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  1. Stephen Rodriguez

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    I mean, come on. I'm not very fond of the design either, but just because Sonic's design is bad doesn't necessarily mean that the whole movie will be bad. Plus, if some games like Edgy The Hedgy, 06, and Boom didn't kill Sonic, then I strongly doubt this movie will. Then again, I've been more excited for Detective Pikachu and would be surprised if the Sonic movie was reviewed well in all other aspects.
  2. Stephen Rodriguez

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    The franchise not having a consisent world and gameplay style (the most common issue with the franchise), Amy being left out in Mania, the Lost Hex and the Deadly Six not having a backstory, not enough original levels in Mania, not enough DLC in Gens, not making Tails brave in Forces, and not making both Chaos and Fake Shadow bosses in Forces. I think that's it for me, really.
  3. Stephen Rodriguez

    Your outlook for the 3D series

    Huh, I guess I never really thought of it that way. Now, it's that not I'm a diehard Sonic fan or anything. This was just me talking on the grounds that I don't want to see a future where all we will ever get from Sonic is Classic Sonic related stuff and absolutely nothing Modern related.
  4. Stephen Rodriguez

    Your outlook for the 3D series

    I don't want to lose my faith in the future of Modern Sonic, but it's quite clear that 3D Sonic hasn't been doing well as of late, and I don't even know if the next 3D game will even reach the amount of success that more well recieved 3D titles such as the Adventure games and Generations has garnered. However, I don't think 3D Sonic should be dropped in favor of 2D games, because the 2D format alone will just get old and repetitive. For 3D Sonic, Sonic Team and SEGA either needs new blood to run the series or let someone with a better understanding of 3D Sonic handle the games for a while.
  5. Stephen Rodriguez

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well, it's unfortunate to see that this issue didn't do so well. Hopefully the next issue will be better.
  6. Stephen Rodriguez

    Team Sonic Racing - Reveal Trailer

    Looks like a raccoon to me.
  7. Stephen Rodriguez

    Sonic 3D Blast: A Technical Marvel?

    Huh, if that cycle is legit, then I hope the 30th anniversary game stays true to it and turns out to be a decent title.
  8. Generations may have re-hashed levels, but it still creatively reimagined them (especially in the case of the Classic versions of the Dreamcast/Modern levels). I'd count it, imo.
  9. I don't agree with the common viewpoint that Generations' story is boring and uninteresting. It's not the best story, but I just don't think it's as uninteresting as commonly thought to be either. I mean, the concept of two Sonics from two different eras becoming displaced in time by a mysterious entity, reliving memories, and experiencing new ones in order to restore their timeline to normal just seems quite fun and interesting to me.
  10. Stephen Rodriguez

    Favorite Eggman Logo?

    I'm tied between Modern and SA1.
  11. I would love to see creatures such as beavers, pangolins, bandicoots, chipmunks, turtles, skunks, bobcats, gorillas, mice, rats, non-chameleon lizards, eagles, or even phoenixes appear as official Sonic characters. If many of these same species have appeared in the comics, why not in the games?
  12. Stephen Rodriguez

    Ready Player One - Featuring Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series

    The link doesn't work...
  13. Stephen Rodriguez

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he'll appear at some point during the new series, since he's a game character.
  14. Stephen Rodriguez

    How many Sonic games are actually challenging?

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention those as well. ?
  15. Stephen Rodriguez

    How many Sonic games are actually challenging?

    I find Sonics 1-3&K, Mania, 3D Blast, parts of the Adventure games, Rush games and later stages of Sonic Generations, to be quite challenging. I can't really say much for other games, since the ones I listed are the ones I've actually played the most. Specifically in Generations, Planet Wisp was the biggest offender. If that stage wasn't the hardest in the game, then I don't know which one was.

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