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  1. I like how at one point Starline was going to have dreadlocks and a tail similar to Knuckles, which is quite fitting considering that echidnas and platypuses are related (in that they are both monotremes, or egg-laying mammals).
  2. Yikes, a lot of pessimism here. To be honest, I'm not really sure what it'll exactly be like. Maybe they'll keep the Boost, but as Eurisko said, they've gotta improve on the level design and length. Forces could have been better received if its design and length was really akin to that of Generations (Say what you will about Gens, but I still think it had a decent length overall). I really hope that disbanding Sonic Team, SEGA restructuring, and making America (or the West in general) the new hub for Sonic changes more things for the games. Mania was a great step in the right direction (at least for 2D Sonic), and TSR looks like it's going to be a fun, solid racer, and I do think we'll eventually see more games with that kind of quality. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt until something about the next main Sonic game drops.
  3. Based on the ones I've actually played: Sonic 1, 2, CD, 3&K, Adventure, Adventure 2, Advance, Rush Adventure, Generations, Dash, and Mania.
  4. I like the series because of its: 1. Platformer based gameplay. I grew up playing several platformers such as the Pac-Man World series or both the 2D and 3D Mario games, so Sonic was totally not far off from what I expected of most adventure based platformers. Regarding the specific gameplay styles, while I do like the Boost gameplay, I still think Sonic and Tails' gameplay in Adventure 1 was arguably the closest ST had ever gotten to successfully translating the classic 2D gameplay into a 3D world. 2. Outside Media Another thing that has kept me attracted to the franchise is its various non game media. Archie Sonic and Sonic X, despite their many flaws, were the two things that got me interested in whatever else the franchise had outside of games. Even the fact that Sonic had the longest running comic book series out of any video game character is pretty cool, and I think he should be given more credit in that regard. As IDW Sonic continues to progress, it's been my most favorite thing to have come out of Sonic in recent years and I can't wait to see more of what's in store for this year. 3. Music Of course, it's agreed that the series in general has some of the best video game music of all time, and I agree with this sentiment. I even have some soundtracks from a few of the games on my phone's music app and listen to them for time to time. 4. Aesthetics and character designs. I LOVE most of the character designs in this franchise, whether they be Classic or Modern. The diversity in species, color, and outfits really shine out, and it's one of my most favorite things about the characters. I also think the human NPC designs in Sonic Unleashed were the best fit for how humans other than Eggman should always look in Sonic media. The realistic designs they had in certain games prior to Unleashed just completely looked out of place with the cartoony designs of Eggman and the Mobian characters. The diversity in environments is pretty cool too, and I hope to see more of it in future games. 5. Story and character personalities. One thing the Sonic series is known for is its heavy emphasis on storytelling, and while the stories have been hit or miss depending on the game (some being too light and silly and some being too dark and serious), I still think the storytelling aspect of the series is one of the best things about it. The story in Unleashed is a good example of one that is perfectly balanced between being funny and serious. Seriously, I wish P&G knew how to write Sonic better. *sigh* The characterization of Sonic, when written well, is a favorite of mine. His cool, cocky, and quickwitted yin contrasts with Mario's happy-go-lucky yang, but he's still this brave character who is always willing to help out anyone in trouble, even if it involves putting his own life on the line. So yeah, that's pretty much why I still like the series despite its mixed reception in recent years. While I have moved on to being largely interested in other game franchises, old and new, Sonic is one that I will always have a soft spot for.
  5. Here are my thoughts so far. OK, so admittedly, the character roster is in need of improvement. I'm hoping that at the very least, the game gets some DLC racers, but I doubt they would be non-Sonic characters, since the point of already not including characters from other SEGA franchises as regular racers was to make TSR completely separate from the All Stars Racing games. I still can't agree with this notion that the tracks are "boring" and "uninspired". They just don't scream those two words at me. Based on more recent gameplay vids (like the ones from the Tokyo Game Show), the gameplay shown so far still looks relatively solid, even if the whole "team" aspect will take some getting used to. However, I am quite annoyed by the fact that the marketing is weak, and I feel like it's this reason that TSR will be overshadowed by CTR, regardless of its reception. The idea that a visually enhanced remake would get more advertising than a new and original title is pretty upsetting, to say the least.
