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  1. Morning SSMB!

    Going to get ready to try out TSR today!

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    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Afternoon tailsBOOM!

  2. I found a place I can play my copy of TSR tomorrow since I still need to find a way to get my Switch repaired.  I guess it worked out for me this time!


  3. Morning SSMB!


    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Morning tailsBOOM!

  4. At E3, they better give us the game we all want: The World Ends with Knack: 358/2 NiGHTS All-Stars Deluxe Final Remix Generations Ultimate, Featuring Dante From the Devil May Cry Series & Knuckles with All-New Funky Mode

    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      358/2 NiGHTS sounds like an actual game.

  5. @TheOcelot next game you should play: 


  6. Look who ❤️ 'd my YouTube comment!!!


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  7. Hey, are you doing okay?

    Don't know if you'll see it, but here's a cute kitten that you can see on your profile page (If no notifications happens after then) since you said you like them!  Hopefully you come on again soon!


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      We miss you Kiah

  8. Damn do I feel bad for the people at Treyarch

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      What happened?

    2. tailsBOOM!


      They have to take over for COD 2020, and do it in 2 years versus the usual 4 year cycle

    3. Strickerx5


      Damn, which of the other two studios dropped the ball?

    4. tailsBOOM!


      Both.  They were having a lot of tension between one another.  I don't like COD, but I still feel for the developers.  I saw something saying that they may need to work alongside Raved and SHG, which due to the prior tension would make me feel even worse.

    5. Strickerx5


      Ah ok, just looked at a story on it and yeah, shit is fucked. They had a good little rotation going there for a bit. Apparently IW’s project is still set for this year but Trey is taking over Raven’s project which was being worked for 2020 with Sledgehammer. Keep in mind that Sledgehammer were usually the ones leading the project on that end of the triangle so this was suppose to be Raven’s first real title. The two studios were suppose to always work together.

      Add in the former leaders of Sledge leaving, forming their own studio under 2K, and taking employees away from Sledge during all this and yeah... shit seems fucked for next year. Maybe Trey can turn the two around, but who knows? That’s not even going into how fucked Trey’s actual game for 2021 is now.

      It’s a shame too really. Sledge’s last game in the series (WW2) was, imo, the best best one in the last decade or so. Was actually looking forward to what they would do next.

  9. Well, everyone guessed Papenbrook, so there's that. Overall, they sound pretty good, but could be a lot better

    "Put down the chili dogs, Kakarot"

    Seriously, though, why does he sound like Vegeta

  11. So here are 2 story spoilers revealed during the GameXplain livestream: So, there's that. I'm going to assume that IGN will low-ball Crash since they literally deducted points from Metroid Prime Trilogy for being a collection of old games, but the others we'll have to see.
  12. No lie, Shadow's voice legit sounds like Vegeta's. I pointed it out during the GameXplain livestream, and people starting making DBZ jokes because of the fact that they're so similar.
  13. Morning!


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    2. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice
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      Sonic Fan J


  14. So there's a website called https://talktotransformer.com that provides predictive text, and here are the next four dlc characters according to it (/s)

    I'll bold the words I typed:

    "The last four DLC characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are the four final bosses for the game, Dr. Mario, Mario, Yoshi, Bowser and Pikachu. The bosses were added to battle in the Wii U remake for Brawl, where they were added to the stage of Wartortle Castle . The boss will enter the arena and attack all characters.

    All bosses in Super Smash Bros Ultimate can be fought in 3D as a bonus during the trophy of beating the match on every character individually. In addition, two bonus stages based on the four main bosses have been added; Kamek's Desert and Driller's Fortress are located in the Kamek Forest section of the game, at the top of the Mushroom Island. Driller's Fortress is a stage containing a pool of lava at the bottom. This stage was originally only available in the Wii U remake, but was included again in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. A secret area known as Driller's Pit also has been added to the stage and can also be unlocked from there.

    For the Smash Bros. Brawl and Smash 4 tournaments, the characters with the strongest character combos are chosen"

    So the last four characters are 5 characters.  Let's see what you all get!

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Why is this so fun:

      "Obama chuckled. "You mean the Chaos Emeralds?"

      Chaos Emeralds were extremely high quality items sold on the black market. They were essentially currency for using their abilities. A Chaos Emerald could be traded on the black market for anywhere from 50% to 100,000 gold. Chaos Emeralds were prized by smugglers and even the government of Eorzea as an investment.

      There is no official market place for them, but there are some general information on the wiki.

      "This is the rarest of the Emeralds," said Narshe. "Its rarity is such that it would seem that only a few would have managed to get hold, and even then it would have required long hours of diligent research and study."

      "But it's not a normal item," said the black mage. "You could never make the Emeralds to the point that you could purchase them."

      "Nonsense," said Narshe. "Just because a random thief came across one doesn't mean they'd get their hands on a handful. And if some thief did, he would only have gotten about as much of.."

      So now, I'm just putting in tweets  by Fanfiction_Txt on Twitter:

      "Yes!" Mario nodded. "I want to buy Super Mario Maker 2, please!"

      "Stop being so happy, it makes me sick," said the employee. "Are you trying to be a jerk?"

      Mario and Luigi walked up to the employee, who waved them off and walked away.

      "Oh, you're right," was the first thing Mario said, as Luigi waved him along to buy the first game. "But I mean it. I don't buy Mario, I play him as a kid."

      "Well, you don't know me, you're just a kid." The employee shrugged his shoulders and laughed heartily. "My mom was a good cook!"

      The customer walked away and the staff was distracted by laughing at Luigi's comments. This caused them to go to the back and leave.

