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  1. Hopefully, if a circuit is too gloomy for Chao to be present in, I hope they use badniks instead, especially if its places like Eggmanland, SS Bad Future, Metallic Madness, or any Death Egg.
  2. Overwatch? (inserts Knux "Oh no") Now the salt train has arrived.
  3. Rouge's car looks somewhat like an Aston Martin Vantage. Well, you gotta keep up with a smooth-looking car like Shadow's(a Bugatti/NSX mix)
  4. @Mayor D Was referring to the team move that's advertised, sorta like Team Blast from Heroes.
  5. I wonder how they will execute the Team Ultimate? Via cutscene(stopping gameplay briefly)? Team meeting halfway to execute? And maybe a tune to accompany it? Thoughts?
  6. So, as it stands, Rouge is the first femme character to be confirmed for TSR. Heh. And here we are saying Amy is a sure bet. But then again, she is heavily associated with Shadow, so ita kinda bound to happen.
  7. Special thanks to Famitsu for the info and @BobnikΒ for posting said info in my thread. Never received so much for something I built right after the SXSW announcement/teaser.

  8. That Rouge Kart is absolutely sexy, like herself! 😍 Kinda expected Omega to be a tank-type of kart, but this does well too. That's one more team confirmed. 2/5 Teams confirmed 6/15 Characters confirmed.
  9. @Fire-N-Space Why would you put Zeena in Team Rose? Last time I checked, she's very much in cahoots with Zavok and she and Ames have bad blood as a result of the events of Lost World. Like I said in another post here, I'd rather put Blaze in there. As for Zeena, I'd probably group her with her co-Deadly Six teammates. Zazz: Speed Zeena: Technique Zavok: Power
  10. @A person, that exists Maybe 2 DLC Sega Teams? Team 1: Danica Patrick(Nascar)=Speed Beat(Jet Set Radio)=Technique Gilius Thunderhead(Golden Axe)=Power Team 2 BD Joe(Crazy Taxi)=Speed Ulala(Space Channel 5)=Technique Ryo Hazuki(Shenmue)=Power
  11. 5k views and rising!Β  Thanks a lot Walmart! And to Sega too.Β 

  12. A theory regarding the Types. Since it was rumored that special routes ala Riders/Heroes are out of the question, I suspect the Types are passive buffs. Speed benefits the best from Boost Pads Technique has better Power-Up/Wisp duration Power people are the most resistant to attacks.
  13. Another thing: If they're ever gonna inlcude Unleashed stages, I hope they include the hub world as a start point preferably. Like this one for Apotos
  14. Another concept kart, this time, for the most recent edgelord to rise to power. I based his kart on NiGHTS'and Reala's karts in Transformed, seeing as he is a master in bending reality.
  15. I had been reading several posts, and from what I heard, there would be a solo mode? Along with the advertised Team Mode. But we still need trios if DLC arises. I had heard that you can compose your own teams, but have to pick one from Speed, Technique, Power, so no 2-1s or all of the same type. This is why my predictions always are in 3s.
  16. Battle Mode you say? I'd put in every last one of the stages in Sonic Battle! I love that game. (not the RNG tho.) I just wanna see the stages come alive in all that 3d HD. Yes, even Amy's Room!
  17. A little something I whipped up un anticipation. I based it on a concept Mitsubishi was doing.
  18. Thread looking a little unenergetic so I'll be stirring it up. We already know Planet Wisp is in, headlining the possible track list. With that said, if I were in power to choose I'd put: Palmtree Panic Zone(all Time variations) Metropolis Zone Launch Base Zone Stardust Speedway(all Time variants) Studiopolis Press Garden Sky Sanctuary Metallic Madness(all Time variations) Speed Highway Emerald Altar(Adventure) Perfect Chaos Fight City Escape GUN Quarters Frog Forest Seaside Hill + Wave Ocean Kingdom Valley Soleanna Grounds Apotos Shores Shamar Oasis Dragon Road Planet Wisp(already confirmed) Sweet Mountain Red Gate Bridge Egg Gate any Metropolis level from Forces(preferably a medley) Imperial Fortress(combo of Imperial Tower, Mortar Canyon, Iron Fortress) Null Space/Boss Phase 3
  19. @PawnMaybe there would be a team full of Egg Pawns, color-coded for types? Unlockable when you 50% the story. Also, there will be some markings/additions to denote their type. An aerodynamic Egg Pawn is Speed A weapon-laden Egg Pawn is Tech A regular one is Power.
  20. A personal thought. Team Rose shall be comprised of all female characters. Don't like Big in there. Blaze donning the Speed type Cream donning Technique and in a Chao Walker. Amy going for Power. And still retaining her Beetle kart from Transformed.
  21. @Strong Guy Maybe they'll pull from Mania Plus' hype and do a team of Classic Sonic, Mighty, and Ray as DLC. Maybe. And as for SEGA DLC... I'd pick... Outrun/Daytona/Danica Patrick: Speed Beat/Ulala/Vyse: Technique Gilius/Ralph(via Disney)/Ryo Hazuki: Power They said 15 characters. 3x5 makes 15. The extra 3 maybe the team of the big bads for this game, a team I would like to call: Team Empire: Metal on Speed, Infinite on Technique, and Eggman on Power... I'm gonna bet that they're more or less retain the Heroes roster for the 12. Team Sonic and Dark are pretty much locked in, and anyone affiliated with the two hedgies in the trailer have a high chance to make it. (Lookin at you Rouge. You too Omega.)
  22. A thought that crossed my mind... What if the Technique type stood for racers that have a lot of gadgets/pets that help them? If that's the case, characters that would be Technique are... Tails, Team Sonic *He would have his various gadgets by his side Cream, Team Rose *Chao Mastery. Cheese. Nuff said. Rouge, Team Dark *Beguiling racers, ala Gens(?) Espio, Team Chaotix *Ninja stars or Charmy, Team Chaotix *Bee techniques Eggman, Team Empire *Same as Tails, may summon badniks Infinite, Team Illusion(alt) *Summon Phantom Ruby baricades, may alter enemies' view of the track. Zeena, Team Deadly 6/Zeti(U) *Same as Rouge(?) Silver, Team Dimension(U) *Telekinesis Can I just say... I'm glad that Planet Wisp is the "Green Hill" of the game, instead of the same Green Hill for the nth time.
  23. Along with Heavy Blaster and Heavy King and you got a deal.
  24. I just got the idea from a comment in YT... What if, assuming Blaze does not get put into Team Rose and put into a team alongside Silver? The guy said Tikal could be paired up with them, so as to be "Team Dimension" Thoughts? Well, the leak sure helped this topic get more views huh? Thanks, I guess.
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