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  1. SEGA knowing that I'm working my ass off to get shards for my boy  in SEGA Heroes but they won't give me a single one:

    Image result for tails sonic meme

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Also @TAILS FOR SMASH ULTIMATE I see what you mean about him being hard to get 😞  I love that SEGA made him godlike but why do you have to make him so hard to get 😞 

    2. Failinhearts


      Day 1 had a Team Sonic bundle which was NOT a good deal despite what it said. You have to pay so many gems just to get to Tails....over 4500 including the others.

    4. tailsBOOM!


      I started it before realizing the whole deal with tiers 😞 

    5. Kiah


      I actually forgot this game even existed...That sucks that it’s so hard to get him. I hope your persistence pays off and you’ll get Tails!

    6. tailsBOOM!


      Thanks.. I have 65 shards to go... out of 65

    7. RedFox99


      I wanna get Cream.

    8. tailsBOOM!


      @RedFox99 I already have her... She was the first character I got outside of the 3 you automatically get

    9. tailsBOOM!


      Tails is harder to get than Sonic and Shadow... His power level is also higher but it's annoying and costly to get him.  I love that SEGA is finally making him high tier but I wish they'd make it easier for me to obtain my boy.

      To give a context, I could've insured I got him day one... for $79  (Which I don't have at the moment). If I had a job, I may have taken the plunge to see my boy as a S-tier character, but it's still ridiculous (They had a "Great Value" tiered system day one for  Sonic set 1 where I would've got to level up Amy a tier, gotten Knuckles, gotten Sonic, and then, 1400+ gems later gotten Tails

  2. Important question:  Favorite obscure/forgotten SEGA characters and series.  Go! (I'm trying to help list potential characters to vote for on the SEGA Heroes discord)

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Radical Rex!

      Of course I would mention that though

    2. tailsBOOM!


      Unfortunately he's owned by Activision.  So far it's just been SEGA characters (Hasn't stopped people from trying to get Crash in, though).

    3. SpinSlash165


      I know he's Konami property, but his first game WAS on the Mega Drive, so... Sparkster (Rocket Knight Adventures).

    4. Jovahexeon Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Joranvexeon

      NiGHTS the Dream Jester from the NIGHTS Into Dreams series. 

    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Okie dokie (this is going to get preeeetty long):

      Bin & Pin from Dynamite Dux
      Robo & Mobo from Bonanza Bros.
      Dr. Social from Master of Darkness
      Janet from Virtua Cop 2
      Jack from Headhunter
      Howard Gibson from Confidential Mission
      Mary and Edgar from Quartet
      Mary from Alien Syndrome (the original arcade one, not the PS2/Wii one)
      Jason from Power Drift
      Fuma from Shadow Dancer (arcade/Master System, think that's his name it's not Joe Musashi)
      Hayate from Shadow Dancer (Mega Drive, two different games before anyone asks)
      Bruno Delinger from Dynamite Deka/Dynamite Cop
      Robin Banks from DecAthlete/Athlete Kings
      "Mr. T" from Battle Out Run (no name given)
      Simeon Kurtz from Out Run Europa (a game so obscure, Sega themselves forgot that it existed!)
      Flagman, Clarissa, Holly and Jennifer from OutRun 2006
      Larcen Tyler and The Senator from Eternal Champions
      Sam Gideon from Vanquish
      Dan Marshall, Big Bo, Cain, Rachel Townsend and Charles Gregory from Binary Domain
      Lucia from Psycho World (Sega published it, might not own it though)
      Psycho Fox from Psycho Fox
      Chuck D. Head from Decap Attack

      Actually many of my favourite Sega games don't really have a visible character or are a licensed character from the obvious to Yohko Ishino from Teddy Boy Blues.

  3. Morning KSMB! 



    1. Kiah


      Good morning and good afternoon!

  4. Voice clip worthy moment from last night...  I've never seen anyone get this upset over losing RPS until Keitaro lost to Nairo: 


  5. full.jpg

    1. Kiah


      For once I see a Smash comic and I get it...

  6. Afternoon KSMB!


    1. Failinhearts
    2. Kiah


      Good afternoon!

  7. Instead of Smash I watched Nairo play...  Patty Cake


  8. That feeling when you realize the last movie to feature a Stan Lee cameo while he was alive was a DC one

    1. tailsBOOM!


      RIP Stan "The Man" Lee


    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Nah, Venom came out after that film. He popped up in that. Gave me a good chuckle too.

  9. Image result for aquamartha

  10. Used to love these guys in Nick Mag back in the day:



    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      This makes me want to dress up as Iron Man and just start yelling at people XD

  12. My votes for TGA (Though the lack of Sonic Mania Plus and the esports side of Smash Bros bothered me tbh):

    Game of the Year: Celeste
    Best Ongoing Game: Overwatch
    Best Game Direction: God of War
    Best Narrative: Life is Strange 2: Episode 1
    Best Art Direction: Octopath Traveler
    Best Score/Music (Presented by Spotify): Octopath Traveler
    Best Audio Design (Presented by Dolby): Forza Horizon 4
    Best Performance: Yuri Lowenthall as Peter Parker [Marvel's Spider-Man]
    Games For Impact: Celeste
    Best Independent Game: Celeste
    Best Mobile Game: Donut County
    Best VR/AR Game: Tetris Effect
    Best Action Game: Mega Man 11
    Best Action/Adventure Game: Marvel's Spider-Man
    Best Role Playing Game: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
    Best Fighting Game: Soul Calibur VI (Arc System Works / BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment)
    Best Family Game: Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Ubisoft Toronto / Ubisoft)
    Best Strategy Game: Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Sega CS3 / Sega)
    Best Sports/Racing Game: Forza Horizon 4 (Playground Games / Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft Studios)
    Best Multiplayer Game: Monster Hunter: World (Capcom)
    Best Student Game: Combat 2018 ((Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences – Norway)
    Best Debut Indie Game: Donut County (Ben Esposito / Annapurna Interactive)
    Best Esports Game: Overwatch
    Best Esports Player (Presented by Omen by HP): Dominique "SonicFox" McLean
    Best Esports Team: Cloud9
    Best Esports Coach: Dylan Falco
    Best Esports Event: EVO 2018
    Best Esports Host: AndersBlume
    Best Esports Moment: SonicFox Side Switch Against Go1 in DBZ
    Content Creator of the Year: Pokimane

    1. tailsBOOM!
    2. Dejimon11


      I'd say Sonic Mania plus is just a re-release of a game that came out last year but then again Street Fighter V Arcade was nominated soooo idk

    3. tailsBOOM!
  13. tailsBOOM!

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Don't post here often but here's something I saw today: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/13/media/cnn-sues-trump/index.html EDIT: Someone already posted it...
  14. Did you see this (After yesterday I'll not assume you've already seen something):




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