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  1. I would most certainly call for his head if any of this s*it was real. I got nothing against the Chao(slightly against Big cuz meme character). But really? I'd had been ok if they kept the gaddamn Heroes Team Rose, but noooo. Memes first before actual characters.... πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
  2. Omo-what?!!! Wtf are you doing?!!! Who the hell is in charge of selecting characters??? @Strickerx5, where did you get this? Looks like our fears of Omochao becoming a racer are coming to fruition...Pls tell me this ain't confirmed yet.
  3. SoI thought, because nostal-f's wanna stick their business everywhere, even beyond their classic 2d pixel world. I think a DLC Classic Cup will be viable sales-wise. So... Classic Cup:(Mania, all Genesis titles) Green Hill, Press Garden, Lava Reef, Metallic Madness, Titanic Monarch Also, more DLC cups... Edge Cup:(Shadow TH circuits + SA2 Shadow Levels + Forces Episode Shadow) Westopolis, Mystic Jungle, The ARK, Virtual Reality, Black Comet. Comic Memorial Cup Knothole, Acorn Castle, Meropis, Mobotropolis(+Robotropolis version)
  4. Well, look no further than the recent Injustice series. Where friendships got skewed and former villains turned back on their villain ways and joined the heroes. If this happens, its pretty clear who's who. Shadow would take Regime Superman(bonus points for being alien himself) and Sonic will be Insurgency Batman. Bonus points for Rouge potentially being Regime Wonder Woman.
  5. Espio should get something Shinobi-inspired. A remix of Holy Summit with heavy Asian instruments? And Charmy? Dunno honestly what to get him. Storybook series assets you say? In that case... Storybook Cup(DLC) Misty Lake(BK), Camelot Castle(BK), Sand Oasis(SR), Dragon's Lair(BK), Evil Foundry(SR)
  6. how the fuq did I forgot Library for Cream??? That theme could've been viable too!
  7. @PublicEnemy1 Welp, back to my Metal revolt theory.
  8. Currently playing Gran Turismo 2 and Sonic Battle alternately. Also doing Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.
  9. I'm kinda suspecting this Whisper character is an expy to Phage, and may be that character in the chair.
  10. How? I'd rather much prefer console exclusive teams. Team Switch Luigi, Mario, Donkey Kong Team Sony Coco, Crash, Crunch Team XBox Toejam, Latisha, Earl Team Steam Pyro(in his SART kart) , Soldier(in his Rover) , Heavy(in his Sword van)
  11. @Austroid I still have Battle on mobileπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ via emulator. (ClassicBoy is my main weapon of choice)
  12. And... Anybody up for DLC cups? Here's my proposals... Xtreme Cup(Riders series + Transformed stages) Dolphin Circuit, Babylon Gardens, Megalo Station, Sanctuary Falls, Starlight Carnival AGES Cup Seaside Hill, Shibuya Downtown, Dream Valley, Haunted Castle(House of the Dead + Hang Castle), Memory Raceway(a circuit full of Sonic stuff thru the years, akin to the retro Boulevards in the Riders series)
  13. The Cups would be... Hedgehog Cup Wisp Circuit, Sweet Mountain, Spagonia Raceway, Soleanna Palace Techno Cup Metropolitan Hway, Launch Base Raceway, Speed Highway, Arsenal Race Timeless Cup Chemical Circuit, City Station, Night Babylon, Stardust Speedway Victor's Cup Eggmanland, Mortar Raceway, Race of the Emerald, Null Space. Legendary Cup(1 race from each previous Cup) Spagonia Raceway, Launch Base Raceway, Stardust Speedway, Race of the Emerald I think the cats can swap places anytime. Big relegated to DLC while Blaze gets the Team Rose slot. And vice versa, like you said.
  14. With Planet Wisp, aka Wisp Circuit confirmed and Spagonia 75% confirmed, here would be my wishlist/prediction. This may repeat things I had said in past posts. And without further adieu... 1. Soleanna Palace(Kingdom Valley + Soleanna castle grounds) 2. Race of the Master Emerald(various ME altar locations) 3.Launch Base Raceway(LBZ + CG) 4. Speed Highway(both Original and M. Gens) 5. City Station(City Escape + Station Square) 6. Stardust Speedway (start as Present, Lap 2 past, Lap 3 Bad/Good Future, depending on leader's route) 7. Metropolitan Highway(best inspired from GT's Special Stage R5) 8. Sweet Mountain(course made up of various sweet products) 9. Null Space(with the phase 3 Boss as a hazard) 10. Chemical Circuit(M. Gens, M. Forces) 11. Arsenal Race(both Arsenal Pyramids) 12. Mortar Raceway(Mortar Canyon + that plain warzone where the rest fought the final battle) 13. Eggmanland 14. Night Babylon(Sonic Battle hub location + Bingo Highway Feel free to add more and chip in on my choices. πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š
  15. Question for this topic. Will there ever be a pre-order team? If so, who do you think/want it would be. I'd personally would put the Babylon Rogues as the pre-order bonus.
  16. Recent: Forces Older: Battle, Black Knight really wishing for a sequel for both titles under Older.
  17. your character has a heavy JoJo vibe, especially with the cape.
  18. Hopefully they tap the remixer Lil'Boulder to do that. The theme I was talking about. This guy was also responsible for remixing Death Egg classic and Ghost Town better than the official(imo).
  19. Its a massive departure from Forces Tails, which is a huge relief. I'd pick his Colors iteration over the Forces one anyday.
  20. Did you intend that? πŸ˜‚ I think that cat guy also covers that part too
  21. As for the confirmed pepes.... Rouge would certainly get Fly In The Freedom. Sonic Battle's Club Rouge would also work Omega, I'd get him Metal Depot, again from Battle. I could consider Iron Fortress for him. And Shadow? All Hail Shadow is a sure shot but I'd like it if they included some hints from his Sonic Battle stage, Battle Highway. Maybe Chao Ruins for Knuckles? Would absolutely love it if they include a homage to his theme in S3&K. Sonic and Tails have already a clear-cut theme as of now.
  22. I'd like more of Infinite's theme if he ever makes it. Any from Bout 1 & 2 or the main will do. Silver's most certainly going to get Dreams of an Absolution in any form, or his ost from his Gens battle. Unless he is given Crisis City. Zavok may get his Forces boss battle ost. For Metal, maybe his boss battles from both Mania and Forces can be an option/ingredient. Big's surely gonna get Lazy Days. ...really wish Cream's Ult theme, if she makes it, would sound like Carmeldanssen. @LukA8I'd say give the Pawns Egg Gate. Avatar; I'd prefer Park Avenue or Imperial Tower. Jet may get the Free Riders theme, not sure what to give the other birds. Elise would get anything Soleanna(don't kill me pls) I'm just really happy they still get individual themes, although there's a team aspect now in the mix.
  23. against Shadow, Knuckles, Silver. Team Rivals.(of Sonic)
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