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  1. Maybe the "Rotten Tomatoes audience score is way, way higher than the critics score" award?
  2. Hey guys. You know how Sonic fans think they have a reputation for being the worst fanbase ever? Well right now the Star Wars fandom is in throes because of the Sequel Trilogy. And some of them are referencing the Sonic movie as a positive film for an old franchise. Good job, SEGA. :)
  3. With the Deadly Six, couldn't it be that they represent Ancient Status Quo, while Sonic embodies Modernity and Progress? The Deadly Six are legend. Old magicks. Fate. Predictability. Inevitability. Almost like Merlina in Black Knight. Sonic carries the best parts of nature AND civilization. He defies fate, breaks curses, beats the odds, brings optimism to a world of despair, all that stuff.
  4. When Tails gained playable flight in Sonic 3, people alive at the time cared. For all those sales figures HurlyBurly was throwing around, he neglected to mention that Only-Sonic-Playable was basically dead since 1992, and nobody missed it. Nobody looked back until 2006. And I think Hurly was spot on when he said people loved the Sonic gameplay formula. People did love the GAMEPLAY, to the extent that you could stick any character there with comparable gameplay and people would still love it. And that's exactly what happened on a number of titles. If Sonic Colors had starred Tails, or Knuckles, or Amy, or Shadow, or Blaze instead of Sonic while using the same gameplay, people today would be questioning if maybe it was Sonic himself that made the previous games terrible.
  5. Your non-bold statement is directly in contradiction to your bolded statement. ***"Any version of Sonic" includes:*** - Sonic the Werehog - Sonic with Caliburn - Lost World Sonic - Sonic Labyrinth Sonic ***"His gameplay mechanics" includes:*** - Tails from Sonic 2 - Tails or Knuckles from Sonic 3&K - Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, or Ray from Sonic Mania If Tails from Sonic Mania is better than Sonic from Black Knight, then you cannot argue that any version of Sonic is better than any side character.
  6. I mean, tell that to the Western Sonic 2/3 cover artists and to the cartoon designers.
  7. That's Sonic, man. That's your cash cow iconic character. Would you rather play as Sonic wielding Caliburn in Sonic and the Black Knight, or as Tails in Sonic 3?
  8. I've never owned a SEGA 32x, and I think that's the only way to try it?
  9. You see cutesy in Modern-Classic Sonic, during Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces. The design for Modern-Classic Sonic seems based on early concept art, secret Japanese magazines, and very few depictions in international media. The Western world saw most of this later on through Sonic Jam and such. Specific example: if you only played the Genesis trilogy in the '90s, you probably didn't think Dr. Robotnik wore glasses. His eye pixels were clearly separated. That's probably why all the cartoon shows and the McDonalds toy had him without glasses. (One major exception I found was his boss battle at the end of Sonic Spinball, which has defined black glasses on him.)
  10. Limit his time travel specifically to Present-Now or Future-Then, with time always going forward. Example: I can time travel exactly 100 years into the past, and then exactly 100 years into the future. Today from September 19, 2019, I can travel only to September 19, 1919. If I hang out there for three days and then travel forward, I'll be at September 22, 2019 when I land. So maybe I could help past heroes prevent World War II, but if I made things worse then too bad, since I can never go further back to undo the help I first gave them.
  11. Mario was also originally two worlds--the Brooklyn plumbers who went to the Mushroom Kingdom. I'm not sure if that's still the case.
  12. Of course, 2D Sonic games from Sonic 2 through Sonic Mania will understand the cardinal rule about using redundant characters: You can finish Sonic's story without playing as Tails or Knuckles. You can finish Tails's story without playing as Sonic or Knuckles. You can finish Knuckles's story without playing as Sonic or Tails. 3D games like Sonic Heroes have never figured this out.
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