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  1. 6 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    Oh my goodness, waitaminute, which one was Shadowhawk?




    "Shadowhawk is a comic by Image Comics (or rather their sister studio, Shadowline), a studio set up by people who worked for places like Marvel, but wanted to retain copyright of their creations. Jim Valentino was one of those people, and he created Shadowhawk, an anti-hero who went on a vendetta after getting attacked and infected with HIV. This comic came out during the explosion of the medium in the early 90s..."

    He's also very well known for breaking people's spines, as well as hunting down vigilantes who harm innocents.  Because that's what I think of when I think Sonic.

  2. 1 hour ago, Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice said:

    I think the fact that she's even talking about Steve in regards to Smash is cause for concern in the NDA department. 

    So it seems she may know.  While the NDA seems like it could be an issue, someone said that they wanted Steve in the previous tweet, and she said that she would want a different character.  Seeing that we have no confirmation until February at the latest at the answer, my best guess is that she seemed kind of annoyed.  It reminded me a lot of this board's reactions to the Chao and Zavok being announced for TSR when we thought that Cream, Espio and Charmy would be better.  I believe I saw a tweet from her earlier where she said she had no choice in the decision, rather it was all Nintendo.

  3. The only evidence I see for Banjo-Kazooie is that during 2.0 update, Duck Hunt caused Save file corruption, alongside Mii Swordfighter.   Back in Smash 4, this happened with ZSS and Ike, and it turned out that they were being used so developer's could use them to work on Bayonetta and Cloud, respectively.  Mii Swordfighter had to have specific moves: Shuriken, Gale Stab, Stone Scabbard, and Reversal Slash; which sounds a lot like 


    Erdrick, who has some access to magic attacks as well as other weapons, 


    as Joker uses a gun and from what I can tell, those moves don't fit him without him even not using it.   Duck Hunt makes very little sense for anyone at first, until you realize it may have been done for the fact that it's the only "character on a character" model, in which case Banjo-Kazooie make perfect sense.   Piranha Plant has already apparently used data from Bowser Jr., so it wouldn't be surprising.   

    Also, an interesting tweet with a well put together analysis of all the evidence for Erdrick:

    (He said in order for me to link to his document, he wanted me to put the tweet, too.  So there they both are).

  4. 6 minutes ago, silvereye27 said:

    What next, are we going to find out Sally and Knuckles had a one night stand? Sonic has impotence? Tails has 2 ****s?


    Thankfully he has no control over SEGA owned characters and their sexual reproduction/organs (One sentence I thought never would come out of my mouth).  That'd be like if Marvel makes a claim about Spawn; they used to affect him to a degree, but they can do jackshit about him now...   Which, now that I bring him up, that reminds me of how he chose to have Sonic crossover not with a children's franchise or the  more adult-but-still-able-to-be-chill Marvel  or DC comics, but the over-the-top edgy and overloaded with violence Image comics, including the aforementioned Spawn and HIV-infected Shadowhawk.  Ken Penders wrote it, created a new Image character, and had it be an Archie Super Special, but yet it focused much more on the Image characters.  He even had Sonic attempt to talk to Spawn, Image's poster child, who turned around and ignored him.   I think that combining this with Pender's recent comments shows that he really wanted to work on more adult comics, but since he was unable to decided to make the Sonic comics "more mature."

  5. 1 minute ago, Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon said:

    Exactly. But directs don't normally air on Mondays. This direct would be a keen last one for him. 

    Commander Keen Confirmed.

    ... In all seriousness though, would you all expect the next character to be announced at the direct or an announce and release at E3?   I could see it go either way.

    30 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    Get ready peeps


    Looked into it, and apparently the second floor is indeed where they show off the directs.

  6. 1 hour ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    Speaking of which, I saw on Twitter from a sum up of what happened last night that he felt the need to clarify Lara-Su is not a virgin, and that sexualities such as gay, Bi etc don’t exist in the TL-SC world as it all falls under one thing or something, I can’t remember the exact thing he said, and I can’t find the tweet atm.



