sonic music when I go running sometimes, because running and Sonic just really fits. Then I imagine I could go supersonic and stuff. All decoration glass crystal thingies remind me of Chaos Emeralds. All of them. My calling them Emeralds confuses the heck out of people. I also randomly relate song lyrics to Sonic stuff, even if it's not really fitting. I doubt most of those connections will make sense to anyone by myself. Oh, and I call royal blue 'Sonic blue' and a bright red 'Knuckles red'. I even got a few family members to do it, too. MIght come up with more things later...
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