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  1. Everyone is talking about Heroes.  Quick, think of something to contribute...



    Great song right?!?

  2. tailsBOOM!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Pretty much. It came full circle (But was true this time, someone proved it).
  3. tailsBOOM!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Serious news that I believe to be fake. Someone claims to have a leak of Joker's face (I'll spoiler it just in the off chance it is true): Just in case, I'll spoiler this next image too, BUT he seems like a photoshopped Shulk due to even his hair matching exactly up, and only a slightly altered head shape. Again, this may be true, but it seems fake to me.
  4. tailsBOOM!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Naughty Dog created him for Sony in the 90s (He was published by them, too).
  5. tailsBOOM!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Crash is considered western? He was created for Sony initially
  6. tailsBOOM!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Definitely. I also believe we will get one, whether it's a face well known to contemporary fans like Rayman, Doomguy/Slayer, Ezio, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, BJ Blazkowicz; an indie character like Sans, Frisk, Chara, Shantae, Goat from Goat Simulator, Cuphead/Mugman, or Hollow Knight; or a long-forgotten icon like Commander Keen (Who, at the very least, will get a spirit or costume if Doomguy or Blazkowicz gets in as id loves shoehorning him into everything, to the point that he's Blazkowicz's grandson and the ancestor of Doomguy, as well as having little cameos in Doomguy and Quake).
  7. Leave it to MatPat:


    Taken down already, by the way.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      IT's back???



  8. I DID IT!

    Every Spirit, Every Costume, Every Song, Every Challenge, Every... Well, everything- Until 3.0 drops.  Or a special Spirit Board event.

  9. As I posted in the Smash thread, Pereden, a mod in Nairo's twitch chat and fluent Japanese speaker, said that that was what the dialogue seemed to suggest: So it seems that it may be a Definitive edition of sorts, I guess? Don't know for sure. Maybe she could join Joker's party? Or team up with Goro? Or be a special confidant? Or maybe all of the above? We need more details to judge. EDIT: She said Mishima but meant Goro In hindsight Sean, it was an announcement of an announcement of an announcement...
  10. tailsBOOM!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Naifu Wars begins in 7 minutes for you who registered!
  11. tailsBOOM!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    So Pereden, a mod in Nairo's chat who is heavily fluent in Japanese (I think she might be Japanese even, don't know for sure), said this about the dialogue in the P5R trailer: So, that might not be Joker. Joker seems to possibly be a guy still in it (The female might be another character like a definitive edition, I'm guessing)
  12. You doing good?

    1. tailsBOOM!


      *well (Correcting my grammar LOL)

    2. Kiah


      Hey thanks for checking on me. I’m okay all things considered that are going on. Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  13. Look who liked my tweet:



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