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  1. Says who? I like thinking that SCD comes between S1 and S2. In real life, both Sonic 2 and Sonic CD were conceived sequels to Sonic 1.
  2. Talking in general. Trying to pre-empt any countercomplaints of, "Do you want easter eggs or not?!"
  3. Yes... and people who hate the criticisms should understand that this isn't one of the complaints. Plot references are EVEN BETTER than easter eggs. The only reason we're talking about easter eggs is because it was offered up as an alternative to the straight references, with defenders telling people to look for game-related easter eggs.
  4. I don't think anyone's hating on the portal rings. It's one of the few elements that feel connected to the original universe... even better than an "easter egg". It's appropriate. If that mindset were followed throughout, we'd see less focus on electric quills and more focus on Chaos Emeralds or animal-powered badniks.
  5. I mean, let's not get carried away here. https://www.gamecrate.com/sonic-hedgehog-movie-all-clues-and-easter-eggs-you-might-have-missed-trailer/22907 Quills! That's an easter egg, because reasons. Ring portals! Easter egg. Sonic may be an alien! So... easter egg? Brown giant desert mushrooms! That's definitely an easter egg for Brown Mushroom Desert Zone. Robotnik looks accurate in one scene! That's totally easter egg. It's all totally overwhelming fanservice, right? And oh! I didn't even mention that Sonic's a blue talking hedgehog. That's gotta be worth, like, eight more easter eggs or something.
  6. Rework Sticks the Badger into a guardian. While Knuckles is gullible, Sticks is crazy-paranoid. I can see Robotnik fooling her in an S3 type scenario, fueling a conspiracy theory that Amy is after the Emeralds/Time Stones/Whatever.
  7. What do you mean? Like... Sonic is to Knuckles as Amy is to X? Do you mean Amy as the guardian of Angel Island?
  8. When did Archie start to directly reference characters "getting laid", or having intercourse? It's bizarre to me that this stuff was going on while I was playing my SEGA Genesis, obliviously running Sonic through loops and destroying badniks.
  9. It was the picture above. At least one news site reported that picture as the official change, and the article showed up in my Google feed.
  10. That's only if the 8-bit titles are canon, yeah? Plus the Adventure 2 total completion bonus. Otherwise, I don't think anniversary Green Hill remix levels were a thing yet.
  11. I see no reason for the shoes to change in the film. It's not really part of the "design" people were reacting to.
  12. Anything SEGA does that Nintendon't. Headcanon: Blast Processing is the term for when Gamma, Eggman, or Tails-in-mecha hit multiple targets and convert those hits into "points" that keep their machines running and their missions successful.
  13. I always assumed there was some form of stasis involved.
  14. I'll just say again, it feels like they were all made for different tasks. Growing up and learning the games, I died far more against that tank Robo Sonic (S2) than against Metal (SCD) or Mecha (S&K).
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