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  1. Unpopular Opinion(disagree): Elise's kiss on Sonic was just fine. Added nothing, subtracted nothing. Just. There.
  2. I'd prefer Infinite in Team Empire. Zavok can spearhead his own Zeti team
  3. Not so much a remake as a sequel, but I'd like to see Sonic Battle get a revival. With more fighters, arenas, and new mechanics.
  4. So, it is done huh? I'd probably be better off looking for a Team Children DLC with: Charmy: Speed Cream: Tech Marine: Power But where does that put Espio? On a possible Team Dreamcast maybe? Espio: Speed Tikal: Tech Chaos Zero: Power
  5. I am so sad I didn't get to see any of my requests air, but hey, at least I put my name on this series right? I did not know what time the stream goes in my country(far off from the US, a HK +8 timezone). But, hey, should've asked for a conversion right? *regretpost end*
  6. As I said....I'd be OK if any one of the specified tracks made it in. Oh, @Ryannumber1gamer, just inform me of what you picked among the list. 😉
  7. @Ayliffe Talking about the rabid SonAmy, ShadOuge etc. fans who may get triggered when people don't agree with their pairing. Brought this up because of the custom team mechanic.
  8. @Tracker_TD No, not that kind of toxic! 😂 The toxicity I am talking about is from online, ranging from rabid shippers, rabid fans of (insert character here), (insert class) mains, to rabid classic fanboys only here to diss the game. Combining online and this fanbase is a ticking time bomb.
  9. One potential problem that this game may face.... TOXICITY.
  10. No. Just effing no. This would be just catering to almost always unjust hate.
  11. I'd wanted to suggest more. I had been looking for more JoJo x Sonic stuff, as well as fill up some completely blank games, namely the All Star Racing games. If you're willing to extend the remix slot... Live and Learn(Adventure 2) x Stand Proud(Stardust Crusaders) My other requests... Carrier Zone (S&ASR: Transformed) Ocean View(S&ASR: Transformed) Angel Island Act 2(Sonic 3) Tidal Tempest JP Bad Future(Sonic CD JP) Marble Zone(Sonic 1) Battle Highway(Battle) Take whatever you'd want. I'm ready and willing to accept the decision.😉 Come the extension requests, you may pick from any I mentioned here. It's up to you @Ryannumber1gamer. 😉👌
  12. Story: An unidentified entity announces a fighting tournament, with the Chaos Emeralds as the grand prize. Trials had been placed around the world. Sonic, suspecting another Eggman plot in action, goes to join in, and Amy and Knuckles plan a recruitment drive. This is where your character comes in. Amy opens a computer (similar to Forces), and the customization begins. You fight Vector in the tutorial match, explaining the basics to you. Amy, Knuckles, and Silver watch you closely. Team Dark watches also, further behind, taking notes on you. When you finish the match, Vector applauds your work, while Amy and Silver formally announce you to be a part of the fighter roster. Upon approaching the quarters, a familiar face greets you: Red the Wolf aka Gadget, who is busy stretching, preparing for a sparring match. You chat, and the actual story mode begins. STORY: Sonic and co. split into teams to ensure the Eggman Empire never has a huge advantage over our heroes. Sonic teams up with Tails and Amy, along with Silver. Knuckles goes with the Chaotix in a separate route. Team Dark, meanwhile, handles the behind the scenes fights. Not all fights in this, however, are within the tournament. Arguments will break out, causing the characters to fight each other. Like Fighters, there is a chance that friends will fight against each other. The mid-story plot twist happens when your fighter exits the venue after another win, being ambushed by Infinite and his jackal cronies, now brainwashed/subservient to him and Eggman. You survive, but Infinite pulls his Za Warudo sh*t and he slices a slit in your temple big enough to insert the Obedience Chip, a chip that can detonate on command. Eggman then issues orders to retake the arenas already taken by the protagonists. Arguments flare as whether you are still to be trusted or to be counted as an enemy. Team Dark, and almost the rest of the cast are of the opinion that you should be expelled and be treated like an enemy. The only ones who believe your innocence, which BTW, you cannot shout of, are Cream, Silver, and Sonic. Tails only sides with Sonic because he is his friends, but he has his doubts. Shadow, with the help of Team Dark, find out what actually happened to you, with the help of Chaotix. You fight several robos both as Team Dark and Team Chaotix characters. Sonic's group and Knuckles, however, go on with the tournament. After Sonic winning it all, he and Tails are ambushed by you and Infinite. Sonic tries to convince you that you're not you, while Infinite rambles on how he can crush you(as Sonic w/ Tails), even with quarter of the Phantom Ruby's power. The battle ensues, and your character is conked out after the fight, giving Tails enough time to activate his EMP device, frying the chip. Sonic and Tails rush you to the infirmary, while Team Dark and Chaotix rush to tell the tale, only for them, along with a waiting Cream, Amy, Knuckles, and Silver, to be shocked at the sight of your body. They hooked you up when you wake up, surprised, then later ashamed. Shadow scoffs at you, then chides at you to be careful. As the heroes chill out, another tournament is announced, being a come one, come all deal, against a single fearsome opponent, who you reveal to be Infinite. The triple S agree to go to face him. You fight him seperately(Sonic, Silver, Shadow), only for their efforts to be obliterated when Infinite goes ape sh** and unleashes the full 110% of the Ruby, warping the place into Null Space, where the final battle begins, first with normal forms, then they summon the power of the Chaos Emeralds to go super. Then, happy ending. Infinite lays on the floor, absolutely broken after exhausting both the Ruby and himself. Triple S, upon hearing Eggman's voice, rushes to his base, and gets caught unawares.
