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    Only kind of the biggest Silver fan ever...
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    Drawing, character design, graphic design, web design, programming, studying languages (Japanese and Finnish), reading books and comics, playing video games, cosplaying, writing fanfiction, and collecting merchandise.
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    United States
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    Northwest Ohio

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About Me

Welcome to my little corner on SSMB!
I am a twenty-eight year old freelance illustrator and graphic designer with a passion for character design and development! I have been a Sonic fan for as long as I can remember, entering the fandom as early as Sonic the Hedgehog 2! I enjoy both classic and modern versions of Sonic, as well as the Archie and IDW comic universes!

Favorite Sonic Characters
● Silver the Hedgehog
● Infinite
● Knuckles the Echidna
● Vector the Crocodile
● Ray the Flying Squirrel

My Sonic Fan Characters
● Princess Lily
● Quince the Pheasant
● Roots the Dragon
● Dr. Steel Ironclaw
● Clockwork the Owl
● Cherry the Deer
● Blossom the Deer
● Gamble the Wolf
● Twilight the Nightingale

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