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  1. Like Big for instance. I kinda feel they're making Big op bcoz meme.
  2. Damn straight, this games deliberately cheats me out of victory with lag and surprise! You got hit with a trap biotch! And 3 in a row sometimes! I only waited for Season 7 to end and qualified for season rewards and then I quit. FOR GOOD.
  3. They need to know who to listen to, because truthfully, some critique is just plain poison aiming to bend the company over to their will. And that poison nowadays have many types, from Classic supremacists, Nintendo diehards, and just plain douchebags. They need to breathe in, focus, and filter out the gold from the mud. Inhale the good shit Exhale the bullshit.
  4. @kalion I like your thinking on the Time Eater stage! Would like an Arsenal Pyramid raceway.
  5. X Eggman's lackeys would be Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun. Would like for the EggBosses to get in the games instead of the Six.
  6. Banish: the two worlds bull that they've come up with after Unleashed. Make it like how Archie does it post reboot. Revive: Sonic Battle. Nuffsaid.
  7. I'd want Battle for Angel Island to be a game Battle for Angel Island is the first major arc that is happening in the new IDW comics, set after the events of Forces. Metal Sonic has awoken once again as Neo MS, but this time, he conquers for his missing master. Yes, Eggman is confirmed missing, but Sonic and Chaotix come across him as Mr. Tinker, with no memory whatsoever of recent happenings.
  8. Unpopular Opinion(disagree): Elise's kiss on Sonic was just fine. Added nothing, subtracted nothing. Just. There.
  9. I'd prefer Infinite in Team Empire. Zavok can spearhead his own Zeti team
  10. Not so much a remake as a sequel, but I'd like to see Sonic Battle get a revival. With more fighters, arenas, and new mechanics.
  11. So, it is done huh? I'd probably be better off looking for a Team Children DLC with: Charmy: Speed Cream: Tech Marine: Power But where does that put Espio? On a possible Team Dreamcast maybe? Espio: Speed Tikal: Tech Chaos Zero: Power
  12. I am so sad I didn't get to see any of my requests air, but hey, at least I put my name on this series right? I did not know what time the stream goes in my country(far off from the US, a HK +8 timezone). But, hey, should've asked for a conversion right? *regretpost end*
  13. As I said....I'd be OK if any one of the specified tracks made it in. Oh, @Ryannumber1gamer, just inform me of what you picked among the list. 😉
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