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  1. 5 minutes ago, Zaysho said:

    Been playing with Hero for the last couple of days. He's completely won me over. I've found a rhythm for the spells, and I've learned you don't need to rely on the magic menu that much. Due to the random nature of it, I haven't really focused on its occasional usefulness for recovery (Zoom) and tend to prefer the Woosh family of spells, but the buffs and occasional projectile magic are useful tools for me and my playstyle. He noticeably doesn't hit that hard (save for critical attacks) but he seems like he can rack up damage quite well. Overall he's fun and feels good to me. While I get he might be on the gimmicky side (and how), I'm actually surprised I could pick him up relatively quickly.

    Yeah, their standard melee attacks are one of their major weak points, along with their speed and the end-lag after moves.  The boys are still a joy to play though!

  2. So, I know that most people here aren't into the competitive scene, but often times companies may announce something at EVO.  Last year Nintendo announced the Belmonts/Dark Samus/Chrom/K. Rool direct.  I'm going to be watching EVO on Twitch, and if we get an announcement I'll clip it and post it ASAP.  I'm predicting we could see a release month for Banjo and Kazooie or maybe a general direct announcement that is promised to have Smash stuff in it if they choose to announce something, but they could also pull a Game Awards on us and reveal Fighter Pass Four.  Regardless, if they announce it I'll post it (It would probably be Saturday or Sunday night)


    43 minutes ago, Menace2Society said:

    It was also confirmed that Version 4.0 will be coming out soon, most likely the same day Hero is supposed to come. 

    I wonder what else they’ll add besides Hero’s data and the fighter adjustments. Maybe Home Run Contest will make an return? Probably not, but I’m still hoping for it.


    Code for a How-to-Play for Home Run contest was found months ago alongside Stage Builder, which turned out to be in the game. So it has a great chance to appear.

    26 minutes ago, SupahBerry said:

    So what new content do you think they'll introduce for this update in the other half of this presentation? Going by Joker's showcase, we can expect Mii costume based on Dragon Quest (Most like some of the other heroes the appear in the final smash), and maybe the return of older Mii costumes as with Tails and Knuckles. Maybe new surprise character costumes altogether. Asides from the stage builder, it also showed the video editor, and the ability to share them via the phone app.

    That video was 15 minutes long, making this seven minutes longer. This means they've got a lot of new content to unveil, or the Hero's showcase section will be even grander than Joker's. And that's a very high pedestal to top.

    Probably the old Square Spirits (Chocobo and Geno), some 4 Dragon Quest ones (I'm guessing Slime hat, DQ 1 Hero, DQ V Hero and maybe Jade from DQ XI or a Munchie hat), Home Run Contest and my out-of-leftfield guess is Music DLC packs 

  4. 1 minute ago, prettyinplague said:

    Hello there! My name is Sky. Fun fact of the day is I think I remember this site from when I was a wee little kid. Now I'm an adult and I'm here again. How strange. Anyway I'm just a general geek, nothing special, I'm here because I love Sonic of course! Oh and... I also have an obsession with Kpop so if anyone else is a fan of Kpop feel free to chat! I'm also very eclectic and my art sort of reflects that. Also I'm kinda shy haha so... hi! 

    Welcome Sky!  Hope you enjoy your stay!

  5. 2 minutes ago, CaptainRobo said:

    Maybe this is to avoid having to compete with The King’s Man? I don’t know. I’m no marketing expert. It’s looks promising and Paramount might think that it could take some ticket sales away from the movie.


    Or maybe this could be for Australia?

    It's an American account.  They either a) delayed it again or b) finally got to changing November but accidentally typed March instead of Valentine's Day

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