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  1. Dammit, Isn't there an offscreen of both Shadow's and Rouge's gameplay? I... need it!
  2. somewhere along the final lap, Tails drove thru the grass to avoid the Cube in his way. You may be right about that thought.
  3. More info about the mystery character : Seems he would be the Omochao of this game. Minus the annoyance.
  4. Heh, if it wasn't for the AI Sonic giving the All Star, Knux would not be in the podium.
  5. @Jack the Maniac I'd prefer Infinite for Team Empire. Complete with his evil version of NiGHTS' kart from Transformed. Like this one. You read my mind @Jack the Maniac? Cuz that's what I thought about too about Team Rose.
  6. Really would like Pack 2 to happen. Sadly, we may need to eliminate THAT GUY WITH THE INITIALS KP. The Violet character in Team Rookz is a name I made up for the cat OC appearing in some promo materials and the comics. Taking suggestions for Team Human. Perhaps Sonic X humans? Plus Elise?
  7. So, I should revert back Team Rose to the original one, and switch Blaze back to the newly-renamed Team Dimension?
  8. 10K HYPE!!! And as if I couldn't be anymore happier. 😁😁😁 Between the Dubs winning the Finals and this,  I'm one happy guy! 


    Thank you for all the continuing support! 

  9. Maybe there is a preset mode, a custom team mode(where you still follow the formula), a no rules mode(where you can just pick 3 people regardless of Type and go), and then Mayhem(random course, random team; you may, or may not follow the Team formula. HOPEFULLY.
  10. @Jango Team Heavies. yes. Rider on Speed Magician/Gunner on Tech King on Power
  11. @Jango Yes! Finally who thinks like I do in these things! It certainly isn't called "Team Sonic Racing" for no reason! Any and all predictions we all make shall come in 3s. I've made my predictions for the Starters and Unlockables, so here's my DLC wishlist/predictions. PACK 1 Babylon Rogues Jet, Wave, Storm Team Mania C. Sonic(in Drift car), Mighty, Ray *Possibly add-on incentive for buying Mania Plus(i.e. get the Team free when you buy Mania Plus) PACK 2 Freedom Racing Antoine, Sally, Bunnie Destructix Racing Scourge, Fiona, Sgt. Simian PACK 3 Team Human Princess Elise, Prof. Pickle, GUN Commander or Team Rookz Violet, Gadget, Tangle (pre-made Avatars) Team Evil Celestial Mephiles, Gemerl, Chaos Zero or Team Ancient Maria, Gerald R., Tikal SEGA Pack Team 1 Danica Patrick(if available)/BD Joe, Joe Musashi/Ulala, Gilius Thunderhead Team 2 Daytona/AiAi, Beat/Ulala, Ryo Hazuki/Ralph *Both packs possibly the Pre-order DLC. @JangoStill optimistic that those Pawns are just obstacles, not part of the count or unlockable too. The good doctor might enter two teams in that GP, one of those may be the Pawn Team, while the other ishis actual team, comprised of himself, Metal, and Infinite
  12. @Celestia ooh, didn't thought of that. I knew Silver was 16, along with Knux.
  13. @Jango what if it is a Vanilla/Cream together on Team Rose? On one vehicle as Technique.
  14. What modes I'd actually like: Adventure Mode(Confirmed)= Something like Free Riders, but that mystery character is the one officiating/sponsoring the whole gig. A cutscene plays where everyone is departing for Planet Wisp to start the GP. Hopefully, they take cues with how both Netherrealm fighting games do it, giving each team one chapter(and more, as story demands). They said its way to be acquainted with the characters, and this is my vision on how they shall execute. Grand Prix Mode(Confirmed/Unknown)= It says this mode is a points battle between teams. I am suspecting there will be a series of tracks and pulling off team moves give points(like the moves shown in the vids) Your ranking will be determined like how a normal racing goes: by points. However, you need to make sure your teammates are keeping up with the competition, just like in F1(real-life and game). Can customize teams, still maintaining the Speed-Tech-Power composition. Online Co-Op(Confirmed/Unknown)= Invite some friends over the net for some co-op fun! Blaze thru AI and online competition in the best team you can muster. There will be a Standard Mode that still implements the S-T-P formula for a team, and then the Mayhem Mode where everyone gets random characters, still imposing the team formula. and then No Limits where you can just pick three characters and go, leading to creations such as Team 06(Sonic, Shadow, Silver) Exhibition Mode= Arcade mode. Carries over the modes from online, with an option to pick the preset teams or go create your own. An unlockable Solo Prix mode is available once you beat the story. Thoughts?
  15. @Dr. Detective Mike by that logic: All of Team Sonic cannot drive All of Team Dark can drive(Shadow=50, Rouge=18, Omega=bot) Only Vector, Blaze, and Big can drive All other characters in Forces can be considered child soldiers(including your Avatar) See the chaos that logic makes? Yeah, me too.
  16. @FFWF Would be most happy if that iteration of Team Rose came thru. Sorry Big fans, he dosen't deserve to be anything but a meme. But, I'll be also fine if the original Heroes team made their karting return. That then would put Silver, Blaze, and possibly Sticks in another team. Blaze will be Speed, Sticks going Technique, and Silver as Power.
  17. I hope there is a Solo Mode. Most pepes are too edgy to even barely cooperate. I'd be ok if there wasn't, but I'm concerned about THOSE types of people online.
  18. So... About customisation. I can quite see some ricers having fun with this 😂 But for real, I'm predicting something along the lines of GT2 when upgrading for performance and the PS2-onwards NFS games for looks. Expecting something like this... PERFORMANCE Engine Suspension Tires/Grip Braking Body *All on 4 levels. Different characters have different max levels available.(i. e. Sonic can max his Tires but Tails cannot) AESTHETICS Front Wing Front Panels Hood Side Rims Rear Panels Rear Wings Interior
  19. So, Injustice 2 levels of customization? Only this time, on the karts? I remember Injustice 2 giving upgrades and such for parts equipped on the hero, even giving/changing moves.
  20. I just hope they monitor erring people in the online team mode. The mode may attract trolls and griefers, similar to Overwatch. I'm wary that we might get the equivalent of a "Hanzo main"(translated to XCharacter/XType main) People griefing that they didn't got their desired toon or type will most likely throw the game and make it unfun for the remaining two. I just hope SEGA & Sumo look at Overwatch and try to avoid the salty problem that is plauging that game.
  21. And another concept kart, this time, of Charmy. Based off the KTM X-Bow, with a few alterations.
  22. So, with teams Sonic and Dark already confirmed, we are left to speculate three more Teams, also taking notice that the Egg Pawns are not characters. So here's my prediction /wishlist, in Speed, Tech, Power format. . And without further adieu... Starters Team Rose : Blaze, Cream, Amy Team Chaotix : Espio, Charmy, Vector Team Empire Metal Sonic, Infinite, Eggman Unlockable Team Rejectz Silver, Sticks, Big Team Zeti Zazz, Zeena, Zavok
  23. @Miragnarok Only if its not a Sonic universe track. A Streets of Rage, Outrun, or Daytona track will do well with a human audience. Oh, and if ever any part of Soleanna makes it to this games, maybe a human/Chao mix?
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