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  1. I hope Isabella and Liz don't get their head shaved in their new skin again.
  2. But wait Crash Bandicoot was also made also made by Naughty Dog and was seen as the mascot because the games were so good. Is all of Naughty Dogs games own by Sony?
  3. Then what about Naughty Dog. Ratchet had that bad movie game so I don't think he's that popular anymore.
  4. That was only one line when compared to any game before Colors Amy had a lot more lines about Sonic.
  5. Isn't Cloud and Snake Sony characters? Jak feels like he fits smash the most out of Sony's cast.
  6. Why pick Byleth and not Jak from Jack & Daxter 2 or anyone else.
  7. To bad Amy didn't stay thinking about Sonic all the time that would have been great to watch in Sonic Boom and after.
  8. Writers need to focus on making Amy interesting and not worry if fans think she's a crazy stalker or not Amy is now just a wallflower after the Sonic Boom TV show people didn't what to see her main trait become more interesting so it got dropped and replace by whatever trait the writers feels like at the moment.
  9. That's because Amy had more screen time in those games/TV not that she was toned down.
  10. I still see people over the internet talk about how good it is that Amy's personality has changed to a mature one. But Amy wasn't toned down in Sonic Generations, Colors DS or Sonic Black Knights.
  11. I still think Amy's personality got completely ruined with Sonic lost World and onward now with the developers being afraid of Amy showing the slightest form of affection for Sonic she's becoming this bland character with no ambitions. The IDW comic said that Amy has grown over time but it hasn't even been year in Sonic's world so it comes off as something they lied about so Amy can stay busy with filing papers keeping her mind off Sonic.
  12. The Sonic series worlds follow the same rules from Sonic X's worlds where Sonic's planet orbits slower than ours.
  13. Sonic started out good but went off track when 2014 happen with Big Red Button and Sega having bad communication.
  14. I know what these games do I played all three. I'm asking why does no one think about the master emerald in this comic.
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