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  1. I'd bet on anyone who appeared in the mobile Sonic Forces game, minus Chaos cuz how the fuq would you make him work? That would include Cream & Cheese and Blaze.
  2. I'd rather Super Sonic be Sonic's All Star, and same goes for the other S's, Shadow and Silver. How da fuq would you put Chaos in a kart/make him a kart? ? I wonder, what if we do get Babylon Rouges but still in Extreme Gear against karts brought by Sonic an co?
  3. I'd rather the alternate versions be skins to their respective characters. Like Classic and Boom Sonic, Classic Tails, Knux, Amy, Boom Tails, Knux, Amy, shit like that. This proposal is to avoid griefers and trolls. Online games seem to be infested with assholes lately(glares at Overwatch and League). At least when you restrict Online like I said, players stepping into it are already skilled enough to be competitive.
  4. Well, they could ask Blizzard for help?. Jokes aside, I think you bring a fair point. Maybe limit the voicework to results? An example would be: Sonic victory: Aw-right! (Spin jumps from car ala All-Stars) Sonic podium: Alright! Sonic 4th-7th: Oh well. Sonic 8th-Last: Oh boy! Welp, on to the next one.
  5. Neh, I'd rather give them different karts and get it on with friends and rivals alike. Speaking of interactions I am envisioning a few... Sonic passing Tails: Keep up bud! Tails passing Sonic: You may be faster on foot, but I'm still the best mechanic! Knuckles passing Sonic: Who's faster now? Sonic passing Knuckles: Ha! Knucklehead! Tails passing Rouge: Spy against boy wonder. Guess I win. Rouge passing Knuckles/Shadow: See ya later. (flirtatiously) Hehehe! Shadow passing Sonic: Heh, who's the fake again? Sonic passing Shadow: Natural speed over artificial speed anyday! Amy passing Sonic: Hey Soooonic! Sonic passing Amy: Sorry, gotta go! Infinite passing Shadow: Payback. Shadow passing Infinite: Weakling. Infinite passing Resistance(Sonic/Knuckles/etc): Mewling fools. Eggman passing Resistance: Wahahaha! Victory is mine! Suggest more if you like. ?
  6. And you can reallocate Chao at will. Racers can only have 2 Chao max.
  7. Hmm... If we were to go with that, do it like how PvZ 2 does it, with a random Chao being acquired by racers random times in a match, in random circumstances. You would have to pick it up like an item, but won't be in an item box. Then you would determine what type your Chao is upon arriving in the Garden. When fully grown, you can allocate that Chao to accompany a racer for a boost in stats, depending on what type you choose for the racer. Somebody search up the Chao types? Doing something atm.
  8. Maybe the White Wisps give you All-Star charge. (?) And the All Star item gives whatever remaining charge your gauge needs to unleah the All Star. And controls: PS4: X Button: Accel Tri Button: Brake Square B: Item O Button: Item 2 Analog Stick/D-Pad: Steering/Flipping(when airborne) L2: All Star(when full) Start: Pause Maybe the White Wisps give you All-Star charge. (?) And the All Star item gives whatever remaining charge your gauge needs to unleah the All Star. And controls: PS4: X Button: Accel Tri Button: Brake Square B: Item O Button: Item 2 Analog Stick/D-Pad: Steering/Flipping(when airborne) L2: All Star(when full) Start: Pause PAGE 2 HYPE! KEEP THIS GOING GUYS!
  9. And another thing: Powerups. They will be now Wisps, now that this is not the All-Stars series. Also, items from the Classic games will share the stage with the Wisps. Powers are as follows: Rocket : Boost Burst : Detonates in an area around you Cube: Creates roadblocks for surrounding opponents. Lightning: Homes in on the nearest-placed enemy ahead. Lazer: Cuts thru curves super-fast Asteroid: Shields you from attacks and knocks away any surrounding racers. Hover: Lifts thru ciruit boundaries and opponents for a short time Void: Eats thru obstacles for a short time. Obstacles come back after a lap. Electric Shield: Attracts rings on the circuit. Dispelled by one hit. Fire Shield: Grants a shield for one hit and also allows a dash for a short distance. Dispelled by one hit. Water Shield: Lets you bounce over opponents or terrain. Dispelled by one hit. Blue Ring: Avoids the loss of Rings. Lasts 1 hit. Rings: 5/10 Gives gauge charge. All Star: Grants the All Star move of whoever picks it up.
