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  1. Morning SSMB.

    Nothing fancy this morning from me, though my story blog updates @ 8am PST.

  2. And now the smash community is the worst ever as far as I'm concerned. It was bad already...but bullying a teenage girl to commit suicide because they apparently wanted Ashley and Waluigi...not cool. 

    1. tailsBOOM!


      I was a part  of the same  community as them.  We didn't really talk that much, but they are definitely missed 

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  3. Honestly, no one wins with this Spider-Man situation.

  4. God, it keeps getting worse. So apparently Sony doesn't want to reboot it, they want to keep riding on the coattails of the MCU by doing two more movies with Jon Watt and Tom Holland...

    ...but remove any and all MCU references.  

  5. MCU Fans: "Fantastic Four and X-Men are finally back in Marvel's hands! We're finally getting a MCU with every Marvel character allowed in!" 



    1. tailsBOOM!


      Namor is also owned by Universal Studios sadly 

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  6. Wow, uh, looks like Game Informer is on its last legs, people are getting laid off.

  7. Morning SSMB.

    So much for yesterday's plans of catching up today. No game time or much of any time as I had other errands to attend to. At least today's update for my story blog is live though. 

  8. 27-FC675-A-8-CFC-4-E1-E-A392-2086-E9-D1-


    1. tailsBOOM!


      Maybe DLC along with a National DeX. They may change to fit those who want one.

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  9. Tomorrow is my first day of my senior year.

    And if it's as bad as my friends have told me, this might not go well. I might have to transfer to get a better senior year experience.

  10. Morning SSMB.

    Wasn't on all weekend as between my story blog (new update today @ 8am PST) and being obsessed with Bloodstained, I've had no time. The week ahead might give me some though, so we'll see. For now, it's my birthday and I am going to play my heart out. Catch you later SSMB.

  11. https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/08/18/apex-legends-lootbox-controversy-devolves-into-flame-war

    Well that escalated. Protip: when a bunch of idiots on Reddit have a flame war about something, you as a developer should probably avoid calling the lot asshats. Just saying.

  12. Hi Supernintendo Chalmers!

    1. tailsBOOM!


      I hope you're ready for an unforgettable luncheon!

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