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  1. @Ryannumber1gamerUmm...there has been an erratum. @Knight56 already made  a request for Knight of the Wind,  but was placed under my name,  even though he requested first. This leaves my fourth slot vacant, on which I declare "Dark Eyes" from Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter Games as replacement.


    Thank you for consideration.

  2. Alright,  alright, alright,  what do we have here? 

    Carrier Zone (Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed)

    Knight of the Wind (Sonic and the Black Knight) 

    Vela Nova(CD) (Sonic Rush) 

    Battle Highway (Sonic Battle) 

    Little question, can a regular request and the remix be of the same game? Thanks in advance.


    The question still stands, just not for now,  now that I found a Jojo x Sonic mash-up to lodge in. (Cuz Adventure 2 always gets filled first...)

    Bloody Stream x Crisis City Classic (Sonic Generations, Console)


  3. On 6/16/2019 at 3:20 PM, Polkadi~♪ said:

    If they want to do Sonic eSports (and they're seemingly not going to bother with Puyo Puyo around here ;n;), then I simply MUST suggest... a Sonic fighting game. Highly competitive, and highly fun to watch, especially if one goes for a unique take on the fighting game formula.

    Sonic Battle 2.

    Can be fighter,  can be battle royale. Would still be better than Fortnite,  lol. 

  4. So I went and sifted through Sonic Retro for carnival themed stages to match the other two I have... 


    The candidates would be:

    *Amazing Arena(Chaotix)

    *Night Babylon(Battle)

    *Toy Kingdom(Advance 3)

    *Music Plant(Advance 3?)

    *Spring Yard Zone(Sonic 1)


    Who would match perfect to the other two?

  5. 3 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    What is War Skies?

    Basically the part of Sky Sanctuary closest to the Death Egg. Kinda would look like Sky Road,  but with the Death Egg in the bg & the start line is actually in the sky. 

    @KHCast Maybe the Carnival stages can band together to form a trio? 

    Carnival Complex

    *Carnival Night

    *Twinkle Park

    *(another Carnival-theme stage, IDK) 

  6. How are we forgetting Zeena now? 😏

    And for all things sacred, NO. MORE. CLASSIC. SONIC. 

    And now,  for more lists:

    Zeena/Zazz(speed/technique), Zomom(Power)

    Marine(Speed), Cream(Technique), Gemerl(Power)

    (Impossible, but I'd want to) Sally(Speed), Antoine(Technique), Rotor(Power)

    (IDW Villains) Rough(Speed), Dr. Starline(Technique), Tumble(Power)


    *Chemical Plant


    *Scrap Brain or Launch Base



    *Temple Grounds

    *Ascension Highway

    *Emerald Raceway



    *City Escape

    *Speed Highway




    *Green Hill

    *Emerald Hill

    *Marble Zone

  7. Now that the game is out,  the most logical topic now to discuss is DLC,  even if it's a little iffy... 


    My DLC Candidates:


    Team Chaotix

    Espio: Speed Charmy: Technique Mighty: Power

    Team Vengeance

    Mephiles: Speed Infinite: Technique Black Knight: Power



    Stage DLC


    *Broadway Avenue *Journalist HQ Complex *Suburban Run



    *Shrine Trails *Ancient Waterways *Echidna Ruins


    Espio would have Press Garden Act2 remix as his ultimate themeCharmy would... I dunno what actually fits him. Probably Rooftop Run Hub Mode?  Same for Mighty. Any suggestions for the Armadillo? 


    Infinite will have one of his boss themes for an ultimate theme... Mephiles may do with his own boss theme...Same with BK. 


    Also,  any team suggestions for Cream? Because...her spot was taken BY HER OWN PETS OF ALL THINGS!



  8. They need to know who to listen to,  because truthfully, some critique is just plain poison aiming to bend the company over to their will. 

    And that poison nowadays have many types,  from Classic supremacists, Nintendo diehards,  and just plain douchebags.


    They need to breathe in,  focus,  and filter out the gold from the mud. 


    Inhale the good shit

    Exhale the bullshit. 

  9. I'd want Battle for Angel Island to be a game 

    Battle for Angel Island is the first major arc that is happening in the new IDW comics,  set after the events of Forces. Metal Sonic has awoken once again as Neo MS,  but this time,  he conquers for his missing master. Yes, Eggman is confirmed missing,  but Sonic and Chaotix come across him as Mr. Tinker,  with no memory whatsoever of recent happenings.

  10. I was looking for it! 

    On 8/23/2018 at 7:34 PM, Pawn said:

    I actually really like Blaze's car, looking at that video. The ears are odd, but they aren't really noticeable from behind. It looks like it was based on an old Rolls Royce Phantom (it even has a "Spirit of Ecstasy" - the mini statue - at the front of the bonnet), which is appropriate given her status:



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