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  1. What if Sonic the Hedgehog was added to Super Smash Brothers?

  2. I wish I had MONEY but to have MONEY I need to have DRAWING AND ADVERTISING SKILLS for COMMISSIONS

    But I do not 😔

  3. 1735866_020317-cc-big-mac-img.jpg?w=1280

    im still mad they didn't call it "bigger mac"

  4. Where have you been

    I've been searching all along

  5. So, I ended up with a cold again two weeks after shaking the last one, and this one is even worse to boot, considering my head's constantly dizzy now.

    so thats fun

  6. Considering on write my first Star Wars fanfic, what do you guys think? Already building a sketch line in mind.

  7. Night, buddies!

  8. You know what, Galar is kind of a shoddy representation of the UK.

    You can’t claim your region to represent Britain as a whole and then go on to only include places based on English locations and one Welsh location.

  9. Whoo! It's my birthday! Nothing can go wrong!

    Mom: "You still got school today."


  10. Evening everyone.



    Haven't been on for a while in any serious amount, bar the movie topic before the redesign reveal, but I'm still around and alive. It's just been hard to find time with working at night now and not really having any good impressions on anything worth sharing. I may get into my thoughts again on the movie at another point, but right now I just want to share something which made me smile; my latest drawing.


    Not my best work, but I was happy with it and thought I'd share. I'll pop back in again later everyone, so see you then.

  11. Back from school! Hi!

  12. [Tweet] I finished my piece for the River City Girls art contest!! I actually attempted a background this time hehe.

  13. Back from school! Hi!

  14. If we get a new 2D Classic Sonic game made by the Mania team... What kinda style would you want for the in game art? More pixel art similar to what we got in Mania or perhaps even more advanced? Some type of HD 2D drawn style? or for them to go fully 3D?

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