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    1. SupahBerry


      Even when in a box, Sonic still finds a way to be smug all the time.

  2. - 1 day for receiving the collector edition! I want it NOW!! 

    1. NikoS


      Yep i know this feeling, you can see it already. (maybe you'll get it early y'know...)

  3. - 2 days for receiving the collector edition! Cannot wait!! XD

  4. Aww..... Look s-so cuuuuute!!! >.<  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3   *blush*


    1. VEDJ-F


      Not really.

    2. Tailsrules


      Yes they look!!! >.<   <3

    3. VEDJ-F


      No, I tend to find stuff like that cute only if they have chemistry. From what I've heard, they don't really have any (like pretty much any Tails pairing before or after it, really). 

  5. - 3 days for receiving the collector edition! 


  6. How many supporters for Sonamy as couple?? <3




    1. JosepHenry


      Platonic Sonic and Amy is my absolute favorite along with Platonic Sonic and Shadow :P

      I just think those two pairs are really good together, but not romantically.

  7. Ask for opinion about a new player for Sonic 3D games

    So better hard. Is this the only difference?
  8. Ask for opinion about a new player for Sonic 3D games

    May I play Forces at hard difficulty?
  9. Aren't you that guy from discord who had that tatsumaki 0 rep problem or is this somebody else?

    1. Tailsrules


      I haven't discord :/ 

    2. TailsTellsTales


      Alrighty. It's okay if you not have discord. I actually left from there. I asked since you had strong match to that person. Anyway welcome to this place.

  10. Hi^^ I am an old fan of Sonic that has enjoyed all (almost all) the 2D games. I'd like to try something in 3D, but watching some video of gameplay is making me think that I could find particularly hard play it for too much speed that in a 3D world seems to be a bit hard to control. What do you think? Would you like to give me a tip about Sonic Forces? It looks awesome! Thanks!
  11. Why.. why are you still Sonic fan?

    Because Sonic has been the first game I ever played. Sonic reminds me a lot of good feels. My childhood, lovely cute moments. Goold Old Time :,)
  12. It would be awesome!!


  13. Awesome crossover artwork by Chaoscroc (deviantart) -///- ❤


  14. Any tip about my new tattoo? ;D

    Please people may we stay in topic? XD there are the credits so it's all ok. What do you think about this as a tattoo?
  15. Friends or rivals?


    1. MegasonicZX


      My god I love this shot so much <3

    2. NikoS



      Friends or rivals?

      Wallpaper!! (proceeds to right-click, save as...)

    3. Tailsrules


      Happy to see you appreciate it! Of course credits to artist

    4. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Hey, please don't just say "credits to the artist". Actually give credit. Put a link to their DeviantArt, Tumblr, etc. This is the second time you've done this, so please don't let it happen again. Not trying to be harsh, I just think it's important to properly credit people when they put a lot of work into something. Just saying "credit to the artist" doesn't do much good, honestly. Thanks!

    5. Tailsrules


       Mate calm down. It's a picture that I found on Instagram. How can I find who is the author? I just taken a look but nothing :/ don't be so evil with me :(

    6. Zaysho


      You obviously didn’t look very hard if I can pull up the artist on my phone https://mri.deviantart.com/ when I’m still half asleep.

      I don’t care where you pull art from “credit to the artist” is not okay. Reverse image searching is a great tool and you should try running images through a Google search whenever you can. Unfortunately credits sometimes get drowned out because of crap like “credits to the artist!” because people are too busy snapping up cool pictures and not acknowledging the source. As someone who draws and loves art in general, it really frustrates me seeing this sort of thing.

    7. Kiah


      Okay no one is being evil with you so please don’t. Just make some adjustments per what you have been told simply for courtesy’s sake which you currently aren’t doing by your failure to give proper credit to the artist.

      Respect and courtesy are definitely things we expect members to demonstrate at the SSMB and if that doesn’t happen you can expect us moderators to react accordingly so please just cooperate.

    8. Space☆Yeow



    9. Tailsrules


      Ok sorry I'll put more attention next time 


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