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  1. As I have been looking around the internet to find something to fill the hole that is my disapointment about the pre super genesis wave lacking a conclusion, i have found some rather awesome fan comics. Here are the ones I found: Fan continuations: Archie sonic Online ( y'all probably know this one) Sonic retold ( Alot Darker continuation than Archie sonic Online) Regular Fan comics: Fallout new mobius (sonic but in the fallout universe) The no zone archives ( stories about the zone cops in pre super genesis wave timeline) Is there any other good fancomics that y'all would like to reccommend?
  2. The freedom fighters are actually canon. In game universe, they usually defend cities from eggman's frequent badnik attacks most of the time. They were also one of the squadrons in forces. Finally, they were friends with sonic before he went on his first adventure to defeat eggman and they continue to be his friends to this day (But they aren't able to get together often, as both are busy doing there own thing.)
  3. Who would buy it? Nintendo? Disney (ugh)? What would exactly happen to the Franchise? Would it be made better or worse? Would there be more games or other forms of sonic media? Would it succeed more? Would there be better Quality control? Would it make comic or tv show characters be in the games? There are so many dang ways something like this would go, and I would like to see if anybody has some ideas on how this could go down.
  4. I personally would love another sonic rpg. I thought chronicles was great and I would love to have sequel for it but no matter how much I or others want a chronicles sequeI or a new sonic rpg I dont think sega will make one because the last time they made an rpg Ken Penders went for their and Bioware's throats. I also think there is just not a high enough demand for one. Oh well, I guess I will just wait for a good fangame to satisfy my sonic rpg needs.
  5. Not only are they in the worst sonic issue of all time, they have to be related to him. Poor buggers is a MASSIVE understatement. Also, huh thats pretty interesting.
  6. Although there are few exceptions (Sonic Live anybody?), I feel that sonics run as comic series is great. I find the sonic comics (especially Archie) better than any other comics and I will also go on to say that they are better than the games (in my opinion of course. ).
  7. Appearently, Comcast is still in the running for buying Fox, as they are waiting to see how the AT&T and Time Warner merger plays out. If the government allows the AT&T and Time Warner merger, it seems Comcast will outbid Disney for Fox. http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/avengers-and-x-men-no-more-new-report-claims-potential-third-suitor-in-disney-fox-deal
  8. That would definitely piss me off but I would be even more pissed off if they do not even use satam characters at all (which is sadly Likely).
  9. The image memes for these are pretty funny
  10. 9As we are in a period where a sonic (actually knuckles) meme is popular, I feel it is time to talk about memes. I dont mean just post memes here, i mean actually have an intelectual discussion about memes (if that is even possible). Here is what I think about some current memes Spaghet: pretty humourous and inoffensive Tide pods: I feel this one is kind of cringey and encourages somthing like suicide without using dark humour and just being stupid. Ugandan knuckles: I find it humourus but i can see it being offensive to ugandans (duh) and it must be annoying for people that play vr chat. Also, i find it inferior to the meme that spawned it, knuckles sings.
  11. Oh Yes. I would also personally like a story heavy metroidvania game with team dark, a chaotix/knuckles game that plays similarly to a lego game, and a story heavy rpg featuring satam characters (action rpg or Jrpg).
  12. I have watched some of Charrii5's videos and I think his CinemaSins parodies are better than the actual CinemaSins videos. Also, Boundry Break is shezez's main series of youtube videos, however you explained what he did better than I did. I'm getting some You on Kazoo vibes from this.
  13. There are alot of great Youtube Channels out there making amazing content. I would like to hear about your favorite youtubers so that I and others of can broaden their horizons with the Youtube channels they watch Some of my recommendations are: Arlo: Essentially a game review and opinion channel about nintendo games but the youtuber is a blue muppet. Peter Knetter: A review and lets play channel thats primarily focused around sonic and he is pretty funny. Shezez: This guy basically takes your favorite games and explores them with free camera mods which ends up showing whats inside or behind models, unseen game functions, and etc. Scott The Woz: A very good game review channel that does not have many subscribers. LGR or Lazy Game Reviews: A channel with a lot of content with varied subjects (like looking for games at goodwill) but mostly pc game reviews and despite the name the reviews are not lazy. Auroraknux: A sonic meme channel. Grandayy: A wonderful dank meme channel. TheRealSullyG: A channel with excellent covers of excellent songs. (must be seen to truly know its greatness) Chadtronic: A manchild reacts to things. Antdude: a game review channel with some romhack videos.(yeth anybody?) The Wulff Den: a channel that discusses various topics, but mostly nintendo games.
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