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  1. Hey, just a friendly reminder: we can’t go through life expecting only 3rd parties for Smash, let alone as part of Ultimate’s Fighter Pass. They do generate hype, for sure, but Smash is still a franchise heavily focused on Nintendo, nothing more or less.

    1. Ferno



      we need 4th parties now

    2. PublicEnemy1


      @Ferno Look, I like 4th as much as the next guy, and some would actually be a pretty good fit in the game, BUT it also opens up the door for a whole bunch of crap.

    3. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      95% chance Ferno was joking.

    4. PublicEnemy1


      I know, but I like taking answers seriously.

    5. Ferno


      wait are 4th party developers a real thing

    6. SupahBerry


      Many Nintendo purists have been put on edge enough over the increased amount of 3rd party reps that got in already. I feel their be an equal amount of people who'd be angered over the whole pass being 3rd party as there would be those who'd be hyped.

    7. Ferno


      just give me rayman and i'll never ask for anything else ever again nintendo

    1. SupahBerry


      Image result for mario party 8 spastic

      Not again...


      Well that's what's you get if you keep putting M Rated video game reps into an E10+ crossover.

    2. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Fun fact. That's actually not what the singer says. Way to go Kotaku.


    3. SupahBerry


      @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Sounds like a ghost took Kotaku's friend Larry away when it tried to approach them.

    4. DanJ86


      Ironic that the article was trying to make out something should be outraged over, only to be the cause of the outrage instead. (I looked at the comments on the article and can understand why the article itself, comes across as insulting.)

    5. Heckboy


      kotaku is a fucking joke lmao

  2. Is it really that bad to want to go to a candy shop, only for someone two strangle you for 10 minutes until you can break free? That’s what this maintenance feels like.

    1. Failinhearts


      That is oddly specific.

  3. Non-spirits:

    -Celica (without Alm)

    -Crash Bandicoot

    -Older Pokémon character

    -Adeleine and Ribbon



    -DeMille (Tomato Adventure)



    -Any Style Savvy character


    What do you guys suggest?

    1. Strickerx5


      Shantae, Tails, Banjo, and Viridi(fuckingfightme) Geno.

  4. Perkilator

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Oh, by the way—how do I attend Game Night as a spectator?
  5. Perkilator

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    So what’s the release time for Joker in Pacific Time?
  6. I swear to God, if I have to listen to one of TurboTax’s “FreeFreeFree” commercials again, I will toss a scoop of ice cream up the rear end of an iguana.

    (Okay, not literally)

    1. SupahBerry


      What did the poor iguana ever do to you???

    2. Shiroi


      I don't know how to respond to that...

    3. SSF1991


      Free? Free free!


    4. Speederino
  7. Friendly reminder that Kirby can now absorb the ability to pack heat.

    1. Blacklightning



      am i a joke to you

    2. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      ^Yes. Magic sex pistols < LITERAL FUCKING GLOCK


      Yes, I know it's a model gun in the game but no one cares.


  8. Real talk, I do think Kingdom Hearts kinda overdoes it with the old-school cartoon sound effects.

  9. Wait, while I was getting ready to leave for Hawaii, there was a new M&S Olympics game I didn’t know about? I loved those games as a kid!

  10. Hey, I just thought of an idea for how the final boss should’ve been:
  11. Perkilator

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Hey, I know this probably isn’t likely, but I made a moveset for Geese Howard from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters. I’m gonna keep in a spoiler tag due to its lengthiness:
  12. Hey, I just realized I joined roughly a month after Forces came out; was there still Forces drama even then, when I was a newbie? Cause then, I’m glad I didn’t join around Forces’ release.

    1. Strickerx5


      There was some, but most of it died out about a week or two after release.

  13. My high school graduation takes place just 5 days before the first day of this year’s E3, and my mom says she’ll take me as a graduation gift! However, nothing’s been fully decided.


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