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  1. What the hell did PlatinumSpeed get into now,  with all these allegations of "unwanted advances"???


    Big blow for SonicSong,  I say. 

  2. Uhmm,  how do you edit posts here? 

    1. Strickerx5


      See you went ahead and made a new topic. Cool cool, edited the title a bit and added a reminder to it. Other than that, you should be g2g now.

  3. 20k boiii! 👌👌💪💪


    Here's to 20k more as TSR's release nears! 😁

    1. LukA8


      Your thread has pretty much become the main thread for the game lol

    2. jgcatindig


      I created it as soon Sega dropped the teaser back at SXSW. I never expected it to be bigger. 😊👌

  4. And we're on to 17k views! Here's to 3k more!

  5. 10K HYPE!!! And as if I couldn't be anymore happier. 😁😁😁 Between the Dubs winning the Finals and this,  I'm one happy guy! 


    Thank you for all the continuing support! 

  6. Special thanks to Famitsu for the info and @Bobnik for posting said info in my thread. Never received so much for something I built right after the SXSW announcement/teaser.

  7. 5k views and rising!  Thanks a lot Walmart! And to Sega too. 

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