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  1. Favorite Tails Ship

    Which Tails ship do you like more: Tails X Cosmo, Tails X Sticks, Tails X Zooey, Tails X Cream, Tails X Fiona, or is it something else? Personally, I like Tails X Zooey. I find Tails X Sticks and Tails X Cream unlikely to happen. Tails X Cosmo was O.K., but starts to get a little weird. And Fiona just likes to abuse Tails, let's be honest. How about you guys?
  2. Hey

    1. Failinhearts
    2. tailsBOOM!


      Saw you were looking at my page


    3. Failinhearts


      Guess I was. I like to see our new members, you know?

    4. tailsBOOM!


      Guess so

    5. Failinhearts


      Yeah. But thanks for the follow, though!

    6. tailsBOOM!


      You're welcome

  3. Next solo game/Sonic Forces DLC Expansions

    You know, I've been thinking the same thing for quite some time! I mean, if other companies can respect the mascot (i.e. having a whole year dedicated to the Sidekick-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named) then SEGA could totally do it too! Tails has been there for Sonic before anyone else (Unless you count Mighty or Ray), and has been there longer and (Unlike any one else) through all his triumphs and fails. He needs the love returned that he gives to his hero and older brother figure- and a solo game would do just that.
  4. Official SSMB Theme for Firefox

    Why not Two Foxy? The pain is real!
  5. Next solo game/Sonic Forces DLC Expansions

    Good to know. (If only SEGA did)
  6. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    You know what they say... GOTTA GO FAST!!!
  7. Who would you all want to be the subject of the next solo game? I would personally love to see Tails get a 3D solo game, but I'd also be fine with a Silver, Blaze or Knuckles game, or (potentially) even a Shadow 2. Also, who would you guys like to see get the Episode Shadow treatment? Expansion ideas I personally have are Tails, Knuckles, Silver, or a much needed explanation of where Blaze is!!!
  8. Opinions of Sonic Forces' Soundtrack?

    Probably the best since forever (i.e. the BOOM series of games) I especially like Infinite's theme and the main them

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