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  1. What do you think about Arc 1? Isnt it just recycling Sonic Heroe's plot?
  2. They will find a way to make it bad. Be it Pontaff, Boost, jokes, memes, Classic Sonic, Wisps, Bugs, story inconsistencies, botched Chao garden, no hubworld. Each of the 6 playable characters has a chance of getting a bad gameplay. Imagine Super Sonic joking while fighting Perfect Chaos.Imagine Knuckles beign more stupid like the modern image. Imagine each character being"updated" to fit the modern image = memes and jokes. The chances of a good game are slim at best
  3. Iizuka said when they wanted to do a game for a non-Sonic character, it was either him or Shadow. They ended up choosing Shadow. Wonder how an Espio game would have turned out.
  4. What are your hopes after the end of Metal Virus saga??
  5. SA1-SA2-Heroes-Shadow-Unleashed-Secret Rings-Black Knight-Colors-Lost World-Generations-06-Forces
  6. They accepted an Archie Sonic fanart!
  7. This stupid! Why would comments be forbidden in a video game character video?
  8. But remember he also said he doesnt know if SEGA would approve of him expanding her world. One can hope
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