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  1. Amy does act more like Sally now and I hate it.
  2. Sonic will say "Amy this is no time to play" when hit by her so there is still hope that Amy can flirt with Sonic in the games.
  3. Well Sonic does date Amy and loves her very much and Sonic's not the type of guy who would propose as he doesn't feel there is a need for it and just live together freely.
  4. I didn't see Amy's Boom personality being well received when people hated everything about Sonic Boom and in the TV show people criticize her constant changing regular girl personality. Amy having a crush on Sonic is much better than her angry (mature apparently) personality.
  5. After finishing TSR's story I have come to the conclusion that Amy has lost interest in Sonic in these recent stories becoming pure aggression in TSR but some characters are just oddly absent from the story. Amy and Zavok's lines within the race are amazing except the line where Amy calls Sonic her friend and not her boyfriend but Amy's "boost me to get a hug" and Zavok complementing Amy for attack him makes up for it.
  6. They wanted revenge against Eggman so they were going to use his machine to drain the planet dry with him watching and Zeena still didn't care about killing Sonic all that much.
  7. I believe Eggman forced all the Zeti to work together looking for the strongest Zeti he can find to fight Sonic and they only know each other by reputation that would explain why Zavok is no longer their leader.
  8. Amy wouldn't know where to start as she can't build machines like Tails and with no machine there's less change to find a cure. 1. Amy was there when Sonic got the Metal Virus. 2. Amy can still worry and not be head deep in work. 3. She won't follow him 24/7. 3b. That's bad for everyone not just Amy. Don't put words in my mouth I want to see Amy love Sonic more, every hero in this game puts themselves in harms way to saves lives. 1. This must be code for hide Amy's romantic feelings toward Sonic away from gamers for as long as possible. 2. But it still cuts to Amy when Vector calls Amy for backup.
  9. Zavok hates Eggman. 1. If Tails was in charge he can give out different task to others making it easier to build and find a cure. 2. Knuckles can write what is there saying he can't and don't they have someone else to take on some of these jobs. 3. What does Amy being in charge of the Restoration have to do with her being there or not? Otherwise she would be looking for Sonic and that's how Amy would get there like she does in most games. 4. I didn't say she didn't love him but now she hardly flirts or blows kisses at Sonic anymore now there is no more admiring of Sonic at all, none, zip, nada just "I got to get back to work". 5. Yeah, because everyone reading this had mad crushes on a boy/girl but then just dropped it to read all the batman comics. Thank you very much ladies & gentlemen.
  10. People in real life eventually do paperwork but not people in game life. Amy isn't just seen reading a book she is often counting or reading books and box's even leaving Sonic's side to do just that. Those aren't my rules I don't consider Amy to be the real resistance leader I call that a excuse so she will have less time to think or spend with Sonic giving people the illusion of maturity this feels more like a job for a original character. I would like to see Amy madly in love with Sonic to the point where you can see it in her actions and words so far this comic and Team Sonic Racing have removed her crush on Sonic about 90% from where it use to be.
  11. Let Zavok be the one to save Sonic from being a zombot then have him take out Eggman that would more interesting story it would also give a Amy change to think about Sonic again when he's a zombot. I was talking about these box's. But why Amy and not Tails if anything Amy not wanting to do this makes it worst and when Eggman gets stomped to the ground what is she going to do in the future paper work?
  12. Amy's personalty is so powerful it even makes Sonic nervous both Eggman and Zavok can't pull that off.
  13. Having Amy no longer crushing on Sonic and turning her in to book worm is the opposite of character development´╗┐, I mean when did Amy ever find it fun to count box's in her spare time.
  14. Why did they go and make Amy a desk lady sorting papers instead of her fawning over Sonic like she normally does now Amy feels so unoriginal and out of character.
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