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  1. I strongly disagree with this having a big crush on someone doesn't make you a joke character or person.
  2. This comic misses the key features of Amy and treats them like a unimportant side trait and I still don't get the idea why Amy needs to grow.
  3. The car ascetics Amy's vehicle has very little features that tie it to its driver like the other cars. Amy is finally fast in this game and I love it.
  4. Amy is so serious right now its cringey just like this plot.
  5. Love playing Amy even though her car has absolutely no creativity put in to it at all.
  6. Zavok and friends are the best things I've seen so far in this comic.
  7. Oh boy I can now choose Liz as a speed class I'm so going to call everyone a armadillo as I fly past them!
  8. Can't wait for Pasadena to be added she had amazing voice lines in Crash Tag Team Racing.
  9. Hardly any now I play Mario & Sonic often it that counts.
  10. A new Eggman should have a robot body with the personality of Magatron from the Prime series.
  11. I didn't see all the episodes so I don't know when this happen.
  12. Would have been nice if Eggman stayed good for a while and help Sonic & co stop a new villain.
  13. Why did they want to make Sonic so real looking in the first place I really hope he comes out better after this delay.
  14. I'm playing Code of Princess EX right now and I really miss the english voice acting from the 3DS version.
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