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  1. Hey, I just had a thought; what if KH3 did squeeze more worlds (along with other content), but couldn’t fit on one disc? The options I was thinking were… A.) Make it like Infinity War and Endgame, releasing two separate games at different dates (though I’d prefer if they released at most a few months from each other). or... B.) Make it like the old Final Fantasy PS1 games, putting one whole game on multiple discs.
  2. I am a shadow…the TRUE self. And video games are leagues better than everything else! Only my family matters more than games!


    (True, actual, story of my life.)

  3. I read Kite Runner for a school assignment over the weekend and



    found out that Hassan was actually Amir’s half-brother. I bet Amir felt like:



  4. I decided to 100% WoL, and I FINALLY did it tonight.

  5. Know what? I'm getting sick of the mentality of "Final Smashes suck cuz you can avoid them!"




    Not that hard.

    I mean...yes, some are legit shit but that's no reason to discriminate Final Smashes in general.

  6. TIL that Homer Simpson voiced Bubsy in WSB.

  7. Hey, so here's a reach farther than Mr. Fantastic: what if all of the original Organization XIII were Assist Trophies, with Xemnas as a boss?
  8. Hey, got home VERY late last night. Had a lot of fun at prom! I'm in kind of a hangover right now (don't worry, there wasn't any alcohol).

  9. Welp, gotta jet for now. I'm going to my senior prom tonight!

  10. The Projared thing made me think: what if Caddicarus is/was doing something bad that possibly no one knows about?

    1. Alternate Evolutions

      Alternate Evolutions

      Wow. Just wow. By that logic, what about the other big gaming Youtubers who haven't done anything like that but y'know, what if. 

      That's a horrendous judgement to make on someone because of a what if. Sure, I'm technically biased, given that i'm a patreon supporter of his, but my point still stands for any other people, given that you could swap any of their names for Caddy's.

    2. Ernest the Panda
    3. Stasis


      I like Caddy. Dunno why he'd do that kinda thing.

    4. JosepHenry


      If Caddy ever did something bad the world would end.

      He seems to be in a lovely relatioship with his wife and his stepdaughters, I cannot see him doing any harn.

    5. Perkilator


      Okay, that's good. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

    6. Teoskaven


      Pretty much this, we can't let these events make us paranoid about other Youtuber. If something will happen, that will be it, but letting what happened around Jared create a climate of fear is not the solution.

    7. Ryannumber1gamer


      Just because one Youtuber is a fucking scumbag doesn’t mean they all are, and doing What Ifs like that doesn’t help.

      Caddicarus has a family, who from what we see - he loves, and involves them not only with video making, but taking them to any gaming events he’s invited to.

      Given his response to Projared’s actions was one of shock and shame, I heavily doubt he would do anything like what you’re implying.

  11. Just as the title says. For me: Worlds Collide -No Cream Woman or Big Man. We had ten roboticized masters already, I don’t think two more could’ve hurt. -I thought Rock would’ve been easy for comparisons to Omega regarding multiple weapons at once. -Knuckles doesn’t compare Stone Man to the Sandopolis Guardian. -Sonic has no PTSD of previous Sonic water levels from seeing Bubble Man. -When Rock fights Bass, Mega Man & Bass isn’t mentioned (or is it?). Worlds Unite -Rock and Axl don’t get on to each other about the differences in their copying technologies. -Boom Sonic should’ve joined Sticks and the others. -More of a continuity nitpick, but Orbot and Cubot never appear after the first two issues. Neither the Post-SGW nor the Boom versions. -Shadow is introduced in a single panel and then killed off a panel later. I think he could’ve used Chaos Control to get at least someone out before the explosion but naaah! -Sonic’s Werehog Curse is mentioned in Issue 2, yet it never physically appears. I think Sonic going to something like Nightopia would’ve been a cool place to use it in the crossover.
  12. Hey, I'm gonna on here a lot less, at least until I have more time to do so. I shook a kid (but not to death) because he was heckling me non-stop about drinking water that was needed for a Chemistry experiment when he wasn't really going to drink it. This kid was sitting in the back, so I walked on about twenty steps over to him to get him to stop, and he was scared.

    Me and my parents talked about how behavior like that can get me into jail, and that the logic behind it was ridiculous. So as of now, I'm gonna spend these last weeks of my high school career focusing on doing the right things when people aren't watching. Hate me all you want, but I'm actually a big-hearted guy outside the meme life. I just got out of control when I didn't want to.

    I think ever since I got my new phone, as well as my recent habit of going to bed at 9pm and waking up around 4am for no reason, I've been getting a bit irritated with people.

    1. SupahBerry


      That's perfectly understandable.


      I'm a pretty large guy too, and got suspended twice in one year for attacking a teacher I'm usually around the most, mainly due to letting my reckless anxiety get the better of me. And that was when I did not have a smartphone, as I got my first one after graduating.


      I can't really say anything on what you should and shouldn't have done differently or what you can do to prevent this behavior from occurring again. This is something you gotta deal with yourself.


      But I will say I agree that your phone and sleep schedule are something that should be sorted out, and try to not let yourself be so easily irritated by people.

  13. Your reaction: King of the Storm and the Nameless King are bosses in SSB Ultimate (I just wanna see Falco fight them lol).

  14. Can't wait to see what we inevitably turn into a meme.
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