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    Voice actors needed for new 3D fan game

    Hello there, So, as you can tell, I am in the process of creating a new fan game called 'Sonic Legends'. The game will have a darker tone than most official Sonic games and it also has a larger cast than most Sonic games. To help made this game feel more official I am on the look out for voice actors to play these characters, characters in this game include: Main Roles: Sonic Shadow Silver Featured Roles: Knuckles Tails Amy Rouge Omega Blaze Extra Ensemble Roles: Dr Eggman Orbot Sally Acorn Antoine Bunnie Rabbot Rotor Vector Espio Charmy Bark Bean Fang Mighty Ray As you can see, a large cast to fill which is why I need your help, however, if you want to audition for any of these roles then please follow these. Rules: Must be 14+ years old Must have a mic that doesn't pick up background sound (not really a rule) you can audition for more than one role To enter, comment who you would like to audition for, when I either comment on or like your comment, send me a recording of you speaking some lines said by that character, either by email of by pm If you are going to email me anything, send it to my extra email: chris.cl04.lewis@gmail.com Thank you so much for reading, I hope to see you audition for this, it would be an incredible help if you did. If you want to know more about the project just comment that you want to know more and I'll create another post detailing what 'Sonic Legends' is about. Thank you!
  2. So my title basically states what I'm asking in this. I need some help trying to make a fully functional 3D Sonic game made in the unreal engine. The game is going to be called 'Sonic Legends' and it follows the three main hedgehogs (Sonic, Shadow and yes, Silver) on an action filled adventure. I should also point out that I wish to add a new character into the game called 'Leonidas' who will also be playable. As for story, since the project is just starting off, nothing is finalized but there are basic level and boss ideas, also some music has been chosen for a main theme and for the villains theme however I think that it should have some original music for the main levels in it. Sonic's theme/the main theme is going to be: And the villains theme is going to be: So if anyone is interested in helping out with either codding, developing, level design, modeling or music then can you please sent a reply and I will supply you with any information you need. Thank you for reading!!

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