    Separating this to show it isn't connected, but Ken also compared underage drinking to sex with a minor, and that you're no longer a minor in his eyes when you can drink (If I'm reading this correctly): 



  7. 8 minutes ago, Skull Leader said:

    Ken Penders: *says something stupid about how the Sonic movie took inspiration from his fugly designs*

    Ken Penders to himself: "Hold mah beer Kenny boy!"

    Ken Penders: *talks about the sexual lives of fictional character from a franchise whose main target are young kids in an attempt to copy J.K. Rowling*

    Like Detective Kaito said, he never ceases to impress... in a bad but still amusing way. I'm actually wondering what will he say next time. XD

    What about the Tails and  Barby?   This isn't the first time.

  8. 3 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    I don’t see any reason why they’d suddenly promote a spirit or assist trophy already to playable, when they likely had by the release of the game, a reasonable idea of who was gonna be the dlc choices. Why release them as a spirit if they were going to be dlc or were being discussed as dlc? They may not deconfirm, but they sevearly hurt their chances I feel. Especially when you consider, there aren’t iirc any actual spirits of the playable smash characters that are fightable or used for anything in WoL. They’re just the bonus “view this model of the character” thing. That’s why, say Rayman, I feel has a low chance, since he’s specifically a spirit and is placed in WoL as a barrier of progression. (On top of that, piranha Plant I don’t think had a spirit, and joker certainly doesn’t, so we have a pattern already to go off of)

    K Rool has 3, Samus has a ton, as does Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the Mario characters, Sonic has one, etc.  

  9. 41 minutes ago, Tailikku said:

    -Shadow: See my earlier post as to why he can't be an Echo. Also, already in as an AT

    -DK Jr.: You already have him as DK

    -Ninten: Too similar, also in as a Spirit

    -Zack: Could work

    -BS: Already in as a Spirit

    -GK: Already one of MK's costumes

    -Jeanne: Already one of Bayo's costumes and two Spirits

    -Eliwood: 25' is already occupied by a mix of Roy and Ike, Chrom.


    And on top of this, Ken is our final Echo Fighter, for now.  All future DLC will be original and not ascended ATs or Spirits.

    Spirits don't deconfirm.  We've literally had 3 characters in Smash 4 who were trophies.  I honestly don't get the confusion when Smash Ultimate's DLC seems to follow the pattern of Smash 4 very closely, except for there's  Fighter pass this time around (Down to the point that Joker and MewTwo's delay between announcement and drop have already been very close, especially if Joker does drop as intended before the end of the month).

  10. 1 hour ago, Perkilator said:

    Hey, has anyone ever mentioned Adeleine from Kirby 64 as a fighter?

    Only all of GameFAQs ... sigh.  They want her, but any character who isn't Link, Solaire or someone similar who wields a sword (Such as Isaac, Magnus, Sephiroth, Crono, etc.) is unwanted due to being a "generic anime swordsman." 

  11. Well if we are to believe many leakers


    Then he's practically already confirmed.  Both Vergeben and the Joker/Erdrick/Granblue/Persona 5R guy anonymous poster said he's in.


    Just now, tailsBOOM! said:

    Well if we are to believe many leakers

      Reveal hidden contents

    Then he's practically already confirmed.  Both Vergeben and the Joker/Erdrick/Granblue/Persona 5R guy anonymous poster said he's in.


    Also,  Sakurai confirmed that Joker is coming "very soon" https://nintendosoup.com/sakurai-joker-is-coming-to-smash-bros-ultimate-very-soon/

  12. https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/2019/04/04/atlus-persona-5-switch-shin-megami-tensei-v-joker-smash-bros/

    Interesting points from the interview:

    • Just as Sakurai loves the Persona series; ex-Atlus CEO and current member of the board of directors for both SEGA and Atlus Naoto Hiraoka loves Smash, so it was easy and fast for them to agree to it (Hiraoka's love of the series gives me hope that we may see more music/spirits than normal for a third-party series, considering he'd have a large part in the decision)
    • He was unable to discuss the details at this of a potential Persona 5 port for Switch, but he did say that the Switch is a "very charismatic console."
    • Some development notes on SMT 5.
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