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  1. They didn't need to go as hard as they did with the music.

  2. I'm not implying this has anything to do with Kingdom Hearts. I was just wondering if he Sakurai would be exicted to have a character named Sora since the kanji is one of his favorites.
  3. Here's an interesting little tidbit: "Sora" (sky) Limited, so I guess that means "the sky's the limit" according to Sakurai. I dunno if that was intentional, but that's still kinda cool. But whatever the case, think he'd be over the moon if he was told Sora was A-OK for Smash?
  4. My mom is planning on moving to New Orleans around the end of May. We've been talking about taking a road trip there from my home in California.

  5. So I guess we'll likely see the next fighter this year. Who are you hoping for? I'm hoping for Cash Banooca. BTW: Now we have a Spirit Event for Bowser’s Fury.
  6. Nearly 500 jangles in a single game…the sound designer(s) must’ve been really dedicated to their job.

  7. Mega Man NT Warrior makes me wanna punch a wall.

    1. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      At least Yu-Gi-Oh had the Shadow Game excuse, and all that dangerous stuff was conducted far away from any civilians.

  8. I’m on Episode 4 of Tropical Rouge Precure and I’m honestly stunned at how badly Laura screwed the pooch with staying hidden during this one scene in a museum’s mermaid exhibit. If she just got back into that thing that she hides in, this wouldn’t be an issue.

  9. <tweet>

    Now I wish this was GHZ's Act 2 gimmick in Mania.

    1. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      I don't know. The Chomp Rocks in Yoshi's Island were a pretty finicky, frustrating mechanic already, and that's in a slower paced collectathon game.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You can do this the wrecking balls in S1 mobile using debug mode (and maybe Mania too? I don't remember). It's a nice idea on paper, but it's pretty clear why its not been implemented in a Sonic game properly before. Balancing on balls is incredibly finnicky and slow paced, not to mentioned strange when Sonic already becomes a ball at the press of a button. Lost Labyrinth in S4E1 at least used railings for the balls.

  10. I’m surprised Sailor Moon has never properly crossed over with any of the Pretty Cure series (at least, to my knowledge). They’re both popular magical girl series owned by Toei, aren’t they?

    1. Iko


      What if they crossed it over with Saint Seyia instead? Planets vs constellations.

    2. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Sailor Moon in about jumping around throwing attacks that don't do much until the right time and getting smacked around until the final battles of the arc while Precure is about punching the monster of the week in the face and suplexing it before hitting it with a sparkly and/or elemental Kamehameha.

      Precure is too action-based to cross with Sailor Moon which was the entire point of it's conception in the first place.

    3. Plumbers_Helper


      Toei doesn't own Sailor Moon, they just worked on both anime. Sailor Moon is still owned by her original creator.

      One possibility could be due to Naoko Takeuchi being very protective of Sailor Moon. It's why every new Sailor Moon project uses the same story from the manga with slight or major differences, she just doesn't seem interested in telling or allowing new stories with Sailor Moon. I think the last Sailor Moon project that had an original story was back in 2003 for one of the "Sera Myu" musicals.

      The closest thing Sailor Moon ever had to a crossover was for a few commercials during the original anime's run where she mostly just smiled with other anime characters. She also had a few video games (Nakayoshi to Issho, Welcome Nakayoshi Park, Panic in Nakayoshi World) where she appeared with other manga characters.

    4. Jingilator


      Ooooh, okay.

    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      What @Plumbers_Helper had said is correct and  a very controlling person. This is the same person who banned the series outside of Japan for 10 years because of both the English dub and the Italian dub. It wasn't really designed to be aired on TV outside of Japan unless it was censored, the last episode had issues releasing in Italy and it was also on Mediaset channels where they don't allow nudity or at the time physical romance. It took a lot of effort from the Italians before the series was licensed outside of Japan again. Even then history was about to repeat itself again because of one word on a synopsis in a Viz box set (using the term partners instead of lovers or something like that) causing the final series to have a limited print run in the US and will it/won't it release in Australia for the past year. Plus Netflix seems to have the rights now and knowing the author for now until something crops up.

      Actually the last few crossovers have been mobile games such as Monster Gate and Puyo Puyo Quest. Only knew this because Lupin the 3rd was also crossed over in the same games, think Detective Conan, Persona and KFC as well at least for Puyo. They only existed to promote Crystal.

  11. Godzilla vs. Kong spoilers ahead




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