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  1. So we all know the Time Eater was trapping Sonic's friends in these old levels from the past, and one of those levels was Crisis City. So, I'm thinking, did the Time Eater somehow bring the '06 timeline back? It blows your mind being in a city again from a timeline that was supposed to be erased/retconned. It's a stretch, but time and space in Sonic is trippy.
  2. Anyone ever pay attention to Archie Sonic's feats, and that he could actually destroy the Dragon Ball Super universe? Alot of those fans tend to lowball him just because he's a Sonic Character, when he's vastly broken in this series. I mean, taking someone down that can crush multiverses with his BARE hands? That's freaking insane.
  3. Well not Sonic, but Naoto Ohshima, Hirokazu Yasuhara, and Yuji Naka did. And because they were big fans of dragon ball, some of the things in Sonic are inspired by it. But SSJ and Super are vastly different.
  4. You might as well ask this question towards the Dragon Ball super cast. All of Goku's friends are pretty much useless if they're not Super Saiyan gods. Why are they still around? They're practically cheerleaders as well.
  5. Does anyone know how to edit the character texures in the cutscenes for like Generations and Unleashed? I know there has to be a way, unless it requires some professional editing tool....
  6. And the reason why we're still Sonic fans is because he has character development and substance, unlike Mario. And I get it. he's been around longer and has more games that has barely failed anyone. Hell I was a Mario fan before Sonic, and I still am. but character wise? He has no personality whatsoever. No one wants to leave a good franchise and go to someone that only says "It'sa me, Mario!". Like, can you say anything else other than your name? He says other things too, but they're never complete sentences. And it's just like what The Ghetto Demigod said: Mario is a bland character.
  7. Umm, Are you not aware of the Archie Sonic comics, Sonic the comics, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic X, and Sonic Satam? He's already been a game, comic book and anime character. He was also in the Wreck-It Ralph movie.
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