      After a good long while, Mario and Luigi approached an employee and started talking about Super Mario Maker. This was when the employee got the hint to get Mario off his butt. "Mario, you look familiar," he said as he started to smile down at the new boy. "You

    2. blueblur98



      Sonic the Hedgehog is a popular character from popular anime series "Sonic the Hedgehog" and anime of the same name, which premiered in 2002.

      He is based on George C, a cartoon character from the 1980s. The Sonic comic in issue 20 of SEGA magazine gave the Sonic character his name from their Sonic comic in their Japanese issue 25. The character was created by Katsura Osamu (known in the English market as Katsuhiro Otomo) and is the protagonist of the "Sonic Sonic Story" comic book series written by Katsuhiro Ōtomo where he made the titular character (the story goes back when Sonic was just a boy, and then a girl). According to Osamu, this character is a hybrid of Kiyosaki, who also made the character, and NIN's classic characters "Sonic & Knuckles", "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sonic Adventure".

      The story is about "Sonic the Hedgehog", a young boy who is not afraid to jump out of his shell, and make his adventure on the streets. Sonic fights


    3. tailsBOOM!


      @blueblur98 WHen did Tails get so aggro, and why is this so accurate to the fan base:
      Tails said, "Don't let a bad movie stop you! You've got Team Sonic Racing coming out in less than a month, and I can assure it'll be good. Just keep moving forward."
      "I guess you're right Tails. I'll just keep on running. And who knows, maybe that movie will be a success," Sonic replied.

      "I hope you're the last person that's going to stop me! Now hurry up and get that trailer for the movie finished so I can watch it right away," Tails said.
      It was a long wait for the trailer and for the press release. To be quite frank, the trailer was rather underwhelming. It had no reason to exist as the actual trailer at all. With the trailer being only a small part of the game, it just sort of sat there with the rest. Now even after three full trailers, fans still didn't quite trust Sonic to be in the actual version or anything. The trailers were only supposed to show what the game looked like at a certain time of day. No hint or glimpse of the actual version or a glimpse at future elements


      This is by far the greatest:

      Susie asked "are the grownups around?"

      Angelica answered "no."

      Susie then said "okay Angelica I'm going to tell you the truth straight to your face, you can't sing worth a pile of dog shit."

      Angelica said "oh I'm sorry babe, but you don't give a fuck how I feel." Angelica took her seat again and asked to be called back tomorrow morning. This time she took her seat as well and said "okay let's go."

      Once inside they ate, went out to the bar for a couple more beers and started singing. Susie took her seat and tried to take photos with one of the bartenders. Angelica started asking if they were ready and what the girls name was. Susie told Angelica that it was, as she then said "what are you doing dancing to some weird boy in drag?" Angelica said "oh, well that's my name is Susie. That's who I'm with." Angelica then asked to know her name. "That was me." she said and the girls agreed. Angelica

    4. blueblur98


      'team sonic racing is set for playstation 4, xbox one and PC on june 23rd'

      it is not

    5. blueblur98


      i let it make a summary of the game idea i have. it said that it was award-winning and that a sequel was already in development.

    6. Polkadi~☆


      “Please!” Dr. Wily pathetically begged, “I’m just a frail old man!”
      But Mega Man rolled his eyes. Dr. Wily always did this. “Give it up, Wily!” he commanded.
       “I am a scientist. I'm old! I know what I need to know!”
      Then he turned away. “It appears you have reached your limit! You don't understand what the scientists on the other side of the wall are here for!”
      Mewtwo punched Dr. Wily the second he appeared behind him. But he was already charging his Thunderbolt at Dr. Wily. “Look! This is Dr. Wily's machine!”
      ‖Oh no! I'll be on my game!‖ Dr. Wily yelled back. ‖Get there!‖
      Mewtwo ran away, away from the fight between Dr. Wily and Dr. Light. When he passed the window covered with the machine armor, she smiled triumphantly at Dr. Wily,


  15. I'll admit I smiled at the irony of this. Well, there was the infamous 4chan ESRB leak that turned out to be 100% true, and the other Smash 4 one had data to support the missing characters or Sakurai himself (He planned on Chrom, there was a symbol for Rhythm Heaven in the icons menu, etc.). So there is reason to understand that some of these will be true. Personally, I try to find evidence to support it myself, and until I find it I don't believe it.
  16. Ryu Hayabusa makes complete sense. Koei Tecmo is the last big Japanese publisher without a character, and they have a long history with Nintendo. And Ryu Hayabusa is the face of Koei Tecmo
  17. Well, on the DLC topic, it isn't always planned ahead of time. If they see that a) Enough people want it, b) People feel there's not enough content or c) The developers see it's success and want to continue doing it, we may get some. SEGA said the exact same thing about Mania Plus, and they also did not initially have plans for Super Sonic in Forces. So there's precedent for them to change their minds.
  18. Famitsu loves it: https://gonintendo.com/stories/335507-full-details-from-famitsu-s-review-of-team-sonic-racing 34/40, with two 9/10s and two 8/10s. That averages to a 8.5/10
  19. Morning SSMB!


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      Sonic Fan J

      Morning tailsBOOM!

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      Oh ill get this

  20. Aaaaaaaaaaaand we're back

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  21. Morning!


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      Sonic Fan J

      Afternoon tailsBOOM!

  22. Pixel art tends to keep it's integrity long after 3d games. For example, the Genesis games hold up, while the Adventure games, beloved as they are, tend to look a bit, um awkward at times: Pixel art will never look outdated, as the style itself doesn't change as much.
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