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  1. No, they don't always.   K. Rool's creators and the majority of Yacht CLub were in shock that their characters were playable and an assist trophy, respectively.  Also, your bait is really bad, just saying.  No one on this site has took the Smash stuff he said seriously, as I looked it up in the search engine.  Prior to this post by you, it was only brought up in a joke about the LEGO Movie. 

  2. 27 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    Given the avid optimism of the Smash playerbase here this probably is not gonna shake people’s hopes and confidence,  but Grant Kirkhope has told Smash fans to “ not  to hold their breath” for Banjo.


    Grant Kirkhope isn't with Microsoft.  He'd have no idea xD 

    1 minute ago, KHCast said:

    Wasn’t everyone taking his words when people were of the idea he was hinting and being mysterious before? So now when he says something concrete and it’s negative it’s “well he wouldn’t know anything”?  Really?

    No, nobody was

  3. 1 hour ago, lh11 said:

    Umm, hello there. Just freshly looking into forums, (never done before, only on Sonic Retro [even there I don't have my account, just lurk] and some polish Sonic-related forum that I lost it's URL years ago) decided to just make an account so my username won't be taken if I wanted to make an account later. Don't expect me to write that much, I'm just shy overall.

    No need to be shy.  We don't bite, at least most of us 😉 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Sonictrainer said:

    Well, the most important information in regards to Sword & Shield is that instead of Bank, a brand new cloud service, called Pokémon Home, will connect with Bank, GO, Let's Go, & Sword & Shield in 2020.



    ...hopefully, they've learned their lesson after they had to delay Pokémon Bank for players outside of Japan...

    That means we'll have to wait a bit before we can transfer our Pokemon since the game releases this year while Home drops next year.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    The thought literally just now occurred to me that Zavok's role in Team Sonic Racing could have worked had they switched him out for Infinite like people expected.

    I think Zavok was chosen this time purely due to his strength.  They needed a power character.  Infinite would be a better speed or technique one, Chaos would be better technique since they'd likely use the 0 form, etc.

  6. The aforementioned leak is very likely fake due to several reasons:


    1. That, according to people who deal with models and what not,  does not appear to be Ness' Ultimate model, rather his Brawl or Smash 4 one (There's even been a few side-by-side comparisons online

    2. Sakurai tends to try and stay true to sources, and if this were to be a trailer screenshot, then it would go against Mother canon since


    Ness was a robot when he faced Giygas in the final battle

    3. The video of it shows Porky in his Mother 3 mech rather than Earthbound

    4. It's a very poor quality image

    5. The lighting around the words is off

    6. Most people who have worked with SFM and saw this said it looks like SFM.


  7. So here are 2 story spoilers revealed during the GameXplain livestream:


    1) Dodon Pa eventually works with Eggman, BUT...

    (This is a bigger one, so I'll double spoiler it):


    2) He might not be evil, as Big says the wisps willingly work with him, to which Amy comes to the realization that he might be a good person since the Wisps only work with people with a good heart.  So that'd kill the Nega and Classic Eggman arguments straightaway.


    So, there's that.

    39 minutes ago, Milo said:

    Nothing about the critical consensus for TSR surprises me. It's as I called it a while back: game's not terrible, but not excellent either and it's not on the same level of the two ASR games. Reviewers don't think the co-op mechanics make up the Sonic-centered focus as opposed to doing a third ASR crossover entry, and the game's small content only accentuates that. But gameplay and presentation (namely soundtrack) are solid enough for it to have the game even out to being adequate.

    At least it's a better critical consensus than Crackdown 3 I suppose. But with Crash coming out soon, low-70s metascores isn't exactly a compelling hand to play in what's going to be a high-stakes game of mascot kart-racing poker.

    I'm going to assume that IGN will low-ball Crash since they literally deducted points from Metroid Prime Trilogy for being a collection of old games, but the others we'll have to see.

  8. 14 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    making a dlc character a dlc character

    I'll admit I smiled at the irony of this.

    11 minutes ago, dbzfan7 said:

    People just will never learn. Any leak that basically gives people hope for what they want, they'll fight and die on a hill for.

    Well, there was the infamous 4chan ESRB leak that turned out to be 100% true, and the other Smash 4 one had data to support the missing characters or Sakurai himself (He planned on Chrom, there was a symbol for Rhythm Heaven in the icons menu, etc.).  So there is reason to understand that some of these will be true.  Personally, I try to find evidence to support it myself, and until I find it I don't believe it.

  9. Well, on the DLC topic, it isn't always planned ahead of time.  If they see that a) Enough people want it, b) People feel there's not enough content or c) The developers see it's success and want to continue doing it, we may get some.  SEGA said the exact same thing about Mania Plus, and they also did not initially have plans for Super Sonic in Forces.  So there's precedent for them to change their minds.

  10. 3 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    Is a wolfeinstein character in high demand though? And also given it’s close relation to topics like Nazis, I wonder if it’s inclusion would be deemed “too political” for Nintendo tbh.

    This is the same game with a witch who kills angels and a teenager who basically has the devil by his side IIRC.  Political isn't really a thing when it comes to Smash

  11. Wolfenstein was one of the  first shooting games, debuting in 1981.  It's very iconic, and it also had a sequel that was one of the first ever 3d shooters (Wolfenstein 3D).  It's been around longer than Mario, and B.J. Blazkowicz has been shooting up Nazis on millions of screens.  It's hard to be more iconic than that. 

  12. 2 hours ago, KHCast said:

    So I’m curious. If Bethesda WAS to get a rep in Smash, who would you like to see? Dovakhin/Dragonborn, or Doom Marine?



    I could see either, and realistically I’d say doom marine has the better chance since he’s a actual established character as opposed to an avatar, on top of having a longer historical place in the gaming world, but my personal bias leans more on Dovakhin since Skyrim is such a historic landmark of the gaming industry, as well as his obvious move set potential including dragon shouts, swords/axes/etc, and magic. On top of that, we do have avatars already in Smash bros so there’s precedent. We could certainly also have different races as alts, since we’ve seen character swaps already work for certain characters like Bowser Jr. and Olimar. The possible hurdles I can see though for him are, obviously Doom Guy himself, as well as the possibility of Steve from Minecraft. Should Steve get in, that’s another avatar character on top of the already 2 we have(Villager and Mii’s). 

    Do we REALLY want the Todd Howard-related crap that'd happen if he made it in?  Plus, there are plenty more characters beyond the two, such as BJ Blazkowicz, Commander Keen (Who id loves shoehorning into everything, such as being the relative of both Doom Guy and Blazkowicz), Fallout characters, etc. 

  13. 22 minutes ago, SupahBerry said:

    On a lesser note, it'd be amusing that we'd have two Ryus along with two Roys. (Unless they pronounce with "Riyu" instead of "Reeyu," which I mostly doubt)

    Or they could say Hayabusa or his full name (I think it's Dead or Alive that called him Hayabusa for short).   I'm also hoping if he's in that we get awesome costumes (Maybe even an alt in the style of his NES outfit) as well as some rendition of the legendary Ninja Gaiden Act 4-2 (Also known as "Unbreakable Determination"):

    It's sampled from Ninja Gaiden as much, if not more than Green Hill Zone.   A remix was his theme for Warrior's Orochi 3  , the I Wanna Be the Boshy level based on it chose it, and it was even remixed for the Game Boy game.  It is practically considered his theme at this point.

    Edit:  How could I forget the godlike SNES version

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