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  1. Alex/Arcanus (Golden Sun): Though he's more like an anti-hero than a villain, he is like @Failinhearts's description of Monokuma in one way: They both will do anything to get what they want. However, like Eggman, he isn't afraid to help the heroes. Alex's main goal is to further his power and become the most powerful Adept-which he already is- and to be strong enough to overcome the might of even the Wise One (Who can cancel out his Psynergy). He cares more about power and strength than anything else. His power is unmatched as seen below: The one person/entity he truly hates is the Wise One. His hatred began when his power was canceled out by the magical being, as seen below: He doesn't want to see the end of the world a la Monokuma, or even rule it like Eggman. All he wants is boundless power.
  2. Sega has a new Sanic collection:


    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      There’s nothing there.


    1. tailsBOOM!








    2. tailsBOOM!
    3. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      I'm still just wondering why that segment got popular around this time. 

    4. tailsBOOM!
    5. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Jeff Goldblum did his version (as Skinner). Its delightfully Goldblumish


  3. The series was good over all, but I'd see Tails more as Cyborg or Iron Man, and Omega more as War Machine.
  4. My OC, Ringo the Skunk (Comment below):


    I had the idea last year (Before there were any skunks- I'm looking at you Rough and Tumble)

  5. Props to Mike Darklighter, he has to be one of the top Sonic SFM movie makers out there 

    Hugs by MikeDarklighter

  6. Bandai-Namco isn't helping out this time, though... Ryu has a better chance than Pac-Man because he is a fighting game character and has a long history with Nintendo. Ryu is a fan-favorite to put in most every fighting game that Capcom can get him in, so I don't see him being removed for Smash for Switch Give our boy some love (Sonic and Tails for the Smash win!). #pleasetailspleasetailspleasetails

    Here's more @Failinhearts

    1. tailsBOOM!
    2. Failinhearts


      I'm not surprised anymore.

    3. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      @Failinhearts Have you seen the Danganronpa one?

    4. Failinhearts


      Yup. Multiple, actually.

    5. tailsBOOM!


      I'm done:




  8. Just, wow:


  9. Yeah, but it's just sad. Sega needs to look at what they have instead of what they could.
  10. I just realized this last night.  So, there is a & Knuckles mode on the original release of Mania (Knuckles and Knuckles).  Someone mad a mod that replaces everyone but the badniks with Knuckles (Knuckles and Knuckles and Knuckles). And, since Mania Plus will have a four-player mode, will we be seeing Knuckles and Knuckles and Knuckles and Knuckles and Knuckles? And we thought Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was a mouthful...

    Image result for knuckles and knuckles and knuckles and knuckles and knuckles

    1. SupahBerry


      It's only four player for Competition mode, not Story mode. There's not gonna be any Cpu tag-alongs, so you'll only see up to four Knuckles.

    2. tailsBOOM!


      Oh thank God.

      Only so much echidna awesomeness I can take.

  11. My dream (Thanks to Mike Darklighter on YouTube): #pleasetailpleasetailspleasetailspleasetails
    1. tailsBOOM!


      When you do think about it, even the Sonic 2 logo looks like nose art...

      Here's another article with more information

    2. SupahBerry


      So that's probably where the Tornado came from, and why it was Sonic's plane. It also be pretty intresting to see what the Sonic version of the Kirby Dance would look like.

    3. tailsBOOM!
  12. We'll also probably have a better idea of the roster, too (#PleaseTailsPleaseTailsPleaseTails)
  13. I need a Switch... I already have Forces but not the system to play it on... My priorities are a bit off...
  14. Maybe (hopefully) Wily will be added in later on...
  15. I like using more characters. Every character- whether you like them or not- has its own fans and fan communities- even, per se Omochao (Best I could find right now) and Elise. Having more characters as a fan service should satisfy more fans than original games will without a diversity of characters.
  16. The truth about Sonic Forces:

    Image result for not you sonic meme

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