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  1. I just think that complaining about something, that's not even directly present in the games is kinda weird. Iidzuka has a tendency to lie and retcon things. That's just the type of guy he is.
  2. OH BOY, HERE WE GO AGAIN Like, we get it. Sonic's attempts at comedy are utter garbage, and the Adventure games had close to perfect plots because nostalgia. But, really, was Sonic's storytelling ever good? Like, the games always had a lot of pointless shit (Time stones, Iblis, any and all artifacts introduced in the Storybook series), annoying and downright useless characters, who clearly were made to sell merchandise (Amy Rose, Knuckles The Echidna, the Chaotix, Shadow, Rouge and so on), cringy dialogue that would make 4Kids look like Shakespeare, and so on. And the side media, like the Archie comics or the cartoons weren't any better. Archie had a lot of pointless recolors, that made it feel like a fanfic of sorts, Mary-Sues like Sally or Juli-Su, politics (IN A GODDAMN CHILDREN'S COMIC, WHY?!), and so on. But, really, it's not because of the writers. I'm sure that Pontac, Flynn, heck, even the writers for the Adventure games tried to write something grand, or at least presentable. It's because Sonic has no good story potential. It's literally just "Hedgehog breaks robot, hedgehog fights evil fat guy". It's a dumb story about talking animals and pollution, and therefore, no interesting plots can be made out of this scenario. And, really, why bother? Nobody cares about story in platformers nowadays, so, really, why even add one?
  3. Tbh, I don't care about any of this. Sonic is a stupid jumpy-game about animals that jump on ladybugs and bees, and therefore, canon isn't the main focus, so, really, who cares? Interpret it as you want, seeing how the games never openly admit that there are in fact two worlds.
  4. The Chaotix and Amy are officially considered Modern-era characters now, seeing how the average consumer had never played any Classic games on anything besides the Genesis. I'm pretty sure that even if they were to appear in Mania, the fan response would be way past negative.
  5. Well, seeing how Forces tries so hard to be EDGY and HARDCORE, it would probably look like this: A large ocean with Eggman's extremely menacing battleships, that would feel right at home in a CoD game, but that don't fit in a Sonic game at all. The resistance would probably yell something like "OH MY GOD, SONIC, EGGMAN HAS SHIPS! EGGMAN HAS A FUNCTIONING ARMY! HOW RIDICULOUS!". The killer whales would either be mechanized or dead, and the checkerboard would be replaced with generic dirt. Also, instead of a light-hearted tune we would get some MCR knockoff playing in the background.
  6. Shadow, eh? Honestly, as a "One-hit-wonder" character, he kinda worked. Not because he was all that memorable, just that the other "Wonders" that came before and afterwards (Bean, Bark, Dark Gaia, The Deadly Six) were awful in almost every way. However, I should give it to them: their concepts never felt dated, while Shadow was a product of the 2000-s desperately wanting to give EVERYONE an edgy rival. The thing is, he was a RIVAL, manipulated into doing the dirty work for Eggman, just like (Another terrible Sonic character btw) was back in the day. So, really, he felt less like a villain, and more like a person who never really questioned his motives., because "MARIA!11!" or something. So, yeah, Shadow's as good at being a villain as he's good at being a good character.
  7. I hope it's not just gonna be Battletoads Mania, where all the levels are gonna be ripped from the first/second/Battlemaniacs game. But, my fears aside, heck yeah, Battletoads is back! Eh, Rare kinda showed no interest in bringing Banjo back (In fact, it was openly stated in Nuts And Bolts' ending), especially after a spiritual successor of it bombed on the market. As for Conker... Well, I think that Microsoft was actually working on a Conker game for their AR thing, but, it seems like that game died along with it.
  8. I guess that Boom did what Pontac and Graff couldn't do: make Sonic into a semi-good comedy. I guess it's because it's written by better writers, or something, but Boom made me smile a few times, even if all of the good jokes were references. I also loved their takes on some of the characters, like Vector or Amy, which actually made them more than just "MONEY, MONEY!" and "I WANNA MARRY SONIC, BECAUSE REASONS!". Also, I guess asshole Sonic and asshole Shadow are way better portrayals than the goody-two-shoes we have in the games. At least they have some spice to them. I guess the redesigns were alright too. I mean, buff Knuckles (And even then, I think that making him slightly bulkier wasn't that big of a deal) aside, they all look pretty much the same, safe for the blue arms (But, really, who gives a shit) and some slight clothing changes.
  9. Honestly, ShTH got a lot of characters wrong (Sonic being a happy/stupid goody two-shoes, who's just begging to be killed, Knuckles being a goddamn hypocrite, Eggman being a moronic old man and so on). Kinda weird that only the new ones were criticized.
  10. Oh, come on, the GUN commander wasn't hated per say. He was mostly ignored, really. Chris (And most humans from X, now that I think about it) had quite a backlash tho.
  11. Failed prototypes perhaps? I mean, they were completely TRASHED by Sonic in the cartoon.
  12. Also, Mean Bean Machine COULD be canon, considering that Scratch (And I mean, SCRATCH, not the Sonic 2 "Clucker" that he was based on) appears in Spinball as a mass-produced badnik, and that Robotnik has a very DiC design in the GameGear version.
  13. Well, to be fair, humans could potentially exist at some point in Classic's world. I mean, Eggman/Robotnik had to be born somehow, right? And besides, it's kinda shown that most animals in Sonic's world either live in small treehouses or don't have a home at all.
  14. Fang was stuck in the Special Zone, if Triple Trouble is canon...
  15. Or, maybe the whole Sonic VS Eggman fight is ignored by the public? I mean, the small critters in Flickies' island seem pretty chill with it, so, why can't the humans be?
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