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  1. Know how Mega Man 8 could've been a bit more innovative, in my opinion? Playing as each of the 6 Robot Masters from the first game and Duo alongside Mega Man himself; each playable character would, ideally, each have 2 weapons in total.

    • Mega Man would have his Mega Buster and Mega Ball and Tengu Man's Tornado Hold
    • Cut Man would have his Rolling Cutter and Clown Man's Thunder Claw
    • Elec Man would have his Thunder Beam and Search Man's Homing Sniper
    • Ice Man would have his Ice Slasher and Aqua Man's Water Balloon (repurposed to an ice bomb that freezes enemies in an area)
    • Fire Man would have his Fire Storm and Sword Man's Flame Sword
    • Bomb Man would have his Hyper Bombs and Grenade Man's Flash Bomb
    • Guts Man would have his Super Arm and Astro Man's Astro Crush (repurposed to be an attack that summons six small meteors to throw at enemies)
    • Duo would have his Giant Knuckle and Frost Man's Ice Wave (repurposed to be an attack where Duo punches the ground and icicles pop out from both sides of him)

    You'd only be able to take two of each character into a stage at a time.

    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Plain and simple, this is a frankly terrible idea.

      Duo being playable, I can understand - if anything, it feels warranted given Power Fighters came out before 8. But why the MM1 cast? They aren't particularly relevant to MM8 (outside of one of them being a Saturn-exclusive boss), and including them would just take up valuable development time. You'd have to design the levels and gameplay around eight characters instead of one, giving each character their own unique weapons in addition to the ones obtained from the new Robot Masters would take up even more time and further complicate the level design, and why have two of them in a stage? The X games let you switch characters, but you only had two options, and there was a clear difference in their gameplay style; one was suited for melee, the other long range. Nice and simple compared to "one guy shoots, another guy shoots but with fire, another guy throws stuff but only if it's in a level..."

      And this isn't even going into how this breaks the core concept of Mega Man. If you divide the weapons up between everyone, instead of giving all of them to everyone (or just Mega Man), then you're taking away one of the main appeals of a Mega Man game; starting with nothing and gradually building up a diverse arsenal to let you handle any situation you otherwise couldn't. If Mega Man only has access to one (1) special weapon, why even bother with him? You're also asking players to get used to someone who plays completely differently to everyone else just to follow the weakness loop. In fact, how would the MM1 weapons even factor into the loop alongside the new weapons?

      And I know Powered Up did multiple playable characters including Robot Masters, but it stuck to the Robot Masters you were already fighting as bosses. It didn't go, "Hey, let's bring the cast of Mega Man 5 in for some reason and have them use all their weapons as well as the ones you get in this game!"

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