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  1. I've heard this claim, that Sonic was more recognizable than Mickey Mouse in 1992. But I don't believe it. I was a kid myself during that time. Do you know what was going on with Disney in the early '90s? 1989- The Little Mermaid 1991- Beauty and the Beast 1992- Aladdin If you owned any of these video cassettes, you saw an image of Mickey Mouse in his sorceror's apprentice clothes for a logo before the movie began. I don't care what that study said. You're not going to tell me more children had played the SEGA Genesis than had seen any of those three movies by 1992. I think this was a case of "blast processing" marketing. Sorry, that was a tangent!
  2. Late Show band numbers. https://gonintendo.com/stories/342086-late-show-with-stephen-colbert-s-jon-batiste-pays-tribute-to-soni
  3. All the more reason that his "already created, decades ago" comment is meaningless. Nothing about Netflix Castlevania's success has to do with artistic loyalty to the original product.
  4. That's tough talk from someone who doesn't seem to remember Grant's existence in Castlevania 3.
  5. Then riddle me this. Is it possible that any of the Knuckles Chaotix lived on Angel Island? In Sonic the Fighters, Espio's stage was Mushroom Hill.
  6. The participants in Ice Cap's balloon festival (Sonic Adventure) are probably the same as those who partake in Carnival Night (Sonic 3). I bet they're animal friends and flickies. My headcanon is that Carnival Night inspired Eggman to have an amusement park obsession. We never saw a hint of Eggmanland before this.
  7. @Owen Deane, Sonic Schoolhouse establishes that Sonic is a qualified teacher. As such, the clear inference that he homeschools Tails.
  8. I've always interpreted that headcanons COULD be true with the information we have (or as a means to resolving official contradictory sources), while fanon very clearly contradicts official sources.
  9. Riiiight. So there's one playable character in this series who has literally used napalm bombs to topple an imperial regime. Three guesses who it is. . . . You're in cahoots with Dr. Robotnik, aren't you? You don't care about Tails's safety - you care about Robotnik's! Tails has proven himself perpetually youthful and immortal, but Robotnik's life is at risk everytime their paths cross. You're afraid Tails is going to kill him, aren't you? Or maybe... maybe you're protecting Shadow? Tails beat Shadow half to death with his bare hands in Sonic Battle, and you're afraid it could be worse next time. Isn't that right? Who are you protecting? Who are you shielding from justice, from righteous annihilation?
  10. I hear that the movie will be epic, Sonic will defeat Robotnik, and everything will be heroically resolved. Then after the credits, Jim Carrey will appear in front of a black screen, juggling six Chaos Emeralds under the words "TRY AGAIN".
  11. They should hack an early Metroid game to make Tails the player.
  12. Both. Very few people are neutral about Sonic Adventure 2. But here's a fun fact. If you physically smack a copy of SA2, it shouts, "I'm the coolest!"
  13. I consider it a great loss that Knuckles has gradually shifted away from Chaos Emerald guardian, so that now he only cares about the Master Emerald. S&K and the classic era ended with the seven Chaos Emeralds returned to their shrine alongside the Master Emerald. Knuckles was their guardian in all the manual translations, and all of them were needed to make Angel Island float in the sky. Sonic Adventure had a complicated take on it. On one hand, Knuckles didn't seem interested in the emeralds, even when Eggman had one! On the other hand, the emeralds all had pedestals by the Master Emerald and were confirmed as part of its lore. Plus Knuckles takes possession of all except one at the end of his story. In his last cutscene, when Knuckles says he'd better take "this emerald" back (the Master Emerald), I wonder if it would've been better translated as "these emeralds", since he does grab them all. I know Japanese translations can have issues with singular and plural forms. By Sonic Adventure 2, Knux pretty much has zero interest in the Chaos Emeralds. It broke my heart to read the manual for SONIC MANIA, of all things, and see him declared as guardian of the Mastet Emerald--nothing else. I was hoping he would've kept that role in our new classic universe, especially since, well, all seven of those suckers are still on pedestals in the Hidden Palace Zone.
  14. When that happens, I think it's called Freedom Planet?
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