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  1. It does because it's canon to the post-reboot archie
  2. Maybe Jewel could spend some time with Knuckles, both treasure hunters after all. Why not make a Knuckles & Jewel treasure miniseries?
  3. SEGA will make them one-dimensional and strip them of their charm
  4. He might be in the "Sonic's friends are shitty" crowd. Just sayin
  5. The worst offense was when Sonic threw Tails in the elevator in Sonic Colors, instead of having him help him like in Sonic Heroes
  6. What? No! People loved Mighty and Ray! Plus each episode was dedicated for one more character
  7. The art team is part of the reason I keep getting these comics.
  8. You should still watch the movie, there's so much more
  9. Off-topic but who watched the new Spiderman movie?? Makes me think of Sonic Forces because...
  10. She reminds me of Amy in the Adventure series
  11. This was the only map allowed by SEGA for the worldbuilding
  12. Every Sonic IDW issue sold higher than the Archie issue, yet Archie still had Sonic Universe too. IDW should do that, since sales are high.
  13. Couldn't they do a free comic with new content like the annual but less pages? Like Archie used to do
  14. The more expressive the better
  15. So the main artists would be Jack Lawrence and Evan Stanley.
  16. He didn't have to offer help but he offered them help anyways! Hope it gets better for him! His art was really good these last issues.
  17. There should first be a series of good games with good storylines. You seriously expect to have a good ending after Lost World-Forces-TSR?? If we made an ending after S3&K-SA1-SA2 for example, it would have been epic. See the difference?
  18. Let's support the Tangle & Whisper series to get other spinoffs made!!
  19. Sonic Boom games because they tried something new and some world building instead of Green Hill Zone.
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