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  1. Imagine if COVID-19 struck last year. I don’t think KH3 would be looked at as fondly.

    1. KHCast


      They’d probably just change Kingdom of Corona’s world name to something else 

    2. JosepHenry


      Or just cancel Tangled world lol

    3. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      what is wrong with yall

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      >Tangled takes place in the kingdom of Corona

      >main protagonist is a girl who's forced to stay in doors her whole life


    5. KHCast


      @Wraith Idk I thought my response was pretty reasonable. We got “dwarf woodlands”, “castle of dreams”, “enchanted dominion”, etc. you don’t need your world name to be called the actual kingdom. Just call it “the golden forest” or something. I mean, this is under the impression Square Enix gave a shit 

    6. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Implying it's looked on fondly as is

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