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  1. Possibly, but only if they were to do a shadow drop of one character (Like they did Ryu and Roy in Smash 4) and prepare us for the one after.
  2. Yes Yacht CLub owns friggin SHovel Knight. He is their character, and they publish the game. Very few people knew about it. Sakurai himself said recently barely anyone at Nintendo knew anyone is here. And, finally, Grant Kirkhope owns no license over Banjo.
  3. No, they don't always. K. Rool's creators and the majority of Yacht CLub were in shock that their characters were playable and an assist trophy, respectively. Also, your bait is really bad, just saying. No one on this site has took the Smash stuff he said seriously, as I looked it up in the search engine. Prior to this post by you, it was only brought up in a joke about the LEGO Movie.
  4. Composer does not equal knowing information. People like Motoi Sakuraba and ACE often do remixes for games they never worked on. He isn't even employed by Microsoft, nor does he own the music. For Christ's sake, the creators of characters aren't always in the know about this, so I don't see why the musician would have to.
  5. Grant Kirkhope isn't with Microsoft. He'd have no idea xD No, nobody was
  6. No need to be shy. We don't bite, at least most of us 😉
  7. Jacksepticeye liked it alot, even if he didn't really get how to play it:
  8. That means we'll have to wait a bit before we can transfer our Pokemon since the game releases this year while Home drops next year.
  9. I think Zavok was chosen this time purely due to his strength. They needed a power character. Infinite would be a better speed or technique one, Chaos would be better technique since they'd likely use the 0 form, etc.
  10. Hey that content creator you like had a crossover episode with PhantomStrider:


    1. RedFox99


      Yeah saw it

  11. The aforementioned leak is very likely fake due to several reasons:
  12. Hey, are you doing okay?

    Don't know if you'll see it, but here's a cute kitten that you can see on your profile page (If no notifications happens after then) since you said you like them!  Hopefully you come on again soon!


    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      We miss you Kiah

    2. Kiah


      Yeah it’s gone but I’m sure it was adorbs! Thanks for checking on me and sending cute stuff my way 🙂

  13. Well, everyone guessed Papenbrook, so there's that. Overall, they sound pretty good, but could be a lot better
  14. So here are 2 story spoilers revealed during the GameXplain livestream: So, there's that. I'm going to assume that IGN will low-ball Crash since they literally deducted points from Metroid Prime Trilogy for being a collection of old games, but the others we'll have to see.
  15. No lie, Shadow's voice legit sounds like Vegeta's. I pointed it out during the GameXplain livestream, and people starting making DBZ jokes because of the fact that they're so similar.
  16. I'll admit I smiled at the irony of this. Well, there was the infamous 4chan ESRB leak that turned out to be 100% true, and the other Smash 4 one had data to support the missing characters or Sakurai himself (He planned on Chrom, there was a symbol for Rhythm Heaven in the icons menu, etc.). So there is reason to understand that some of these will be true. Personally, I try to find evidence to support it myself, and until I find it I don't believe it.
  17. Ryu Hayabusa makes complete sense. Koei Tecmo is the last big Japanese publisher without a character, and they have a long history with Nintendo. And Ryu Hayabusa is the face of Koei Tecmo
  18. Well, on the DLC topic, it isn't always planned ahead of time. If they see that a) Enough people want it, b) People feel there's not enough content or c) The developers see it's success and want to continue doing it, we may get some. SEGA said the exact same thing about Mania Plus, and they also did not initially have plans for Super Sonic in Forces. So there's precedent for them to change their minds.
  19. Famitsu loves it: https://gonintendo.com/stories/335507-full-details-from-famitsu-s-review-of-team-sonic-racing 34/40, with two 9/10s and two 8/10s. That averages to a 8.5/10
  20. Pixel art tends to keep it's integrity long after 3d games. For example, the Genesis games hold up, while the Adventure games, beloved as they are, tend to look a bit, um awkward at times: Pixel art will never look outdated, as the style itself doesn't change as much.
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