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  1. If anybody has a Sega World Sally plush, notify me, please.

  2. when you realize sonic is a hedgehog version of the flash

    1. dbzfan7


      If he was he'd be waaaaay too overpowered for his own good, that writing believable stories would be difficult XD

  3. If Shadow is in this... Also, looks like Mobius Redrawn's got some competition. We haven't gotten anywhere yet.
  4. Well when I was seven I wrote fanfics (and I still write them) showing Amy, Sally, and Mina with good chemistry. I'm sure they can work.
  5. Sonic Boom Shadow gets frequent headaches.
  6. I like the Classic world, if we're talking official/canon. As for my actual favorite, it's THIS! http://sonicfanon.wikia.com/wiki/Mobius/Mobius_Redrawn
  7. I meant Shadow really cares about/is really touchy about the way he looks.
  8. Hello my lovelies

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