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  1. With that said, night buddies!

  2. Back from school! Hi!

  3. Back from Church! Hi!

  4. My life feels so empty lately

  5. what even is a sonic

  6. Hey, LM3, word of advice; if you’re gonna have the lady who runs the hotel turn out to be King Boo, at least save til about close to the end.

  7. Maybe they and Disney might give Marvel vs. Capcom another chance, since Ultimate Alliance 3 shows the latter are still interested in using non-MCU characters

  8. Morn-

    ...I can see you kids are occupied with something.

  9. Yeah I've been sick all week, but I've had time to prep something really nice for the site (well, the forums) in time for its 19th birthday. ^_^ So I'm feeling good. Happy weekend everyone!

  10. >Sora4Smash is trending.

    the inevitable is happening, isn't it

    im scared...

  11. Sora4Smash has now reached 11.3K tweets on Twitter.

    Holy fuck.

  12. A playable demo of the 16-bit fan game remake of Sonic Triple Trouble will be available from 11th November. 


  13. Friendly reminder it's the 25th anniversary of S&K and S3&K in two days...

    What a perfect time for SEGA to announce an official 3K remaster.

    Image result for will smith fresh prince jazz gets thrown out gif

  14. I'm so tired. So very, very tired...

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