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  1. Flynn says he's happy to work with Evan Stanley and says she's cool and chill to work with, and that he gets to build off of somebody else when he writes again.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1239653968340332548
  3. Hello! As you know Sonic Studio is a fangame that lets us create our own levels. Do you know where I can download custom fan maps and how to install them?
  4. At least it adds to the comic's world
  5. Flynn is finally doing worldbuilding!! I saw many new locations, and they actually have names!!
  6. I hope they write Shadow differently after this arc. I just re-read his moments in the metal virus arc and it's as bad as the first time I read it
  7. They should take a year break and take their time to finish as many issues as possible
  8. Almost sure it's gonna be delayed 😛
  9. Yeah me too They should put a hiatus of at least a year and do as many issues as they can in that time. And then they can relax and release monthly.
  10. I'm not sure if someone did a thread for this. Feel free to correct me mods. I saw this tweet: Does this suggest a new animation inspired by Sonic Unleahsed?? What do you guys think?
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