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  1. I never said they couldn't you can like cute things mainly and still take part in the action.
  2. Amy's more love, shopping and being romantic but in Boom or IDW she's a action girl.
  3. Amy also help keeps the Sonic series from being nothing but action men and women which I get tired of seeing.
  4. Boom just implied that Amy likes Sonic it was only in the first episode where she expressed love for Sonic as it was written by the big Red Button team.
  5. The paper work job Amy has in IDW feels like the last type of job she would accept sitting still isn't something she'll do.
  6. I would have like it better if Amy's overwhelming love influence the way she got things done instead of it being ignored.
  7. Fans treat Amy way to unfairly psycho, obsessed, crazy, and fan girl. Amy is the most disrespected character from Sonic.
  8. Same as Sonic really freedom, a life not about eggman, excitement, shopping and kids.
  9. Would like it if Amy chased after Sonic but juggled helping people at the same time.
  10. Not like Amy was 24/7 nagging someone I like Daxter from the Jak games and he's a nag. Isn't that flanderization?
  11. Didn't Lost World, Boom, Forces and IDW do just that I mean just look at Amy now where did her crush go now she's just mature. Her crush was anything but minor. Amy did that before Boom. IDW made her 95% mature.
  12. The main problem is that some fans call Amy's feats a gag not realistic like the other characters feats and being nice isn't black and white love is a type of kindness so her crush not psycho or a gag is kindness. Boom and IDW's Amy is the flanderized Amy, as she didn't grow in to it just happening to please haters Sonic X, SA1, SA2, and Heroes all have her crushing on Sonic. Right now Amy is to moody like in TSR where she gets mad at Blaze for no reason.
  13. She also had a mad crush on Sonic and loves cute things that's interesting.
  14. You are right! But now thanks to fans she has a new mature attack call piko hammer her one and only attack!
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