  10. No pay to win here, but Classic is here. Have played the game just now. Although, lag can fvck ya up some...
  11. A series of Tournaments and Special Events, akin to how Need For Speed High Stakes on PS1 did it. You could get unlockables in the Special Events. Finishing all Tournaments will be needed to access Online play.
  12. Another thing they could add is at the intro, the title of the original Sonic title from where the track came from is indicated. An example is for instance, if we're on Sweet Mountain, the intro will display Colors' title logo , if its on Metallic Madness, it will show Sonic CD's title logo, and so on and so forth. So... Shadow TH - based circuits? ?I am up for that. This also puts more behind my idea of CD ciruits and their Bad Futures(and other timelines)
  13. Something I just thought of... Maybe Infinite's kart appears like how NiGHTS does in the All Star games, with his special move being unleashing his true form and creates roadblocks for every racer he is near for a limited time. Made of Phantom Ruby of course. This ain't Team Fortress in the PC Transformed ryt?
  14. Don't forget Emerls and Gemerls. Plus Mecha Knux, Super Badniks, his Boss Mechs...
  15. They should have looked to CD's Bad Futures and based off from there. And maybe the music to match. (You can't do anything, so don't even try)
  16. The Heroes character types maybe? Speed, Power, and Flight? Power pepes can punch thru normally inaccessible barriers, Flight pepes can access higher routes, and Speed characters benefit from booster pads better than the other 2 types.
  17. Maybe the Time Zones will be different variations of the circuit? If not, maybe they will be assigned a specified Time (Palmtree Panic in Present, Tidal Tempest in Past, etc) Any more suggestions? I am open. ? And one more thing. Online races gives currency to buy additional racers, but with the option to pay in cash. As for alternative versions of the characters, like the Classic Versions and Boom Versions, maybe there will be an option to include them as sorta skins, maybe also replacing their karts. Well, they pulled that gimmick in some tracks in Transformed, Sky Sanctuary, Seaside Hill, Rouge's Landing, and the All Stars Track.
  18. Bruh, you do know Blaze is a Modern Era character right? It would be weird putting her, Shadow, Rouge, or basically anyone that hadn't had appeared before Sonic Adventure.
  19. So, we already know of the Sonic-only racer game revealed at sxsw this year. Any bets for circuits or characters and maybe... why? My Bets will be: Character: Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Shadow Rouge Silver Espio Vector Charmy Blaze Dr Eggman Mighty Ray Heavy Rider Heavy Blaster Circuits: Any 3 Sonic CD levels, where Lap 1 is Present, Lap 2 is Past, Lap 3 is Bad Future, appearing as Good Future when finished.(Will prefer Palmtree Panic, Tidal Tempest, and Metallic Madness) Studiopolis Lava Reef Metropolis(S2 version) Capital City Sky Sanctuary Final Judgement A&B Sweet Mountain Dragon Road/Chun-nan Apotos Day & Night City Escape Night Babylon Gameplay: Ten players max participate at any given Race. All players have a Gauge, similar to the one found in Sonic Battle, that when filled up, can unleash their All-Star at will. The Gauge can be filled using Rings, getting hit by weapons, or passing opponents(more impressive passes give better Gauge value) , or Items that give Gauge charge. Arcade/Career Mode: Can play in Easy, Amateur, Medium, Hard, Veteran. Random opponents every Tournament(Career) or Race(Arcade). Includes an option to customize opponents & randomize a select number of slots. All characters not listed in DLC are accessible there. Purchases for DLC are only optional(to get it earlier) Competitive: Finishing higher(1st-5th) gives more points, allowing you to rank up and have more playable racers. You can only pick one racer when you play the first time, other racers having to be bought via in-game currency. And absolutely no EA bullshit(aka paywalls blocking characters).Placing 6th/7th awards no points, while placing too low (8th to 10th) subtracts points, causing a demotion. DLC: Nack Bean Bark Sticks Tikal Sally NIGHTS Joe Musashi Streets of Rage Circuit Comemorative Circuit(A circuit filled with Sonic material over the years) , similar to the SASRT exclusive circuit.
