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    Call of Duty, Gears of War, Battlefield...I do it all, and I do it well. I'm also a Shadow fan and collector.

    I'm a proud owner of both a PS4 and an Xbox One, and I am anxiously waiting for a Sonic game on those systems.

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  1. Happy birthday, man!

  2. Sonic Boom looks good so far. Hope is there.
  3. Obviously you didn't get to the Last Story. Also, I think you are bias against the game like some people are. It had its flaws, but it was a good game. I'm still rooting for a second one.
  4. I really like Shadow's game music. I liked it enough to seek out both releases, the vocal tracks and the official soundtrack. Before anyone says the tracks are available on itunes...many of them aren't. There are 94 tracks on the official soundtrack and 7 tracks on the vocal tracks. The itunes release took most of it out and just mashed up what was left into 30 tracks.
  5. What did everyone think of Shadow fall? I thought it was good, but I'd like to hear other opinions.
  6. To back up an earlier statement, SU#62 is out on Wednesday. I contacted the comic shop I go to. That's three weeks behind it's digital release. Better late than never.
  7. So I have read the entire Shadow Fall arc, and I am happy to say I was impressed with it. Ian did a good job with the arc. I sometimes disliked Shadow appearances within the comics, but the Shadow fall arc just felt like a good Shadow story. Now if part 4 will just be released in print...
  8. Anybody got information on the Sonic Universe 62 print release date?
  9. Super forms are okay sometimes, but I really want another way to fight the final boss. Sonic Colors had a decent final boss without super characters. I would like to see more of that with characters besides Sonic.
  10. I really enjoyed Shadow Fall. It was a good arc. We'll see what happens with the next Knuckles arc. Knuckles is my third favorite character, behind Sonic and Shadow.
  11. Shadow's story was the only credible reason to play Sonic '06, but it's not enough. Sonic's story was dragged down by Princess Elise and "romance", and I can't stand Silver at all mostly because of Sonic '06. Also, the gameplay was terrible. As if I need to tell anyone here that.
  12. Just so everyone knows, Sonic Universe issue 61 comes out today. At least at the comic shop I go to. Sonic Universe issue 62 supposedly comes out on March 26. But it could (and probably will) be delayed. Also, Ken Penders has changed Lien-Da's race from "echidna" to another race that I don't care enough about to learn the name of. I hope nobody at all supports his new "project".
  13. I prefer the rival relationship between Sonic and Shadow. It works much better when they don't like each other. Honestly, I've never seen them get along. Their conflicting differences and personalities is so different that they clash frequently. It's more entertaining than a simple "destroy Sonic" goal. One has to be better than the other.
  14. I'm perfectly happy with Sonic and Shadow disliking (and sometimes hating) each other. I really think that is how it should be. If they started to bond, it would ruin their rivalry.
  15. I'm excited for Shadow Fall Part Three. On a less exciting note, I cannot find the issue anywhere, be it on print or digital. A release date would be appreciated.
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