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  1. This new Tawna looks a lot better than the old Tawna from CTR she's no longer super skinny.
  2. Amy doesn't even feel like she supports anymore she just stands back and watches to afraid to like Sonic in fear of backlash from fans leaving Amy as a empty husk without a purpose.
  3. The best part of this is 3D World and Cat Peach Amiibo!
  4. I don't see why Amy tried so hard to keep the resistance open just to organize construction and not follow Sonic when she had the opportunity people can rebuild on their own.
  5. Watching this repressed Amy is getting to me where's Amy's love of cute things or her femininity traits like blowing a kiss are something.
  6. Hero's do more then just help others do things their just people they have lives of their own to get to.
  7. Marvelous Amy lost that job that consumed her every waking moment hopefully Amy can get back to chasing Sonic are at least do something more interesting then wanting to help people.
  8. Seeing this comic using the excuse "Amy helps everyone" as the reason she takes on this stressful job makes me cringe let alone Amy getting tired she used to be so energetic. When did Metal Sonic learn to use Nayru's Love how is he even doing that?
  9. Cream's calm personality was the opposite of Amy's hot blooded nature but now with Amy losing most of her affection/ femininity traits she's becoming more like Cream which makes Cream less special I believe this is why she isn't getting much attention these days.
  10. Yeah, Amy's been turn in to a generic female with no interesting points to her character.
  11. Amy Rose is the best girl cute, sassy, and not afraid to announce to the world that she has a crush on somebody willing to protect Sonic above all else.
  12. It still feels like Eggman shouldn't have kick Amy as it just turns her immediately stopping all her movement making the zombies go to the next target which is Eggman. This self absorbed men in a life or death situation sure does take his time leaving someone behind.
  13. Now in 2020 I would write Amy as she was from 2000 - 2009 where she is madly attracted to Sonic in every way and not what we have now which is a hammer shaped to look like a girl. The Zeti should be a bigger threat than Eggman and not lose after just one hit.
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