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  1. Hey, @Strickerx5

    Here’s a little snippet of a certain something you like (that I couldn’t find in English lol).


    1. Strickerx5


      I swear if this stage ever gets picked I won’t even try to win. My only goal will be to keep everyone from reaching the band.


    1. Nast


      god i miss break the targets

  3. Your reaction: Magician from House of the Dead is a fighter in SBB Ultimate, but he’s a slight Echo of Mewtwo.

    1. TCB


      Eeeeeeeeeeeeh cool but I see him directly under the category of boss ala Dracula and Yellow Devil

  4. Am I the only one low key hoping for a feature in KH3, update or not, where you can dub your voice into the cutscenes?

  5. Family Guy funny moments:


  6. That’s some new SpongeBob shit right there.
  7. I've changed my profile pic in memory of Mario's late brother.

    (Ignore the word "text" in the middle of the picture. That was an editing error I couldn't fix.)

    luigi's untimely demise.png

  8. Gangplank Galleon 

    Falchion and Phazon Echoes 

    Two Holy Hunters 

    A haiku to commemorate today’s Direct.



  10. Inb4 someone like Cooking Mama or Professor Layton gets revealed in tomorrow’s Smash Direct and everyone throws a fit because it’s not K. Rool or Waluigi.

    1. Ferno


      cooking mommy

  11. I know this is gonna sound arbitrary, but is it okay that the title be changed to “Because what the f*ck is a Dr. Wahwee, anyway?”?
  12. Seems a bit generous to leave it suffering, even for script as bad as If I were in charge of this and saw this, I'd tear to pieces like a wild animal-with my hands and teeth-and chuck it out the window.
  13. @Forte-Metallix Hey, remember the blatant nature of the Street Sharks ripping off the TMNT?

    Well, I think I found a friend of theirs.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Guess they needed a new line of work after their awful cartoon.

  14. When I first saw the “Tournament of Today” cartoon, it made me think that it would make a good enemy design, minus all the political motifs.

    Maybe a Nobody in Twilight Town who possesses the train in the Tram Common, and goes through the bridges above. And it’d have people trapped inside!



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