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    • Developer mentions working on new Splinter Cell game
    • There was a listing on Walmart
    • Aforementioned developer even changed his pfp to the Splinter Cell symbol




    1. tailsBOOM!


      Splinter Cell is the last game of last year's Walmart leak:




    1. dbzfan7


      You tell me. It's shocking how something as tiny as a cell can get a splinter.

  2. This is the same game with a witch who kills angels and a teenager who basically has the devil by his side IIRC. Political isn't really a thing when it comes to Smash
  3. Wolfenstein was one of the first shooting games, debuting in 1981. It's very iconic, and it also had a sequel that was one of the first ever 3d shooters (Wolfenstein 3D). It's been around longer than Mario, and B.J. Blazkowicz has been shooting up Nazis on millions of screens. It's hard to be more iconic than that.
  4. Do we REALLY want the Todd Howard-related crap that'd happen if he made it in? Plus, there are plenty more characters beyond the two, such as BJ Blazkowicz, Commander Keen (Who id loves shoehorning into everything, such as being the relative of both Doom Guy and Blazkowicz), Fallout characters, etc.
  5. Watching Bill Nye curse to explain climate change is the best of both worlds (I skipped to right before his part):



    1. Bloxxerboy


      Bill Nye saying fuck.

      Wait, that’s illegal.

  6. The similarity between Sonic and Persona is unnerving


  7. I swear, if Ryu Hayabusa is announced at E3, I'll change my avi to him until he's dropped (Or one month, whichever is later)

    Speaking of which, which rendition of "Act 4-2"/"Unbreakable Determination"/"Ryu's Determination" would you all want if there were to be one (I expect at least one original version, one remix, or one of each, as it's the Green Hill Zone theme of Ninja Gaiden)?  Here's the four big ones:

    1. The Original:

    2. SNES:

    3:  Ninja Gaiden Shadow Stage 3 (Game Boy):

    4: Ryu Hayabusa's Theme (Warriors Orochi 3) 


    1. Perkilator


      Well, if a remix—I hope it’s done by ACE with a tad bit of Hoshidan influence.

      (I also hope Hayabusa replaces Chrom in Ryoma’s Spirit battle.)

  8. Or they could say Hayabusa or his full name (I think it's Dead or Alive that called him Hayabusa for short). I'm also hoping if he's in that we get awesome costumes (Maybe even an alt in the style of his NES outfit) as well as some rendition of the legendary Ninja Gaiden Act 4-2 (Also known as "Unbreakable Determination"): It's sampled from Ninja Gaiden as much, if not more than Green Hill Zone. A remix was his theme for Warrior's Orochi 3 , the I Wanna Be the Boshy level based on it chose it, and it was even remixed for the Game Boy game. It is practically considered his theme at this point. Edit: How could I forget the godlike SNES version
  9. Even Nintendo seems to know who's the most popular Only Dark Souls character with one, might I add.
  10. So apparently the legendary luchador Silver King (I knew him as Ramses from Nacho Libre) passed away in the ring today at age 51 due to a heart attack.  I feel bad for his friends, family and fans

  11. Ryu Hayabusa isn't really out there. He's the face of Koei Tecmo, the last big Japanese company without a rep. He was a part of the old leak that leaked Joker. He's also been a fixture in gaming, from his debut on the NES to Dead or Alive to Warrior's Oroshi. Artorias, on the other hand, is definitely out there as even Nintendo gave the amiibo role to Solaire, who is considered much more to be the face of Dark Souls.
  12. 8 bit birthday song for the Birthday dude 😎 Happy 20th @Failinhearts!


    1. Failinhearts


      Thank you!

  13. Awaiting the oncoming how to melt the ice videos
  14. Hey, if one of the EU buddies here who does not mind spoilers can attempt this, I'd be really grateful (Read the full thread to get how it works fully:
  15. Morning SSMB


    1. Bloxxerboy



    2. Failinhearts



    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Morning tailsBOOM!

  16. Also, Heidi forgave PBG after he apologized:
  17. This memey reddit post about some of the stuff related to ProJared was just too good



    I loved Spider-Man: Homecoming, but even still the Captain America meme is the best part 

    1. tailsBOOM!


      It's in spoilers because not everyone likes that humor

  18. If you all have a reddit, they've made one supporting Heidi's work and everything, as many have tried to form a community around her in response to the poor treatment she suffered at his hands: https://www.reddit.com/r/AtelierHeidi/
  19. Well, Monolith Soft was hiring for Legend of Zelda, and King Zell said BOTW fans would be happy for 2020... So maybe BOTW sequel a la Majora's Mask (Reusing assets, etc.). We usually have a game announced by this point to be the big focus of the Direct, but alas we haven't, and the last time that happened Mario Odyssey ended up being the big game.
  20. Haven't seen this mentioned, but she got the cat (Which is the closest thing they have to a child):
  21. ProZD with the slay:


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