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  1. I'm sick. :(

  2. My account is over 10 years old but I don't know how to use this website! T_T 

  3. @tailsBOOM! Thanks for every heads up on new Smash spirit events that offer new spirits. With each reminder I can get my collection completed without having to go through the agonizing wait period I had with the Links Awakening spirits.

  4. When you accidentally trigger an editing war on a wikia page


  5. Back from school! Hi!

  6. This just happened.

  7. Back from school! Hi!

  8. SpongeBob X One Piece toys



  9. What type of game do you think EveningStar (formally Team Mania) are creating?

    New IP


    Reviving an old IP


    New 2D Sonic game


    New 3D Sonic game?

  10. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (53% complete)

    I've finished laying out the instrumental! A few more tweaks here and there, getting the basics sorted out, and I'll be ready for my special guests (er, one of them, at least)! Then I'll have to go back and do a more thorough fix-up with the beat. Turns out it's just as I predicted, it'll be somewhere from 6:00 to 6:10 in length. I will know once everything is together. Piece by piece. I still need to record the rest of the vocals, and after that I'm very much free until I get their contributions. I do know that they've all been busy recently and I do hope they get some time to rest and recuperate after all they do. But still, the thrill of being able to work with such wonderful people has me feeling really good about this track. The guest reveal is close at hand! Stay tuned!

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