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  1. I wonder how things like this can happen when there are so many people working on this movie. No one said this was a bad idea at any point?
  2. I loved this issue and was glad to finally have silver in the comic. I wasn't expecting how much I love Whisper as much as I did both with her cool design and personality which really contrasted with Sonic and Silver and made for engaging dialogue that kept me hooked. I love her more than Tangle and cant wait for her next appearance. The story was interesting and I cant wait for the next story in the next issue. I understand those who don't like this formula of focus on just introducing characters and slow pace but if this year is the year of characters, hopefully next year is the year of world building and plot advancement. It also gets it out of the way so hopefully they can focus on other things next year. I am enjoying as it is for now though.
  3. I finally got to read it and I liked the conflict between the ideals of Sonic and Shadow and the strange twist at the end that raises more questions. I definitely think the episodic introductions of these characters definitely restricts how they tell these stories, This conflict with Shadow probably could be improved if it went on more than 1 issue but that's not the purpose of this arc we are just being introduced to these characters, I cant imagine the reveal of who exactly Mr. Tinker is will be that shocking as they will want to move on from this to start telling stories with continuity. That said this arc is doing its job just fine at its purpose. The design of Rouge would suggest to me that IDW or Sega is not as restrictive as Archie, I will be interested to see future examples of more creative freedom at IDW. I'm not sure how many more characters are left to be introduced though.
  4. Every time I hear some more news about this movie I get more confused. Jim Carrey as Dr. Eggman is very bizarre choice but I suppose he does have a lot of charm and energy for the role. They either have no idea what they are doing or they know exactly what they're doing and are secretly geniuses lol.
  5. Thanks everyone for all the input and perspectives on Dreamcast games! I definitely have a better idea on what the must have Dreamcast games are now so I really appreciate it. I also now have a lot of games to look up now. I don't have many games right now but I already love my Sega Dreamcast and think its one of the best consoles ever! I love the huge and interesting variety of games despite the short lifespan it had, the fun and charming startup and menu is very memorable, its impressive ability to have online features and to play CDs. The VMU is pretty interesting. There are very few negative things I could think of, I only wish I grew up with it when I was a kid but the Nintendo GameCube was my first console. I really appreciate the amount and variety of feedback I got so thank you!
  6. I didn't think of that, thanks for the advice for Phantasy Star Online, will need to keep that in mind. I will definitely research best Dreamcast games.
  7. Thanks I have never heard of these games, interesting recommendations. I will check it out. Thank you! I have a friend who loves Phantasy Star so I will definitely get it. interesting recommendations, Thank you!
  8. Thanks! I have heard of those so I will definitely check them out.
  9. I recently bought a Sega Dreamcast and I absolutely love it! I only have Sonic Adventure 1-2 and Sonic Shuffle at the moment but I have several games in mind. I didn't grow up with the Dreamcast but I think I played it once when I was a kid. I was really curious and wanted to get it so I did. What games do you recommend I get for the Sega Dreamcast? What are your favorite Dreamcast games? I would appreciate your input!
  10. I just thought about this but I wonder if the Sonic IDW comic will have a tie in to Team Sonic Racing or Mani Plus? Just like Archie used to do. I think that would be really cool if they did it. Could be just a back up story instead of an entire issue.
  11. I really enjoyed this issue of Sonic. The plot is actually starting to go somewhere so I still feel invested. I hope this new development for Dr. Eggman lasts for a while, it would be different and could allow for more villains to show off while building anticipation. I would hate for this plot to resolve itself quickly. I'm happy to see shadow is appearing in the next issue. I hope we finally start seeing more permanent locations in the comic after all these character introductions are done and the plot with the mysterious figure is resolved. I noticed the mysterious figure was not happy that Eggman was found so that's interesting. I wonder if part of the reason Ian Flynn is doing this predictable character introduction and save a nameless village plot (which I'm fine with) is to help build IDW's relationship with Sega before moving on to do something more bold with the plot and characters? I'm just speculating but I know Sega could be more flexible if they trust everyone involved in the comic to know what they're doing.
  12. I wanted to show my Sonic OC art that I commissioned from DredgeTH in the comic style. I want to be clear that I Did Not create this art, I commissioned it and was excited to show it off and wanted to credit this talented artist. That being said, I am very happy with how it turned out and will be using it as a profile picture. His name is Umbra The Hedgehog and I initially created the character in Sonic Forces, he doesn't really have a background story or anything.
  13. I wanted to wait until I read the first 4 issues of the new Sonic comic until I gave my Impression. The art each issue is great and the characters are very expressive. Each Issue seems focused on trying to get the interpretation of the various Sonic characters right, so there is not much world building yet and just the teasing of an overall plot. Since the first 4 issues came out weekly I am willing to be patient but I hope we start scratching the surface of that soon. I enjoyed seeing how Sonic would relate to the resistance. That said I believe these issues successfully represent these characters well, introduce new intriguing characters with a charming story, and give just enough to keep me invested. I will be eager to see more characters and a developing ongoing plot and world.
  14. I really like Ian Flynn from what I have read so I have high hopes for this series. My only 2 specific hopes for this series is that Honey the Cat from sonic the fighters comes back because I really like her character and I noticed his emphasis on female characters in this recent interview so I hope its possible. As for the freedom fighters characters I am ready to say goodbye to them because the Archie series lasted a long time so I'm ready for something new. My other hope for the series is that this greater focus on the games allows for us to see more of various settings and characters from throughout the game series history and to develop them more, that would really take advantage of this greater game focus. Who knows what old settings could come back? I'm a little disappointed that he said there would not be much world building but I'm sure that will change as the series goes on.
  15. I really hope IDW eventually continues the collected editions of the archie comics (archives,select,etc.) I only have all the collected editions that archie released because I only got into the comics when they were cancelled. Its sad having an incomplete collection. I doubt they would think about it until they have been doing their own comic for quite a while though. Hopefully.
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