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  1. <tweet>

    Notice how this is such a non-apology, he never once uses the word "sorry"?

    Also, he disabled replies.

    1. blueblur98


      "True friends" that you paid $1 an hour, yeah sure.

    2. Dejimon11


      This feels worse than channel awesome's apology

    3. Jingilator


      @blueblur98 Even worse, he calls them "contractors" before "true friends". Just goes to show that he only cares about himself.

    4. Ryannumber1gamer
    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I never even realized GameXplain was this big enough a business (I hardly even knew they had a website, let alone that they did years before they started their channel) that there'd be bullshit like this; I took for granted they were more on the ameatuar side, at least in the beginning, and that no one necessarily worked under who. Then again, the whole thing looks atrocious even by the standards of companies their size.

      I will say I've hardly tuned in to them anyway these days as I was mostly into their analysis videos, and the subject those videos mostly centered around (Nintendo announcments) have grown scarcer. Ironically, it was during that same scarcity where the line had finally been crossed for those poor guys.

    6. Ellipsis-Ultima


      this isnt an apology. Reminder that this is the same guy who removed several reddit posts about the situation and locked the Gamexplain subreddit after that.

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