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  1. Gonna be honest: when I first joined SSMB, I thought it would be another typical Sonic hatedom circlejerk. Glad to see I proved myself wrong by opening myself up to you guys.

    1. Wittymations


      It'd be odd to introduce a whole fan website in the goal of hating on a particular title. Myself, I personally don't like Sonic, anymore. But now it's more like, I'm apathetic to it now than hating it. Like I given up caring. I dunno.

      STILL, I imagine more people here still enjoy the franchise and most criticisms are aimed wanting to see it improve rather than "lel sonic bad"

    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      This is a nice place. I'm glad I abandoned the SEGA Boards. I'm even more glad that the SEGA Boards crashed and burned. 

    3. Wittymations


      I dunno, I have some fairly good memories from SEGA boards. Like making sigs for a bunch of people, if you remember the Hero-Types thing. As well as meeting fellow Eggman fans and forming a short lived group with them, Marionette and Metateen. Good times.

      Oh, and ChaosSpirit, I believe his name was, being a massive spammer with topics and eventually got banned for it. Least think that's how it rolled.

      Man, now I'm getting all nostalgic. Dang.

    4. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I... probably have good memories of that place? They're buried beneath a waft of disgusting crap though. Especially near the end of my time there. There was just this horrible "With us or against us" mentality going on there where the Classic fans and the Adventure fans just were not compatible with one another at all. It got to the point where admitting you were a fan of an Adventure game was setting you up for being called out as "not a true fan".

      Like, when I said I couldn't get into the Classics some asshole with this fake intellect manner of speech talked about it with other people in the same thread, not even to me directly, by saying "Well than he's just not a Sonic fan. I'm sorry but this series just isn't for him then." 

      I remember that dude specifically would always talk as though people shouldn't act as though games other than the ones he liked existed. It was the most self-important bullshit ever. So many arguments were happening on there about whether it was okay to like shit and what a true Sonic fan was. It was ridiculous.

      I'm not afraid to say whatever I want about the Classics or the Adventure games here. There's no lines being drawn in the sand. The atmosphere makes it so there's actual discussions and the mods are way more active. I just like it more.

      I probably have more happier memories of the SEGA Boards back before the website redesigned itself into that odd white color. The more gray looking one with custom avatars was the shit.


    5. Wittymations


      I don't recall SEGA boards really redesigning itself. What year was that? Might be before I signed up. Or maybe it was near the tail end of its lifespan because I wasn't nearly as active the last few years, around the time of Lost World release. Probably could throw the link on Wayback Machine and look around, though.

      But yeah, I can get why you disliked that place. There was serious faction stuff going on. Maybe I'm more used to rudeness due to my history on some boards like the Newgrounds BBS well before I joined SEGA forums. The NG BBS had a lot of rudeness to it. But I was basically "forum raised" in that rougher environment that it hardly effected me.

      I do remember there were some users I wasn't too much of a fan of. Kintor because of his weird eliteness when it came to SEGA/Hatred of Nintendo and that one dude who had that the eye avatar and was this massive Classic fan who always tried to talk people down with pseudo-intellectualism.

      Anyway, I did make something of friends or had some people was pretty cool with. You were always a dude who I was glad to see pop up in a topic.

    6. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      As a SEGA Forums veteran, I can agree that we had some good memories and allies there. But given the toxic place it warped into, I'm not sad to see that place dead.

    7. Wittymations


      This status is now property of SEGA Forum Veterans.

    8. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      @WittyUsername Let us never forget  "The Ultra HD Brotherhood".

    9. Wittymations


      You may have to remind me what that was all about. I seemed to already forgotten it.

    10. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @WittyUsername It was a VERY early design. Back before 2009 because all the screen captures on the wayback machine go back to 2009 and have that same white design. It sucks because I don't think I can find a snapshot of the old version of it. It looked WAY better. They had neat avatars in a gallery for the different characters. Sonic X ones. Sonic Heroes ones. Some from other SEGA franchises. I mostly stuck with the Eggman one from Sonic X cause it looked the coolest. I really missed that version of the forums. 

      Kintor was the kind of person who was impossible to talk to. His opinion was always right and it baffled him, nay confused him whenever you thought something different. Like when Sonic Boom was becoming a thing and I made mention of not liking TV CGI shows because of how they tended to look. He kept arguing with me tooth and nail about it. He showed me a clip from some Transformers cartoon to prove I was wrong. I said it looked fine but I still didn't prefer CGI cartoons. I even kept making sure to say "more power to you" if you did. He ignored that and was just shocked that him showing me a clip from a cartoon I'd never seen before and had no investment in didn't immediately change my mind about all CGI cartoons.

      I don't want to make it seem like I didn't like anyone. Theadvisor1234 and a few other people were good. I remember you being a good user too. I definitely recall your username. 


    11. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      @WittyUsernameAh. That was the rag tag team of Shadiwulf and MrFranklin. Obsessed with graphics over the actual games(to the point of supporting the original DRM-esque XBox One, good grief) and the supposed death of Nintendo. 

      Honestly, you're blessed for forgetting them.

    12. Wittymations


      Right. Looks like I came a little bit right after the redesign. I think I legit joined around 2010. Maybe 11? No, wait, I found this capture of the "Post Any Sonic Related Thoughts" - one of the few working threads, it seems. I joined in 2012.  I was apparently the first person to make a reply to it. Neat. Hey, you're in the first page EDIT: ignore that, sorry dude. I thought you were 120 due to the similar looking guy in both avatars on here and the SEGA forums. Turns out you're CrystalChaotix, no I defo remember you. Seems to be a few captures from different years. Think my favorite avatar/sig combo is actually this one. The first capture has the Team Plot sig that I mentioned earlier - but it doesn't display said image - thankfully, the linked board page DOES work and shows them..

      But yeah, looking at the 2009 capture, I actually would agree that the earlier design of the boards were significantly more aesthetically pleasing. At least in the use of colors. Padding leaves a lot to be desired though. I'd prefer a balance between the 2009-2010 styles.


      I don't want to make it seem like I didn't like anyone. Theadvisor1234

      Advisor was always pretty cool and knowledgeable. He seemed like, even if he disagree with your thoughts, he'd engage in a conversation with you and may pull one thing he did agree with it and build from there.


      I definitely recall your username. 

      It's pretty witty, after all.

    13. Sonictrainer


      The SEGA Forum crash was the main reason I joined here.

      Despite some of the negativity, I also have some good memories and friends there...although I think most of them also migrated here as well...

    14. Wittymations


      There's really not too many places to go for Sonic forums. Here, which is the biggest and most active. Retro, but I always got the vibe there's a pretty specific use far as Sonic forums go. There's probably a few others. But those two stick out the most to me.

    15. Sonictrainer


      I think my last favorite memory of the Sega Forums was the "Draw Ken Balough, dressed as Elise, with Big Cat" Fan Art Contest.

      I got a free Sonic Generations download code for participating in that.

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