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  1. I would bet there will be a solo mode and a team mode. The team mode averages or totals all of the player's characters. 1 team per player, will go like a relay mode. First character selected goes first. Each character has his/her own lap. All start on standing start. I'm kinda worried about this mode. There certainly will be arguing about who gets which character. And if those can't get satisfied, they may resort to throwing the game, making it unfun.
  2. @Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley @Drifting Jack Probably a case of too good to be true. Not that I can blame some people.
  3. I don't see a flag bearer pod anywhere in the demo footage... ...Infinite sits in a corner yelling "I'm. Not. Sloooooow!!! Raaaaagh! "
  4. well, time to form the Archie v Rivals squads! Amy, Sonic, Tails v Shadow, Knuckles, Silver(pls.)
  5. I so hope that is true. I fervently hope. I'd want the actual Team Rose to be Amy-Cream-Blaze.
  6. INFINITE In a sequel to Forces. As a Final Boss. STORY: After whoever was playable defeats Eggman's final mech, Infinite is called in to deal with the heroes. Only Sonic, however makes it in time to face him. Infinite warps the area around them. The boss fight begins... Phase 1:(8 hits) Null Space: Infinite throws his usual cube hijinks at Sonic, his attacks including a meteorite attack that ends in a small AoE explosion, rigging some spots to explode with Ruby energy. He also utilises an attack that was seen in the Capital City boss fight, priming both sides into a wall of Ruby energy. He also utilises a homing missile attack, requiring you to use the boost to evade and lead them back to Infinite. Phase 2: (12 hits) He cycles between your former rivals, but using their arsenal depletes his energy. The battle takes place in an area reminiscent of the MDER Phase 3 battle. Shadow and Metal Sonic you race with, while Chaos and Zavok you battle in a 2d arena, with pitfalls on both side.You can hit Infinite when he comes out of his illusion, with one homing attack, and one more possibly before he shapeshifts. Shadow: He is behind you, firing Chaos Spears at random formations, having to dodge them. He then occasionally boosts to get beside you so he can use his Chaos Control to pummel you. His fist glows when he is about to unleash the attack, requiring you to get away from him via quickstep. He shapeshifts once this attack fails. Metal Sonic: He uses his Overdrive maneuver to boost ahead of you and damage you at the same time when you are too near. He fires blast of electronic energy when does get ahead. You would need to boost to get near and Homing Attack to knock Infinite out of this form, but you have to watch out for the Black Shield. Shadow/Metal: The corridor has four lanes, similar to Speed Battle. Zavok: He utilises a bull charge, which stuns Sonic when he gets caught, and can possibly knock Sonic off the arena, losing a life. His punches also cost you rings, and he also utilises a ground pound, which destabilizes the ground for a while, requiring you to Air Boost. You need to bop him 3x to cancel the illusion. Chaos Zero: Uses his water abilities to sneak around the arena, utilising ambush attacks to damage Sonic from below and above. His arm attacks stun and sap your rings out if you get caught. You should looking for an opening while he does his arm attack, successfully landing a hit while result in the cancellation of the illusion, opening Infinite to attack. General: Wisps and Rings appear at random. Shadow>Chaos>Metal>Zavok>Random Speed>Random Power. Phase 3/Final Phase: (13 Hits) Infinite starts warping the location, and had taken the forms of his friends, making use of their past misunderstandings to mess with him, or cook up one. Three hits are needed to dispel the illusion and hit him in the process. The background changes with the copied person, albeit bathed in a ruby color. Charmy: You have to avoid his hornet attacks. You can hit him when he readies an attack. He also utilises a dive bomb attack that you need to avoid. Three hits eliminate this illusion and count as one hit on Infinite. Espio: He throws kunais while invisible. You would need to for him to uncloak to do his spinning rope kunai attack. If not careful, you'll gonna get Scorpion'ed. Vector: Ocassionally uses a ground pound, but spits fireballs and bad music notes, the latter you need to bounce back to damage him. Big: Uses his fishing pole to catch you, stunning you if not careful. Uses Froggy to damage you. Silver: The fight from 06. Nuff said. Blaze: Uses a fire nova attack that slowly expands, but also emit fireballs from it. Throws fireballs at you. Also utilises a flamethrower attack. Attack whenever she is readying for a flame nova or flamethrower. Rouge: Divebombs you with kicks, occasionally using her spinning attack to nail you from above. Has a ground torpedo attack similar to her dash move in Battle. Hit her when she charges that torpedo attack. Cream: Cheese flies full force at you in every random direction. She has a ruby shield that you need to take down to hit her, every hit resetting the shield. Amy: Charges at you, swinging in a cone area. Has a card attack ala Gambit. Throws her hammer ala boomerang. Attack when she throws the hammer. Knuckles: The fight from S3&K, in 4k HD. Tails: Uses his weapons at you, most notably the Energy Ball and Chu2 Bomb, which is a homing bomb. Also uses the Tornado to bombard you. Attack when he is charging his arm cannon, prompting him to use a shield machine so you cannot get any more attacks in for the meanwhile. *Character fights are in order until Cream. After the Cream Fight, it will randomize the remaining 4 between Amy, Knuckles, and Tails. The last battle is always Tails. No 2 consecutive fights should be the same. Secret Final Boss: After dispelling the illusions, all of the cast's images pop into his mind. He then summons the Chaos Emeralds to go super. Shadow and Silver join him and also turn super, surprising the blue blur. The battle is quite similar to Solaris Phase 2, with Infinite supercharging the Ruby, creating powered-up versions of the trio's attacks, in tandem with his own, while calling in some phantom assistance from the Time Eater's warping arms and the Forces DER missile arms. He protects himself the way Biolizard in his final form did. Takes 15 hits.
  7. Presenting...my Team Dimension concept. My inspirations: Silver: Tesla Roadster S + Goodyear prototype tire Blaze: Cayenne Rally car Cream: Fiat 500 Roadster Classification: Silver: Speed/Technique Blaze: Power/Speed Cream: Technique
  8. 20k boiii! 👌👌💪💪