  6. I personally thought that 2017 and 2018 were good years for Sonic due to Mania, Mania Adventures, and the IDW comics. As for 2019, it looks to be a mixed bag. I'm probably the only one here who is still looking forward to TSR and not really pitting it against Crash Team Racing. To me, TSR will be good (but not GOTY-tier) at best, and average at the worst. But since they delayed the game (which I hope does help), we'll just have to see. I'll still be following the IDW comics and can't wait for the annual to come out this month, so that's another thing. Still I wish SEGA gave it more attention. Of course things aren't looking too good for the movie at the moment, and to be honest with you, I've been more looking forward to seeing Detective Pikachu ever since I saw the first trailer back in November. However, I don't think it will affect the series that much. If none of the mediocre to outright bad titles in the game series were enough to kill Sonic, what makes you think this movie will? If it fails, it'll just go down the garbage chute with the rest of the bad video game film adaptations. So yeah, those are my thoughts about Sonic in 2019. That is all.
  7. So a while ago, I was reading a couple articles online that did their own rankings of most of the games in the series, and they made me curious about how you guys would rate them (at least the ones you played or know very well). Here's how I would rate the ones I've played/know very well: Sonic 1: 9.5/10 Sonic 2: 9/10 Sonic CD: 10/10 Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: 7.5/10 Sonic 3 & Knuckles: 10/10 Sonic 3D Blast: 6.5/10 Sonic R: 6.5/10 Sonic Adventure: 7/10 Sonic Adventure 2: 7.5/10 Sonic Advance 1: 8/10 Sonic Advance 2: 7.9/10 Sonic Heroes: 6.9/10 Sonic Battle: 8.5/10 Sonic Advance 3: 7.5/10 Shadow: 5/10 Sonic Rush: 8.5/10 Sonic 06: 4/10 Sonic Rush Adventure: 8.5/10 Sonic and the Secret Rings: 6/10 Sonic Unleashed: 6.9/10 Sonic and the Black Knight: 6/10 Sonic Colors: 7.9/10 Sonic Generations: 8.5/10 Sonic Lost World: 6.9/10 Sonic Dash: 8/10 Sonic Boom: RoL: 4/10 Sonic Mania: 9.5/10 Sonic Forces: 6.9/10 So what do you think? Let me see how you guys would rate them!
  8. I mean, come on. I'm not very fond of the design either, but just because Sonic's design is bad doesn't necessarily mean that the whole movie will be bad. Plus, if some games like Edgy The Hedgy, 06, and Boom didn't kill Sonic, then I strongly doubt this movie will. Then again, I've been more excited for Detective Pikachu and would be surprised if the Sonic movie was reviewed well in all other aspects.
  9. The franchise not having a consisent world and gameplay style (the most common issue with the franchise), Amy being left out in Mania, the Lost Hex and the Deadly Six not having a backstory, not enough original levels in Mania, not enough DLC in Gens, not making Tails brave in Forces, and not making both Chaos and Fake Shadow bosses in Forces. I think that's it for me, really.
  10. Huh, I guess I never really thought of it that way. Now, it's that not I'm a diehard Sonic fan or anything. This was just me talking on the grounds that I don't want to see a future where all we will ever get from Sonic is Classic Sonic related stuff and absolutely nothing Modern related.
  11. I don't want to lose my faith in the future of Modern Sonic, but it's quite clear that 3D Sonic hasn't been doing well as of late, and I don't even know if the next 3D game will even reach the amount of success that more well recieved 3D titles such as the Adventure games and Generations has garnered. However, I don't think 3D Sonic should be dropped in favor of 2D games, because the 2D format alone will just get old and repetitive. For 3D Sonic, Sonic Team and SEGA either needs new blood to run the series or let someone with a better understanding of 3D Sonic handle the games for a while.
  12. Well, it's unfortunate to see that this issue didn't do so well. Hopefully the next issue will be better.
  13. Huh, if that cycle is legit, then I hope the 30th anniversary game stays true to it and turns out to be a decent title.
  14. Generations may have re-hashed levels, but it still creatively reimagined them (especially in the case of the Classic versions of the Dreamcast/Modern levels). I'd count it, imo.
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