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  1. Like how? I feel it's pretty good, and it's not as dark as the death of Chao by warmongers.
  2. Will someone upload the answers to youtube like this? (this one is epic for quoting the game grumps's Sonic 06 video) and this ?
  3. This is his best issue in terms of art
  4. You can! Go to adjustment layer -> curves -> push blue and red up, and push the green down.
  5. I am a fan of Walking Dead comics, the best comics ever (I read the 20 volumes in 2 days). I hope we get some of the influences in Sonic.
  6. Tracy Yardley was excellent in this issue.
  7. Wouldn't you prefer if they had cut-scenes or comic-style transitions like Black Knight? or even 2d cutscenes by Tyson Hesse? Would have been a little bit better for me.
  8. I agree the game looks very very fun and very well made in terms of gameplay.
  9. Yeah, especially since they all had the same levels in the same order.
  10. I think Sonic Aventure 1 and 2 are the good ones. Heroes gameplay is good but the story is bad.
  11. They could do a game where we play as the friends help Sonic get all the emeralds, and then have the cheer gameplay to cheer for him😜
  12. No, Unleashed is a better example. It was a refreshing game with some old characters (Tails and Amy, just enough to remind us it's the world of Sonic), as well as new refreshing charactrers like Chip.
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