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  1. 2 hours ago, KHCast said:

    Soooo....Safe to say Vergeben got misinformed or led on by his “source” regarding Minecraft content showing up. 

    I could see a Mii Costume for Steve.  It'd make perfect sense, as just putting a box over their head and a rather simple body would give the illusion of playing them.  I'm expecting a Steve and a MC Mii outfit.

  2. 4 hours ago, Sega DogTagz said:

    Scorbunny is already shaping up to have a ridiculous early game advantage.

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    His flavor text already implies that he'll be on the speedy side, so he'll get to attack first. He'll wreck Corviknight thanks to it being a steel type, and Wooloo's buffing ability means that the Bunny easily bypasses what may be a battle of attrition for everyone else. Then on top of that, the first Gym (or one of the first) is a grass gym, leaving him another batch of easy EXP to mop the floor with

    They could at least try to make me consider one of the other two.


    Also... whats the appeal of the double pack here? If it follows the trends on the game before it, there really is no reason to buy both versions... a few trades for version exclusives is all it takes to even things out. Have they put out any reason to think this will be different?

    Some people just enjoy that.  Plus, it's easier to get both legendaries if they don't put a way to get a second in your own game.

  3. So what's important to know about the thing is that the endorsement of the ResetEra Admin Shinobi602 is this:


    He leaked Smash a year ahead of time with the same phrase

    ResetEra has a rep for it's admins and some members knowing this kind of stuff.  People like this guy, King_Zell (/C.Tsubasa), and others frequent this place.  It's the whole reason why I even have an account (I just lurk)

    He also said Ridley ahead of time

    Here's a list of what he's gotten right in particular (There's probably more, I didn't make the list obviously:


    Also, a member had this to say:


    So there's a lot going for it.  This also adds in other plentiful things like the marketing agency, the figurine, and others.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Radiant Hero Ike said:

    I'm kinda in the middle when it comes to excitement for DLC characters... The ones I really wanted (Shadow and Isaac) are ATs and I don't know how likely Elma is at this point.

    Aside from Sora, I don't have much of an attachment to any other characters (that have a chance of getting in at least). No one in the rumors are characters I really like either. I'm sure I'd enjoy playing as them (like Joker, although I thought he'd be awesome even though I hadn't played P5), but that's it.

    I used to want Banjo quite a bit but at this point I'm pretty indifferent to his inclusion... Although I suppose I lean closer to "I'd like him to be playable".

    Anyway, supposing we do get more Smash info at E3, you think it's possible we could learn about more than one character?

    Possibly, but only if they were to do a shadow drop of one character (Like they did Ryu and Roy in Smash 4) and prepare us for the one after.

  5. No, they don't always.   K. Rool's creators and the majority of Yacht CLub were in shock that their characters were playable and an assist trophy, respectively.  Also, your bait is really bad, just saying.  No one on this site has took the Smash stuff he said seriously, as I looked it up in the search engine.  Prior to this post by you, it was only brought up in a joke about the LEGO Movie. 

  6. 27 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    Given the avid optimism of the Smash playerbase here this probably is not gonna shake people’s hopes and confidence,  but Grant Kirkhope has told Smash fans to “ not  to hold their breath” for Banjo.


    Grant Kirkhope isn't with Microsoft.  He'd have no idea xD 

    1 minute ago, KHCast said:

    Wasn’t everyone taking his words when people were of the idea he was hinting and being mysterious before? So now when he says something concrete and it’s negative it’s “well he wouldn’t know anything”?  Really?

    No, nobody was

  7. 1 hour ago, lh11 said:

    Umm, hello there. Just freshly looking into forums, (never done before, only on Sonic Retro [even there I don't have my account, just lurk] and some polish Sonic-related forum that I lost it's URL years ago) decided to just make an account so my username won't be taken if I wanted to make an account later. Don't expect me to write that much, I'm just shy overall.

    No need to be shy.  We don't bite, at least most of us 😉 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Sonictrainer said:

    Well, the most important information in regards to Sword & Shield is that instead of Bank, a brand new cloud service, called Pokémon Home, will connect with Bank, GO, Let's Go, & Sword & Shield in 2020.



    ...hopefully, they've learned their lesson after they had to delay Pokémon Bank for players outside of Japan...

    That means we'll have to wait a bit before we can transfer our Pokemon since the game releases this year while Home drops next year.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    The thought literally just now occurred to me that Zavok's role in Team Sonic Racing could have worked had they switched him out for Infinite like people expected.

    I think Zavok was chosen this time purely due to his strength.  They needed a power character.  Infinite would be a better speed or technique one, Chaos would be better technique since they'd likely use the 0 form, etc.

  10. The aforementioned leak is very likely fake due to several reasons:


    1. That, according to people who deal with models and what not,  does not appear to be Ness' Ultimate model, rather his Brawl or Smash 4 one (There's even been a few side-by-side comparisons online

    2. Sakurai tends to try and stay true to sources, and if this were to be a trailer screenshot, then it would go against Mother canon since


    Ness was a robot when he faced Giygas in the final battle

    3. The video of it shows Porky in his Mother 3 mech rather than Earthbound

    4. It's a very poor quality image

    5. The lighting around the words is off

    6. Most people who have worked with SFM and saw this said it looks like SFM.


  11. So here are 2 story spoilers revealed during the GameXplain livestream:


    1) Dodon Pa eventually works with Eggman, BUT...

    (This is a bigger one, so I'll double spoiler it):


    2) He might not be evil, as Big says the wisps willingly work with him, to which Amy comes to the realization that he might be a good person since the Wisps only work with people with a good heart.  So that'd kill the Nega and Classic Eggman arguments straightaway.


    So, there's that.

    39 minutes ago, Milo said:

    Nothing about the critical consensus for TSR surprises me. It's as I called it a while back: game's not terrible, but not excellent either and it's not on the same level of the two ASR games. Reviewers don't think the co-op mechanics make up the Sonic-centered focus as opposed to doing a third ASR crossover entry, and the game's small content only accentuates that. But gameplay and presentation (namely soundtrack) are solid enough for it to have the game even out to being adequate.

    At least it's a better critical consensus than Crackdown 3 I suppose. But with Crash coming out soon, low-70s metascores isn't exactly a compelling hand to play in what's going to be a high-stakes game of mascot kart-racing poker.

    I'm going to assume that IGN will low-ball Crash since they literally deducted points from Metroid Prime Trilogy for being a collection of old games, but the others we'll have to see.

  12. 14 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    making a dlc character a dlc character

    I'll admit I smiled at the irony of this.

    11 minutes ago, dbzfan7 said:

    People just will never learn. Any leak that basically gives people hope for what they want, they'll fight and die on a hill for.

    Well, there was the infamous 4chan ESRB leak that turned out to be 100% true, and the other Smash 4 one had data to support the missing characters or Sakurai himself (He planned on Chrom, there was a symbol for Rhythm Heaven in the icons menu, etc.).  So there is reason to understand that some of these will be true.  Personally, I try to find evidence to support it myself, and until I find it I don't believe it.

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