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  1. I actually would love to do this!!! And I agree with the theory that something happened to the Wisps, and that's why she's angry. I'm sure we'll find out soon!
  2. Aaah, I really liked this issue, but it's already obvious why~! xD Silver's personality is hilariously goofy and I love it. The reasoning behind why he's so attached to Whisper is pretty good. I dig it. Also, I don't really see Silver's fanboying over Whisper as a "crush;" more like he admires her for being able to do what he... can't (?) on his own? Is that the right way to put it? Anyway, I definitely see them becoming a team, and maybe they'll form that brother-sister relationship that he and Blaze were originally portrayed to have. Oh, and I really like Whisper! I like her bond with the wisps, and I'm curious to see what Ian plans on bringing to the table with her and her situation. Her design is also really nice to look at. Great use of color! Anyway, this issue really delivered for me. I've been waiting for this one for a while, and I'm glad it met my expectations! ^^ Excited for more, of course!
  3. I agree with all of this; The Silver Age is my favorite Archie story and Silver's expressions are just so dorky and sweet. I'm so excited for this issue!!
  4. After a terrible work week, I finally got to relax and sit down and read issue 7. Loved the reveal; I had a suspicion it was him, but I'm actually excited to see where this goes. I wonder how Dr. Eggman is going to fit in with all of this? Also, next issue is SILVER!!! So excited! ^.^
  5. I REALLY like Whisper's design. I hope she lives up to the hype!!
  6. See, I don't necessarily mind when there are humans in the Sonic world, but... this entire "Two Worlds" stuff is incredibly confusing to me as a long-time fan and difficult to understand if we're talking about characters like Shadow, who has a very large involvement with humans in his past. Now, if it were different canons (not saying this is a good idea either), then maaaybe, but just maybe I could get behind it. And as a fan creator myself who loves to delve into lore to make my OCs more accurate to the series' canon, this "Two Worlds" stuff is driving me up the wall to no end. I might just stick to the comic books' canon if nothing is actually ever explained, haha.
  7. Oh, that makes sense then. I've been on and off the internet for a week (vacation, yay!) so I may have missed a whole lot. Like I said, I'm not gonna stop reading the comic; I looked forward to it since the cancellation of Archie. The ending just made me scratch my head is all. Though, that was probably the point!
  8. Finally got around to reading issue 6. Let me just say, I kind of saw it coming. A little disappointed that this is what it was building up to. It's possible that SEGA was keeping a leash on the team, but it doesn't really excuse the poor execution of the reveal. I won't stop reading the comics because I still enjoy it, but I do hope that the next issues are better than this one (hoping Silver's introduction goes smoothly, or I will be really unhappy, lol). Also, on the subject of SEGA, please let these writers get creative with these characters; I don't like when Sonic characters come off one-dimensional. I get they're cartoon animal people, but still . . . a little fun needs to be had here. x3;
  9. Aaah, they're all here! Everyone's lookin' good!
  10. Aaaahhh, it's Silverrr!!! ❤️ It could be! Wasn't Silver supposed to be debuting soon? Super excited! ^^
  11. I agree; I would be okay with him using his own photographs in his work if he was just truthful about it. But, in all honesty, I think he should draw his backgrounds; it would melt better with his style and coloring.
  12. That background is... okay. It's a bit messy and cluttered, but it doesn't look terrible. Far better than using photographs for backgrounds, which I wouldn't mind if they didn't come from stock photos. If he took them himself, cool, but I highly doubt he did (unless he took a huge trip those seven long years to gather material for his book... that was a joke, lol).
  13. Yay!!! Silver's back! ❤️ And a new character? I like the name -- Whisper. I wonder who it is?
  14. 0___0; Oh my. This is bizarre. I tested it, too, and everything is gone??
  15. I actually wouldn't mind more birds. I know the Babylon Rogues weren't everyone's favorite characters, but birds are my favorite animal group and I would love to see more -- especially an owl!
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