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  1. Yeah and they said Silver's definite future is the post-06 one, even if Forces and Metal virus happened.
  2. It was to add an element of mystery "Why are there metal trees? Where are the people? Why is there no one?"
  3. Yes I think it's not that bad considering the situation.
  4. Probably once he came back again in Forces. I liked that there will be more laid-back stories next.
  5. Flynn says he's happy to work with Evan Stanley and says she's cool and chill to work with, and that he gets to build off of somebody else when he writes again.
  6. It's two earthes: Sonic's Earth and Human's Earth acording to SEGA
  7. The problem is that the characters are only a decoration. Look at Sonic Forces!
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1239653968340332548
  9. Hello! As you know Sonic Studio is a fangame that lets us create our own levels. Do you know where I can download custom fan maps and how to install them?
  10. At least it adds to the comic's world
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