  13. A sequel to Sonic Battle, that is also a (spiritual) successor to Forces. Storywise that is. Gameplay: Still has 4 characters, but can now do 1v1, 1v1v2, 1v2, 2v2, 3v1, and FFA. Special attacks still take from Battle, but you can now choose 2 of the same type(e.g. both Ground and Air Shot skills), but leaves you to be vulnerable to a skill type that you didn't select Defend for(e.g. setting Power as Defend, leaving you vulnerable to Trap attacks without having your own). This game will now introduce a new skill: the ultimate. Similar to how specials operate in Smash or Def Jam, you trigger it, then grab an opponent to do the deed. You have a meter to fill up to unleash such move, replacing the one hit KO effect. Still retains the respawn method from Battle. Arenas: Full 3d. Slightly smaller than the arenas for JJBA: Eyes of Heaven. Video for reference. Every arena has its hazards, like spiketraps, bottomless pits, weapons, and even seemingly innocent bystanders. *Arena List: Amy's Room Penthouse Pink Night Babylon Club Rouge GUN Prison Grounds Emerald Altar Sky Sanctuary Launch Base(defunct) Wave Ocean Chaotix Office Resistance HQ Chemical Plant Egg Bridge(Death Egg) Egg Hangar(Death Egg) All have unique themes, however, if anyone activates their ult, the music is overridden to suit them, returning if the deed was done or the aura fizzed out. Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Amy, Rouge, Blaze.... Screw it, everyone from 06 plus a few people like.... Vector, Espio, Charmy, Cream, Jet, Wave, Storm. And maybe also Red the Wolf aka Gadget. Will post about the story at a later time.
  14. So basically, Diablo 2 waypoints? Awesome.
  15. Omochao's replacement, as he himself is racing together with his Chao buddies.
  16. Glad I found this thread. Threads like these stir my imagination, which is good. Anyhoo.... Forces: Tails + c. Sonic stage. Death Egg: Security Hall * Starts with Classic Sonic being airlifted by Tails into position. Tails has his Energy Ball handy from Sonic Battle, in addition to the capacity to hack badniks to make them friendly, and to access passages. Chrome Pawns(the ones with dual guns) are abound in this, as this serves as the CCTV area for the ship. Their job is to shut down the system so the others can progress in the ongoing assault. Uses the switch mechanic from Heroes to access different abilities, only sharing a run button.
  17. Wow, this event is quite the musical porn! Glad I took the time to see this thread. It would be my first time doing this. I had soooo many choices and so little space. Even for the remixes. And so goes my choices... Modern Crisis City(Generations: console) Colosseum (Battle) Dark Eyes(M&S Winter Olympics: Sochi) I like how the violins were used for Crisis City Modern and Dark Eyes, while still providing a lively and powerful beat. As for Colosseum, the theme is just electric. It's fit for battle, and can be used for just about any intense showdown. And now for my remix entry!... A remix of the Library OST from Battle, arranged by Quiet Storm and instruments by Shimshon. Enjoy.
  18. Ah vocal minorities. The recurring problem of the series...
  19. Full Team Chaotix concept karts. Inspiration: Vector: expanded Tail-Gator concept Espio: Ferrari 488 GT Charmy: Suzuki Cappuccino
  20. What I hope for DLC, in terms of monetary matters... Dlc 1 comes out, you pay for it to get it earlier. Dlc 2 comes, content from DLC 1 is now free, but challenges are needed to be met. (Maybe a cup will do) And so on and so forth until we have no more DLC ideas and be packaged as an Ultimate Edition. All DLC have individual prices, and bundle prices as well.
  21. @Iko maybe Team Empire (as I prefer to call Eggman's team) will be the pre-order/day 1 bonus?
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