    Here's to 20k more as TSR's release nears! 😁

    1. LukA8


      Your thread has pretty much become the main thread for the game lol

    2. jgcatindig


      I created it as soon Sega dropped the teaser back at SXSW. I never expected it to be bigger. 😊👌

  9. Lately, as info for TSR rolled in, I had been creating/speculating what the karts would look like, basing them on real automotives. I however, kinda in a jam on how to do Blaze's kart, which I plan on being a chopper/atv hybrid. Any advice on how to make Blaze's kart? I plan to make her Power. Will post done concepts as soon as possible.
  10. Jokes aside, I agree on the bit about Amy's car. There are all of these people having realistic cars(specially Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Rouge), and then... Her car. At least make it look like a 911 GT2 if you put her as Speed. You got Sonic with a McLaren-looking car and Shadow with a hypercar and... Amy's got a weird looking Miata that dosen't even remotely look like one.
  11. My take: He is just put there as a cash grab to hopefully cover up whatever inefficiencies the game had. That backfired on them big-time after he was revealed to have wack physics and earrape tracks(looking at you Faded Hills.). It dosen't help that Tails' character(and Chaos) was butchered just to shoehorn him in. It also does not help that many potentially playable people had to step aside for the little cashgrab, major examples being Silver, Amy, Knuckles and Rouge. I've got nothing against the little guy, but please, dont use him as a last minute marketing tool. He has his own franchise to drive you know?(Mania). Prove the Modern haters wrong Sonic Team. You created Sonic Battle, S3&K, the Adventures, Unleashed, Generations. Take in new talent that can help you rise up again to the point of the fame the last 4 games I mention garner. As of now, the fanbase, especially the Classic side, believe that CS is a crutch for Modern. Again Sega and ST. Prove them wrong. It dosen't have to be Adventure 3, so long as you do fine(subjective, I know). Let the tired talents take a break. I was introduced to the blue blur in Sonic and Knuckles, and my fandom deepened when I got ahold of Sonic Battle. I had to get by on the mobile titles because economical reasons and the fact the Sonic is not as much known in the Philippines. Don't let his legacy just die people. /rant over
  12. And we're on to 17k views! Here's to 3k more!

  13. Forces, as much as I liked it, is pretty much the peak of the infighting between the American and Japanese offices. A youtuber pointed out that another reason quality is declining is because people are getting burnt crisp working on the blue blur. I am just hoping DLC is an option for TSR. They have to, or they're risking the ire of anyone's fans left out from the roster.
  14. Well, @Edward850, you earn a follow from me, as a gesture of humility. So, shall I get to making my Twitter then? I dont have one.(maybe, but forgot my code as usual ;D)
  15. Seriously, Cream's characterization needs to get in with the times. Hell, just...use her more. I am still very effing salty over the decision. They rather have a meme character than an actual one.
  16. wow, did not notice that... also.. Team Genesis=Team Sonic Team Gamecube=Team Dark
  17. I am gonna play all Cream in Speed Battle in protest. Here's my idea of her car.
  18. @Skull Leader would have liked for Amy to be a New Beetle instead if they're going for a sportier look. Or a second-gen Miata.
  19. I'll let her sic Cheese on whoever bright mind thought that excluding her out of Team Rose was a good idea.
  20. I'll fervently hope she, along with Blaze and Silver are pre-order or Day 1 bonus.
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