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  1. 1 minute ago, prettyinplague said:

    Hello there! My name is Sky. Fun fact of the day is I think I remember this site from when I was a wee little kid. Now I'm an adult and I'm here again. How strange. Anyway I'm just a general geek, nothing special, I'm here because I love Sonic of course! Oh and... I also have an obsession with Kpop so if anyone else is a fan of Kpop feel free to chat! I'm also very eclectic and my art sort of reflects that. Also I'm kinda shy haha so... hi! 

    Welcome Sky!  Hope you enjoy your stay!

  2. 2 minutes ago, CaptainRobo said:

    Maybe this is to avoid having to compete with The King’s Man? I don’t know. I’m no marketing expert. It’s looks promising and Paramount might think that it could take some ticket sales away from the movie.


    Or maybe this could be for Australia?

    It's an American account.  They either a) delayed it again or b) finally got to changing November but accidentally typed March instead of Valentine's Day

  3. I think there's a decent shot at a second pass, because ultimately it's Nintendo who decides.  Sakurai said they were the ones who decided for the first one to even happen.  Considering Splatoon 2 (They're current big money bringer for online) won't be getting any new content, I could see them do at the most 2 more, at the least none.  You also have to wonder what they think when they look at SFV and DBFZ and see their massively successful annual season passes.

  4. Just now, KHCast said:

    Is there a bunch of discussion around this specific maintenance? I haven’t seen anyone talk about it

    It just randomly happened, with the only announcement being them saying it on the maintenance website.  There's no patch, no changes, etc.  I think it's them trying to prepare the server for his drop so we don't get a repeat of the Phantom Thieves stealing our update.  

  5. My requests:

    -Escape from the City (Sonic Adventure)

    - Ice Mountain (Team Sonic Racing)

    -With Me (Massive Power Mix) (Sonic and the Black Knight)

    -His World (Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog) - (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)

    Remix: Friends by Hyper Potions (Metal Remix by FamilyJules and the 8BitDrummer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiW2fJwInWo )


  6. 2 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    It really is comforting to see so many high profile people in the Smash community leave the kind words they are about him. From guys like BillyB0 and PapaGenos, to Alpharad, Sherwood, and Introspective, all the way to the competitive scene guys like ZeRo.

    It hurts knowing he thought he’d be forgotten...he’s a loved individual. Just look at all the people that weren’t even close to him express their respect for him. the people bullying him online, compounded with his mental health and lack of care given regarding it by both the system, and the people, really did a number on him, and I hope the people memeing and “clowning” him feel ashamed. It wasn’t a joke that he was going through actual mental illness, anyone paying attention could see that. Even though he pulled shitty pranks, they were obviously signs of a problem, and don’t justify making fun of him in mass, even while he was missing. The system failed him, he deserved much better. Hopefully this issue becomes more real to people within these communities and going forward we do better to help people that are going through issues of depression, mental health, etc. instead of ridicule, and make fun of them for attention.

    People like D1 and Nairo knew him personally, and he's heavily entangeled in many of the communities I'm in so, so there's a very heavy atmosphere in all those places.  They all love him and will miss him dearly.  My favorite commemorative tweet was of D1, Nairo, Etika and some others:

    I'll miss Etika's very cheery personality on his streams and the smiles he'd bring his friends 😞 

  7. So since it's been 5 hours I think I'm allowed to have another reply here.  So, I have a bit of a devil's advocate theory for who it could be if the guy is telling because of a comment I saw and a gif I posted earlier.


    Maybe it could be my boy Ryu Hayabusa?  The guy said that Mr. H could neither see the face nor make out clear details, it just looked like a female.  So, my theory is that if it isn't a female, it could be Hayabusa because what is the thing that if you have an uncolored model and not very detailed one that will make it look like a female?  Long hair.

    Since he seems to not have been able to get that good a look and there was no color distinction, maybe what he was seeing was his modern look's scarf:


    In certain models like this one, it could when not textured look like long hair.   We know for sure that at least the hair isn't textured.  Looking at his outfit and weaponry, he does look like he could be a fighting game character.  Finally, for a projectile weapon, one of his most famous weapons of choice is shurikens.


    So yeah, this could very well be the alternate answer.

  8. So there's a Japanese guy on Twitter, I don't know if I trust him yet as he's a bit on the weird side, who claims to know details the next DLC character.  Normally I wouldn't believe this stuff, but before the reveal of even Joker, he described the Hero as being a) Based on the Luminary (When most have said Erdrick would be the main character), b) Would only be male alts (The 5chan leak said female alts would be in there, too) and c) Would be called the Hero (He's the ONLY person I know of (By word of mouth of other people, have no idea how far it would be in his history, plus what the Japanese would be for it) to have said that before hand, as most said the Smash name would be Erdrick or the Luminary).  He claims not know the exact character, nor has he seen the model (Which goes against something he says earlier, but he also again is Japanese and is typing this stuff out in English because he wanted to share it), but his friend, Mr. H, has, but didn't recognize the character.  So if (And this is a big IF) he is telling the truth, here's what he knows about the character:


    Double Spoilering to be safe

    • Looks like a female fighting game character 
    • "Flying Weapon" (I later found this out to mean a projectile)

    As of right now, the 5 most common theories as to who it is he describing (I'll bold the one I most believe in IF this is true) are the following:


    Double spoiler again for safety

    • KOS-MOS (Bandai-Namco, Xeno Series)
    • Lara Croft (Square Enix, Tomb Raider)
    • 2B (Square-Enix, Nier)
    • Jill (Capcom, Resident Evil)
    • Morrigan (Capcom, Darkstalkers)
    • Nakoruru (SNK, Samurai Shodown)


    Mr. H also didn't a) See the character's face, or b) See the hair color

    Here's the guy's twitter btw: https://twitter.com/niconico_test_1

    Just know that it's very cryptic because he can't speak English well so his sentences don't always make the most sense (I.E. He says he doesn't know the character, but as I understand it he means that he doesn't know the name or anything, just these details he's shared with us).

  9. In terms of costumes, I think that for Erdrick, we'll probably get a few Dragon Quest ones, the Chocobo and Geno

    For Banjo, probably Master Chief, Steve and possibly Conker

    Speaking of Conker, I think we'll get a color alt based off of Conker's fur color.  Would be nice.  Plus, I'm betting there's a good chance of one based of Gruntilda.

  10. I personally don't think we'll get another Capcom rep (At least in this pack); I think that since they love to represent their fellow Japanese publishers, Koei Tecmo is going to get a rep, which would almost certainly be Ryu Hayabusa as he's their mascot and has appeared on Nintendo all the way back to the NES.

    I also think that we'll probably get one more Western rep, probably Doomguy or (groan) Geralt (groan); a Bandai-Namco rep like Lloyd Irving, Agumon or Nightmare.  We could get something else but I'll still believe in Tails.

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