  20. Legionizing whoever gets caught, leaving only Tails and Amy as you mentioned. Brilliant. I would personally like for more comic characters to come out, villain or friend. It would be that he would save his friends one by one, sorta how he did it in Generations, minus Tails and Amy. And make. them. playable. For crying out loud! And then the rescued characters join them in their hideout and there will be fights that they can fight themselves.
  21. What I think of a sequel? Sonic Forces: Phantom Gauntlet *What is it? Basically Def Jam Fight For New York meets Sonic Battle. I wanted so much for Sonic Battle to have a sequel, mainly to fix their weird not-so-3d sprite movement. The Avatar now replaces Emerl, can now learn some moves from the cast. Will have an Online Multi-player feature, where players pit their Avatars in 1v1, 2v2, Free-For-All or Survival(3v1), (Boss Arena) *The Story: Eggman's goons start taking over some towns, installing Area Bosses to consolidate control over a certain area, with an entire hiearchy and army below him. Area Bosses may range from classic villains(Metal Sonic), modern bads(Zavok and his gang), or his legionized cronies from the Archie franchise. The Avatar is called into the story via a recruitment drive the heroes put up. The Avatar has flashbacks about his/her town being overrun by EggRobos, and steps up to meet the recruiting jury, composed of Knuckles, Amy, Espio, and Silver. The Avatar fights Vector in a test match, to learn basic controls. After they are finished, Silver and Amy are impressed, congratulating the player, while Knuckles delivers the good news. He then starts his first fight after. Along the way, there are some events that triggers fights where you play as the cast. Somewhere along the story, a gang of Eggman's elite goons jump the Avatar and subvert him, forcing him/her to fight Sonic Team. The news reaches the cast and most of them are disappointed and feel betrayed . Silver, Cream, and Sonic at seperate times in the story notice something off with the Avatar, and they investigate. Tails finds out that the Avatar had been inserted with a that triggers at Eggman's command, to put the Avatar on a leash. Sonic and co. hatch a plan to free Avatar from the doctor's grasp, Sonic, Silver, and Knuckles, all volunteering to fight, Tails triggering the EMP to fry the chip inside Avatar, spiriting him/her away. After the Avatar wakes up, he/she apologizes to the team, telling that he got jumped and didn't remember anything after. Shadow lectures him sternly about vigilance, and the player-character vows to do better. The Area Bosses are taken down one by one, prompting Eggman to kidnap one of the cast and call out for Avatar, initiating the final showdown vs Eggman. When Eggman is defeated, Sonic rushes in, simultaneously with Infinite doing the same. Sonic orders everyone to evac the premises, as Infinite unleashes his Phantom Ruby once more. The two are transported to a Phantom Arena, where Infinite has more power, manipulating the stage against Sonic, using all of the cast's image at random, including the Avatar, granting him a temporary shield, fading out with enough dmg. After Sonic's victory, the facility breaks down, the Phantom Ruby going haywire, swallowing *Story Gameplay: Certain Animal Types(bringing all from Forces and more) have bonuses that aid in battle. The customization options are retained from Forces. Players can equip 4 Fighting Styles in Story and Arcade Mode, only allowing 1 in Multi-player. Fighting Styles can disable some moves from certain characters being learnt. Skills are earned through Skill Points, earned in battle, with a possibility to earn more, depending on how impressive the fight is. Non-Avatar fighters could have some styles and bonuses that the Avatar cannot have. *Gameplay: Aside from the Story Mode, Arcade offers all options from Sonic Battle, and includes a Random Option, where a character is selected at random(cannot do it to yourself). Playables now include Silver, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Blaze and Omega(now replaces Gamma.).All who appeared from SB make it back, except Chaos 0. More playable characters would be unlocked as the story goes. Still has 4 players maximum at any one fight. *Online: Only the Avatar can enter Multi-player mode, against fellow Avatars. Ranks are seperate per category, and the player can opt out of Ranked Matches at will with a single switch. Thoughts??
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