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  1. (Classic) Sonic - Soleil Moon Frye (Classic) Tails - Rhea Perlman (Classic) Knuckles - Erika Alexander (Classic) Amy Rose - Tiffani Thiessen Sally Acorn - Samantha Mathis Mina the Mongoose - Debbie Gibson (Classic) Dr. Robotnik - Mike Myers Breezie - Tyra Banks Bernadette - Kathy Najimy Jules - Robert Hays Ray the Flying Squirrel - Danielle Fishel Mighty the Armadillo - Max Casella
  2. Sega of America came up with better characters and a more engaging universe than Sega of Japan. SoA has an expanded universe of characters SoJ doesn't care about.
  3. "Mobian" being a banned term. Mobius is what made up my childhood.
  4. Sonic was at Epcot's Innoventions at Disney World in the '90s

    Sonic the Hedgehog aired on ABC in the '90s

    SatAM had a character named King Acorn voiced by Tim Curry

    Tim Curry voiced S.I.R. in the Disney World attraction The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter


  5. This was my first sprite comic in a while, so sorry for some of the stuff like the white outline around Sonic. AoStH Sonic (R) FortMaster2000 and The Mystical Forest Zone (sorry if I didn't mention any of the other names listed in the sprite sheet, there were too many of them!) Sonic CD Amy (R) matlee
  6. Space Ghost playing Sonic & Knuckles

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I remember seeing that as a kid and freaking the heck out. T'was so cool.

    2. AzureLakeSanic


      I wish Sega kept sponsoring the show, so Chad Ghostal could play Knuckles' Chaotix.


  8. Oh god, this... Now I understand why the original owner hated it so much after 6 years. It's as bad as Kidz Bop. Shoehorning Sonic into stuff that wasn't meant for him... I mean, I do have a Cyborg parody of this that's much better, because I modified more of the lyrics. But it inspired half of the Mobius Redrawn canon and it's too late for me to change it. Plus, Mobius Redrawn is more about what my 7/8 year old self wanted to see, not what my 17 year old self wants to see. So I'll leave all the references to this embarrassing song alone and only change stuff that I don't sit well with (ex. Sonic talking dirty on the phone... he's 10 in MR.)
  9. Title Movie Night Media Animation Outline Amy gets HBO Max and invites Sally and Mina over to her house to watch a bunch of Warner Bros. movies and they try to find the most obscure superhero movies. Oh, and a lot of episodes of Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond in between. Tl;dr Amy, Sally, and Mina watch HBO Max.
  10. I used to think Sonic was 10 in the classic canon. I forgot where I saw it but that was my headcanon for a long time.
  11. Sally would be Tails, since they're both smart. Mina would be Knuckles? I don't see the similarities between them... Like you said before, this won't work out.
  12. Amy, Sally, and Mina are best friends who sing karaoke, listen to Lemon Demon, eat Pizza Hut, go to Six Flags, and watch movies and TV shows together. Silver and Blaze's favorite Marvel characters are Hawkeye and Black Widow. Sonic eats at Sonic
  13. Labyrinth has an interesting plotline, and I actually like it. Rise of Lyric because Lyric sounds like Grid from LEGO DC Super Villains.
  14. My opinion: Sega shoulda brought the Archie characters in the games and established chemistry between Amy, Sally, and Mina. I wish they could've been the answer to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.
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