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  1. Sonic has a lot of variety when it comes to female characters when its compared to other series. Amy is the cheerful girl with a intense love for Sonic and she's the best female out of the group. Recently Sega has been making her more dull but sometimes I can still see a glimmer of a girl that still likes boys and girly things. Don't see Zeena much in the games but caring mostly about her looks and moving at her own pace makes her more interesting when compared to other females. Blaze I don't find all that interesting she's just normal in personality. Sticks is to random for me. i really like Sonia's personality, motives and voice she takes it the hardest when Eggman takes over. The other females are also nice in their own type of ways.
  2. Still can't see how it makes sense for Amy to be a computer wiz with leadership skills something like that has Talis name written all over it. Guess everyone is going to get turn in to a robot from the looks of it being the plain Sonic, Tails and Knuckles saving the day but hopefully not.
  3. Is there some kind of online host when playing with random people because sometimes a whole lobby gets disconnected?
  4. Its nice to see Omega hasn't change much in this book unlike Amy.
  5. Sonic Adventure - Free roaming gameplay giving me the ability to jump about anywhere I wanted in each story. Amy's girly personality to her heartful attacks and chasing Sonic everywhere he go's it was something I've never seen before in a game. Sonic Heroes - Having four stories, team play and funny banter I loved everything about this game with Amy being the star of the show getting more spotlight than she did in adventure her chasing and banter with Sonic in this game was perfect. Sonic Riders - Having numerous boards to unlock keeps me playing for a long time. Sonic Battle - Fighting was good but the best part was Amy's actions in the story mode. Sonic Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood - Never thought I would like a Sonic RPG so much but I did its timed commands aren't that bad and it has good dialogue.
  6. This game is so much better now that they added Liz, Isabella and the other girls before I just played play Coco all the time.
  7. Unlike Sonic, the Mario characters personality stay consisted and don't change on a whim from people who dislike a personality.
  8. Hard mode in this game takes me back to Kirby Air Ride when the CPUs have speed help on.
  9. Sonic Free Riders it was one of the last Sonic games where Amy thinks about Sonic primarily and she doesn't have the personality of a wet blanket.
  10. Amy does act more like Sally now and I hate it.
  11. Sonic will say "Amy this is no time to play" when hit by her so there is still hope that Amy can flirt with Sonic in the games.
  12. Well Sonic does date Amy and loves her very much and Sonic's not the type of guy who would propose as he doesn't feel there is a need for it and just live together freely.
  13. I didn't see Amy's Boom personality being well received when people hated everything about Sonic Boom and in the TV show people criticize her constant changing regular girl personality. Amy having a crush on Sonic is much better than her angry (mature apparently) personality.
  14. After finishing TSR's story I have come to the conclusion that Amy has lost interest in Sonic in these recent stories becoming pure aggression in TSR but some characters are just oddly absent from the story. Amy and Zavok's lines within the race are amazing except the line where Amy calls Sonic her friend and not her boyfriend but Amy's "boost me to get a hug" and Zavok complementing Amy for attack him makes up for it.
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