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  1. Nope, it means Tangle & Whisper will have to be delayed 1 week too to give room for sales of the main issue. So October 9 (!!) For T&W issue 3!! Instead of... September 18 original release date
  2. Why obsess about the Chaotix being the only ones needing money! It's just a joke! They're detectives, they want money. Nothing deep. It's pointless compared to the 2-world/classic-modern/super emerald debate.
  3. You guys should check out this! A great way to re-experience the comics!
  4. That would be nice if it can lead to Sonic & Co to go in her world to fight some enemy
  5. I just hope they remove Silver and Blaze and treat them like Knuckles for IDW (Knuckles stays on his island) (and Silver and Blaze should stay in their world)
  6. He also tried to make Sticks show up twice, but SEGA didn't want that. So, no Sticks for IDW.
  7. Ian Flynn said that he pitched another miniseries. Wait and see.
  8. Flynn said on podcast that he had different plans for Shadow, but SEGA had their own plans, so he had to change.
  9. Can anybody listen to the 100 question Bumblekast and let us know if there's anything interesting?
  10. Do you think the diamond cutters will turn out to be alive? or not?
  11. To have more miniseries they can either: -Do miniseries for the game characters like the Chaotix (that would be great, and the restrictions should not be a problem for the Chaotix unlike Shadow) -Or create new characters to do miniseries about them.
  12. New sketches from: Evan Stanley: And ABT!
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