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  1. According to Sakurai's tweets, he created it because he noticed when watching competitive play they tend to do 1v1, and he personally felt Battlefield was too wide and Final Destination was too empty for a truly exciting match.  So Sakurai created Small Battlefield as a best-of-both-words type stage to design a stage perfect for intense 1v1 matches.  I love the layout personally, and I feel those who are more skilled than myself in the competitive scene will be able to do amazing things on it.

  2. Sonic 06: His World (Theme of Sonic)

    SA2: On the Edge... for Eternal Engine

    Smash: Psycho Soldier (Overseas Version)

    Game Gear: Poloy Forest (Tails Adventure)


    Sonic Advance 3: Chaos Angel by Jonny Atma (Gametal)

    Sonic Battle: Emerald Beach by Lil Boulder

  3. Just now, Yeetori said:


    I am Yeetori, have been playing Sonic since I was a small kid. 

    Nice to meet you all, I used to frequent the Sega Forums before it's eventual shutdown (I was known as ~TheSuperTailsFan~) and have basically stayed away from the Sonic fandom since then. I decided to come to this place as I started regaining a bit more interest for Sonic with the movie and re-playing some of the old Sonic games.

    Welcome!  Fans of Tails are always welcome in my book!!!

  4. There's also the fact that Druckmann seemingly admitted to forcing employees to watch snuff films in an interview with Buzz Feed to make the violence as real as possible:


    He didn't specify what the videos were, but it's worth noting he only specified that they were from around the world and that they were used to learn how to realistically show violence (Something a movie wouldn't be capable of). Here's the full interview if you want to see the part in question:


  5. 36 minutes ago, Zaysho said:

    Quick question for anybody who plays Sonic: is it normal for him to shoot forward into the air when the Spin Charge (down special) is fully charged? I recently wanted to pick him up again and I thought that seemed kind of odd, but I also barely played with him anymore so I don't know if this is a change and didn't see it noted in the wiki or anything. Only time I don't see him doing it is at an edge.

    Are you hitting the B button twice or accidentally inputting a jump?  I just tested it out on the Practice Stage and that was the only way I could get that to happen

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